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yunioshi posted on Jun 15, 2009 at 02:01AM
so i started off with the idea of doing a timeline of Cuddy's life but it got me wondering about the timeline of the entire show, what we know for fact, what can we infer, and so on. so i'm wondering if we can get a rough timeline together of the series (including any possible continuity errors). and if there's already a timeline much more in depth and accurate out there well then just forget about this one. i just thought it would be an interesting idea.


[1959]-House is born? (2.24 as seen on his medical bracelet)

[1962]-House is born? (3.16 Wilson tells House he's been using that organ for 45 years in this episode which aired 2007)

[1971]-Cuddy is born (5.17)

[1995]-Stacy/House relationship established (1.22)

[1996]-Cuddy graduates med School at age 25 (2.03)

[1997]-House begins working at PPTH??? (1.15 conversation with Vogler and Cuddy, "He makes you miserable. Eight years he's worked here, never made a dime for you, never listened to you...")

[2000]-House's infarction (if we believe that House got his infarction 5 years before Three Stories, which aired in 2005)

[2003]-Cuddy became Dean of Medicine at age 32 (2.03)

[2004]-House at least becomes department head at PPTH (if we infer from pilot deleted scenes)??
-Chase begins working for house (pilot deleted scenes)

[2004/2005]-Cameron begins working for House 6 months after chase (pilot deleted scenes)

[2005]-Series begins
-Foreman is hired(pilot deleted scenes)

[2009]-present day

_what do i have up there that is wrong? (cause I'm probably wrong on a few things, but i think i did my research enough, but please correct me)
_what should be added to the timeline?
_what did the writers screw with on continuity?
_and other general thoughts and ideas to make this a comprehensive timeline of the show.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blaukat said…
I think we can also add Stacy coming into his life circa 1995 (5 years before the infarction, wasn't it?)

edit: the writers def screwed up Cuddy's age, and to a less extent House's age too...
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना yunioshi said…
do you know what episode that was said in? and thanks for your input!!

edit: just looked it up, it was 1.22;

also, do you want to expand on how they screwed up the ages, cause i definitely agree to an extent.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blaukat said…
about Cuddy's age:
on 'Fetal Position', House says to her "Because she takes pictures? Or because she’s you? Woman in her forties . Single. Using a turkey baster as a last gasp of motherhood".
and then on 'The Social Contract':
House: you're 40 years old
Cuddy: 38

so, should Cuddy have corrected him on season 3? and that certainly messses up with her administrator timeline, because if she became dean of med at 32 and 8 years passed (Vogler), 40 would be the right age for her then, but 38 at this point is really unrealistic (specially because it has been around 3 years since Vogler left).

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना House-a-holic said…
House was born in 1959, it says on his Wikipedia page so maybe remove the questions mark there and add the other as a mistake. You could also add in Chase's age, in 2.02 Autopsy he says that he "is thirty" with that adorable accent so if that was 2oo6 then he would would have been born in 1976. (possibly 1975, read on)

Are you sure Season 1 is in 2oo5 though? Because if it was then 2 would be 'o6, 3 would be 'o7, 4 would be 'o8, 5 would be 'o9 and 6 would have to be '10 but they're already started Season 6...
Also in Episode 4.05 Cuddy deals with "Great Mayonnaise Panic of 2007" which would have to push every season back a year. Then again do we know for sure that each season IS a year? Is there a Christmas in every season, there sure are a lot but are there five? There's the "Secret Santa", there's when House acts offended by the candy canes, the fat ugly pregnant sixteen year old in Season 5 is in a Christmas play...hmmmm you got any more? I can't think of them right now...

Anyway hope I've helped =) xx Peace Love House
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना pietruszka said…
[1971]-Cuddy is born (5.17) -> False. Cuddy was in med school with House, so she can be only 5/6 years younger than him.
And series starts in 2004...
House was for sure born in '59. I think Cuddy shares birtchdate with Lisa Edelstein, writers just didn't pay attention to it.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना isleptwithgod said…
House began working at PPTH after his infraction (Cuddy says so in 3.15), and by some calculations I did, it makes sense that he suffered from the infraction some 2 years after he met Stacey, so the infraction was also in 1997, and then he was hired that year, making it 8 years prior to Voglar's appearance