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Here is the new chapter of my fan-isode. Yes, I changed the name. Fan-isode flows better, I think. A word on the medical case in this: I’ve done some research on the medical aspects and although they’re fairly accurate don’t expect it to be terribly complicated. If आप want better details on medical stuff आप probably shouldn’t try to find it in प्रशंसक Fiction. Just saying. I am trying to tie all aspects of this fanisode into one theme, like they do on the show. It’s WAY harder than आप think. Also, this chapter is much longer than my average chapter, per request, but also because I’m trying to organize this as though it were a real aired episode. Chapters One-Six would be the first section. This is the second. Hopefully, the rest of my outlined story will fit as perfectly. Enjoy! I’ve had fun लेखन it.

DISCLAIMER: House is not mine. It all belongs to लोमड़ी, फॉक्स and David Shore.
Now please, turn away. I don’t want anyone to see me cry.

“It’s About Time…”
Chapter Seven

House made it to the patient’s room just मिनटों after his fellows did. They were helping Jacob out of the bed. A wheelchair sat द्वारा the बिस्तर for his trip to the MRI. They were also trying to explain to Jacob what they were going to do with him. The 4-year-old patient had a look of complete confusion on his face. House rolled his eyes.
“Seriously, people,” House कहा as he limped up to Jacob’s bedside. “We finally have a patient where we can do anything without lengthy explanation या worrying about informed consent and you’re still explaining and informing. Have आप learned nothing under my tutelage?” House hooked a rolling स्टूल, मल with the end of his cane and wheeled it over to him, taking a सीट on it. He had brought in a copy of Jacob’s file and he laid this out on Jacob’s बिस्तर to look through it. Not that he needed to. His photographic mind had already memorized it all.
Jacob was standing on the floor, but hadn’t walked to the wheelchair yet. He had been watching House closely as he walked in and pulled the स्टूल, मल over. Jacob was a cute little boy. He had light blond hair and bright blue eyes and a lot of trouble saying his “L’s.” This speech impediment just made him all the और adorable; unless आप were a gruff doctor with no bedside manner.
“Hey, आप have a wucky weg, too!” He exclaimed. House stared at Jacob.
“Wucky weg?” He asked, confused.
House watched as Jacob walk gingerly to the wheelchair with a significant limp. Both Foreman and Chase looked surprised to see the limp.
“Are आप okay?” Chase asked Jacob.
The boy looked confused. “My tummy stiw hurts and I feew wike I have to barf.”
“Yeah, that’s from the medicine we gave आप so your tummy doesn’t hurt worse. I was talking about your leg,” Chase explained. “You’re limping.”
House looked on, extremely curious.
The boy smiled. “Yeah, that’s my wucky weg. It’s smawwer than the other.” Standing in front of the wheelchair, he put both legs together and showed Chase. “See, just wike Nemo.” One leg was significantly shorter than the other द्वारा almost a ½ inch.
“Nemo?” Now it was Chase’s turn to be confused.
“Nemo, the clown fish,” कहा Foreman. They all stared at him. “It’s a movie. You’ve never seen it?”
“Ah, no,” Chase कहा sarcastically, looking at Taub and House, who also appeared amused. “It’s a kids’ movie.” He turned to Foreman. “You’ve seen it?”
Foreman suddenly looked sheepish. “Remy made me watch it.”
“Uh, huh,” Chase replied. “Sure.”
“People in प्यार often do stupid things,” Taub offered. Foreman ducked his head and helped Jacob sit down in the wheelchair.
“And we see how productive that was…” Chase teased.
House returned his attention to Jacob. “Well, I’ve called this leg many things,” House said. “But I can guarantee ‘lucky’ wasn’t an adjective I used. आप were born that way.” Jacob nodded, but Jacob’s smile had vanished. “Cool,” House suddenly said, realizing he didn’t want to make Jacob feel self-conscious about the defect. “Did your mom tell आप about your lucky leg?”
“Yeah,” Jacob said, laying down and suddenly looking very small in the wheelchair. “I’m just wike Nemo.”
“Well, my leg isn’t as lucky as yours,” House कहा sincerely. Jacob nodded. The two shared an understanding that Jacob didn’t always think his was as lucky as people कहा either.
“I’m hungry,” Jacob कहा quietly.
“Did आप tell these doctors that?” House responded, glad to be moving the conversation on.
“Yes, but they towd me I had to have और tests,” Jacob replied.
“Towd you?”
“House,” Foreman said. “Stop it.” He came around and squatted in front of Jacob. “We told आप that आप could get something to eat when we came back from this अगला test.”
“Yeah, but I’m hungry now,” Jacob stated simply. “I want strawberries and a cheese sandwich.”
“He’s hungry now,” House said. “He wants strawberries and a cheese sandwich.”
Foreman rolled his eyes. House always made things way और complicated than they needed to be. “You can’t eat now. We’ll be done soon and then we’ll get आप some strawberries and a cheese sandwich.”
“I’m thirsty,” Jacob continued. “I want some milk.”
“He’s thirsty,” House supplied. “He wants some milk.”
Foreman ignored his boss. “Jacob, we’ll get आप some दूध after the test, too. आप just have to wait.”
“I want mommy,” Jacob said, his blue eyes starting to tear up.
House looked at Foreman. “You gonna tell him he can have his mommy after his अगला test, too?”
This time Foreman ignored both of them. Chase decided to cut in.
“We’re still looking for your parents, Jacob,” Chase said. “We’ll find them.”
“I gave आप my phone number to call my mom,” Jacob said.
“Very helpful,” House कहा under his breath.
“Yes, Jacob,” Chase answered. “She’s not घर right now so we’re going to call again. Right now we’re going to the MRI.”
Jacob didn’t respond. He began to cry, but it was a quiet cry, like he knew he shouldn’t be crying and was trying to hide it.
House looked up at the kid. He saw the blue eyes and the blond hair but he now also saw the dark port-wine stain going across the left temple and down to the ear. It was mostly hidden द्वारा the hairline. This anomaly intrigued him. He noticed too that the right side of his face was still swollen from the anaphylactic shock Jacob had experienced earlier. It had been almost two hours since the epinephrine had been administered. That should have been enough time for the swelling to go down, but House had seen it linger before.
“So,” he looked at the chart, “Jacob, आप don’t like peanuts, do you?”
Jacob looked at House and wiped some tears away. “I wuve peanuts.”
“Well, they don’t wuve you, do they?” Both Forman and Chase rolled their eyes at House’s continued mocking.
“My mommy says I can’t eat them. But I wuve them.” Jacob had stopped crying, distracted द्वारा House’s question.
“Hmmmm,” House said. He looked at the chart. There were no और allergies listed. “What else do आप प्यार but your mommy doesn’t let आप eat?” He looked directly at Jacob, his clear blue eyes meeting the boy’s.
“Lots of stuff: strawberries, cheese sandwiches, milk.” He paused and wiped some snot and tears from his face and wiped his hands on his hospital gown. He was going to start another सूची but House held up his hand.
“That’s good for now,” House said. “We’ll ask mommy when she shows up.” He turned to Foreman. “You might just want to order him a piping hot fresh IV solution with a side of water and ice when आप bring him back to the room. Wouldn’t want to give him और foods he wuves but his body doesn’t wuve.”
Foreman gave House the quick nod of reprimanded acceptance.
“Okay,” House to Jacob. “They’re going to take आप to the big MRI machine now. But before आप go I want आप to tell me something. Okay?” He waited for Jacob to nod. “Good. I want to know where आप live.”
“House,” Foreman interrupted. “The police asked him that. He’s four. आप can’t expect him to…”
House cut him off. Ignoring Foreman he continued talking to Jacob. “So? Do आप like your house?”
Jacob took a moment to think. “I live with mommy and dad, but my dad has a new house. I had to take my प्रिय dragon कमीज, शर्ट over to his new house. My mom bought me a new one.”
“She sounds awesome. Do आप have a झूला, स्विंग set?”
“My house does. I go to the park with Daddy.”
“What’s your प्रिय toy, Jacob?” House continued.
“It’s a huge dinosaur. It has a control that makes it roar and walk!” Jacob was clearly getting excited just describing it. “I named it Rex. Mommy says it eats batteries.”
House smiled slightly. “Is Rex at your house या at daddy’s new house?”
Jacob’s smile faded. “It’s at my house. Daddy says it’s too big.”
House patted Jacob warmly on the shoulder. “Too bad. Maybe mommy will buy आप a new one for daddy’s house.” Jacob’s eyes lit up again at that idea. “Okay, one और question. Who put आप to बिस्तर last night?”
“Daddy.” Jacob took a sniff. “He was going to read me a story, but was too tired.
“Daddy’s get tired,” House said, nodding in understanding.
“Yeah, he’s always tired.”
“Okie, dokie,” House said, standing up and closing the file. “Thanks, you’ve been most helpful. Just stay right there for a sec. I’m going to talk to the doctors for a minute.” Jacob nodded. House motioned with a quick jerk of his head to his fellows. They walked out into the hallway.
“Taub, go खोजिए the area where the boy was found. Look for an apartment complex या condos and see if there’s a man looking frantically for a blond, four-year-old. With a limp.” He paused but saw द्वारा the faces that he needed to explain. “Jacob’s parents are divorced. His dad lives in a small place with no play area, hence the park and the lack of a big, walking dinosaur named Rex.”
“But the police searched the area. Asked questions. They actually think Jacob may have been snatched from Pennsylvania. That’s the area the phone number is from.” Taub interjected.
House rolled his eyes. “Yeah, but the Keystone cops gave up too quick. I bet his dad in new to the area and has a graveyard shift job. Jacob still refered to it as “daddy’s new house.” And the dad’s probably getting घर only now. It sounds like the kid and mommy are still in the bigger house with the झूला, स्विंग in the backyard. “
Taub nodded. House looked at Chase and Foreman. “You two take Nemo to get the MRI now.” He handed the file folder to Chase. They returned to Jacob’s room and Taub began to take off his white कोट on the way to the Diagnostics Department so he could grab his car keys. Finally, free at last, House thought. He turned and walked to the elevators. It was nine o’clock. Lisa Cuddy should be in her office right now; the office with the locking door and dark shades. House smiled, the glint in his eye sparkling like a diamond. The elevator doors opened and House walked in, heading towards a little slice of heaven.

The door opened on the MRI room and Chase wheeled Jacob in. Foreman was right behind him. Neither Foreman nor House were satisfied with the initial MRI and wanted to run a सेकंड one. The bloody mass they had seen instead of a kidney needed to be looked at again. Chase watched him limp over to the table. His brain processed reasons why a kid could be born with one leg shorter than the other. None of them had anything to do with kidney problems या severe allergies. Well, the kid certainly seemed accepting of his birth defect, but Chase knew as Jacob got older his attitude would be tested.
Chase lifted Jacob onto the तालिका, टेबल and helped him to lay down.
“I want my mommy,” Jacob कहा again.
“Yeah, I know,” Chase कहा as he unhooked the IV for the brief time Jacob would need to be in the MRI. “We called and she’s on her way.” Chase didn’t bother to look at Foreman since he knew Foreman would be scowling at his little white lie. They hadn’t had any luck at all locating Jacob’s parents. Jacob had कहा that he had been at his daddy’s house. When he woke up his Dad was gone and so he went to go find him. The policeman found him soon after that. “Okay, Jacob, this is going to get really loud, but it’s supposed to do that. Don’t get scared and lie really still so we can get it done fast.”
A click turned on the room speaker. “Yeah, Jacob, just like Nemo had to swim up that tube and block the filter आप have to be brave. Okay? आप can do this,” Foreman कहा calmly from the control room.
Chase would have taunted Foreman again, but he could visibly see Jacob relax a bit and lie still. “Perfect, Jacob.” He pushed the button to slide the तालिका, टेबल into the machine then pushed the wheelchair and Jacob’s IV out into the hallway before joining Foreman in the control room.
“You did watch the movie.” Chase teased.
“Shut up,” Foreman replied tersely. He pushed the microphone button to the MRI. “Okay, Jacob,” Foreman said. “I’m going to turn the machine on. It’s going to be just like the last time, okay?”
“Will it be super woud?”
    “Super woud,” Jacob said. “It was reawwy noisey last time.”
Foreman and Chase smiled. “Yes, Jacob, it’s going to be super loud again. But this time it won’t be for long. We just need a picture of your stomach.” They could see Jacob nod through the MRI camera. “Perfect. Hold still.” Foreman reached over and pushed the button and the MRI came to life. Jacob looked nervous and tiny in the MRI, but he held still as the machine began its path.
Foreman clicked the microphone off and turned his attention to the monitor. Already तस्वीरें were coming in. He took a quick glance over them. “Left kidney looks almost normal but the right kidney is still surrounded with a mass of blood. Nothing much different. Everything on the right side seems swollen still. Could be from the trauma that burst the cyst.” He paused before turning back to Chase. “So, how are we going to get blood from House to see if he’s using again?”
Chase was actually shocked. He looked at Foreman to see if he was serious. “Why?” he asked. “Why is it so important to know that you’d want to steal some of his blood?”
Foreman turned back to the monitor. Chase thought he was ignoring the सवाल and simply plotting his own covert operation, but Foreman turned back to him. “I want to know. It’s in my best interest to know.”
“That’s a load of crap,” Chase said, smiling. Foreman looked surprised at Chase’s response. Chase laughed. “You’re concerned about him. He’s treated आप like crap for the past six years and yet आप still care if he’s okay.”
“Nah, it’s strictly self-preservation. If he’s back on drugs I have to adjust my methods around him.”
“Again. Load of crap,” Chase said. “Look, I’m concerned about him, too. He’s treated me probably worse than he has you, but I worry about him.” This time Chase laughed at himself. “He’s tried this साल to… I don’t know. Be a better person?”
“Oh, like breaking आप and Cameron up या trying to tempt Taub into cheating?”
“Yeah,” Chase कहा but continued at Foreman’s guffaw. “He’s still House. He’s still going to use the same methods.” Chase used air कोट्स around the last sentence, hoping to goad Foreman. “He knew that Cameron would never accept what I did to Dibala and that we were a train heading toward a broken bridge. He just gave us a chance to jump so that both of us weren’t destroyed when the train plunged into the crevasse.”
“Yeah,” Chase said. “If we had both left here and then the marriage fell apart I’d be stuck in a different state looking for work and resenting Cameron even और for taking me away from this job. It was the same with Taub. He was going to cheat, House made it tempting then difficult to do that, in order to smoke out on what Taub really wanted. Taub didn’t want to hurt Rachel. House just helped Taub figure that out faster.”
“Taub still might cheat,” Foreman said.
“Yeah, but I don’t know,” Chase looked at the computer screen that Foreman was examining again. “House is usually right.”
“So, do आप think House is on anything?” Foreman asked. “Maybe he’s back on methodone.”
“No.” Chase answered it with such conviction that Foreman spun his head around to look at him. Chase made eye contact and then leaned back in the chair. “No, he’s not.”
It only took a सेकंड for Foreman to figure out how Chase would know that. “You were the doctor that prescribed it the first time. Just before the breakdown.”
Chase कहा nothing. He just continued to look at Foreman.
“Well, it doesn’t matter if आप did prescribe it. I would have done the same thing. It was a much smarter path to take than all that vicodin he was popping. If he had stayed on the methodone he may never have broken down.”
Chase shook his head. “That involved और than the vicodin I think. He could have asked another doctor for methodone.”
“Hmmmmm.” Foreman replied. “So should we just ask House?”
“Why is it our business?”
Foreman was silent. Finally, he looked away from Chase down at the desk. “Because I care, I guess.”
Chase smiled. “Well, in that case, let me know what आप decide and I’ll be your wingman. But why do आप think he’s on anything now?”
“Past experience.”
“You don’t trust him.”
Foreman nodded. “Not even a little bit.” Chase seemed as though he was going to argue, but the quiet of the MRI room was broken द्वारा a loud sneeze. Chase looked out to see if Jacob was okay and Foreman looked at the computer screen. The screen had become fuzzy and the image was now distorted.
“Sorry,” they heard Jacob say. “I couwdn’t heoup it.”
Chase hit the microphone switch. “That’s okay, buddy. We’re done.” They hadn’t seen anything different. He was about to turn off the machine when Foreman stopped him.
“Wait. What’s that?” Foreman कहा pointing at the screen where the distorted outline of Jacob’s torso now glowed. His finger outlined an even fuzzier blob of color.
Chase leaned आगे for a closer look. “The image got messed up when he sneezed. It’s nothing….” He stopped midsentence. “Whoa. No way.”
Foreman smiled. Chase saw the same thing he did. “That’s not a distortion. Look at the image. That’s a third kidney.”
“We need to ultra sound him now.” Chase said, racing out of the observation booth.
“Cool.” Foreman कहा gazing at the screen again.


House was heading to his office to wait for his phone to ring. He had told Michelle, Cuddy’s new assistant, to have Cuddy call him when she came back to the office. Cuddy had been in right at 8:30am, but had bounced back out to meet with a group of donors. House had managed to hide his disappointment behind fake frustration. House had used the excuse that he needed Cuddy’s permission to perform extended tests on his young patient. He thought about just waiting for Cuddy in her office, which wouldn’t be unusual, but दिया the circumstances, might be awkward. It was the first time back at the hospital after becoming a couple. House didn’t want to mess anything up so he was playing it safe. Well, as सुरक्षित as his nature allowed him to be. House had quickly taken the elevator up to his floor and was making his way toward his office when Wilson came out of his own office. Wilson smiled at him and waved, trying to get House to stop. House ignored him.
“Hey,” Wilson called out. “What’s the rush?”
“Waiting for a phone call,” House explained briskly. He was almost at his office. He could see Foreman and Chase at the conference तालिका, टेबल excitedly looking over some images. He wondered what they had found. He decided to detour through the conference room. He could hear his phone from there easily. He began to open the glass door when Wilson grabbed his arm.
House stopped and looked at him. “Yes, Wilson,” House said. “Did आप need something?”
Wilson let go of his arm and looked away sheepishly. House sensed trouble. “I know that आप and Cuddy are new to this whole couple thing,” he began. House quickly looked around to see if anyone was near enough to overhear the conversation. Seeing no one, he still stepped away from the door and to the opposite side of the hallway to avoid the chance of his team hearing anything.
“Wilson,” he कहा in almost a whisper. “When I asked आप to keep this a secret I kinda meant for आप to keep it a secret. Talking about it in the hallway at work is not exactly the best way to do that.”
“There’s no one out here,” Wilson said, matter-of-factly. He soldiered on. The look on his face attested to the fact that he didn’t really want to be doing this either. “Sam wants us to go out together, “ he कहा quickly.
House cocked his head. “Really, James, this is so sudden. I know you’ve already asked me to marry आप but I thought your new relationship with your ex-wife had ended that attempt at bliss.”
Wilson ignored House and continued. “I told her to give it time. That आप two were laying low about it, but she insisted. She thinks this is the perfect way to help all of us हटाइए on.
House smiled. “Move on from what?”
“I don’t know. From us…” House smiled again. Wilson plowed on. “Look, ask her yourself when we all go out tonight. Let’s just get it over with. Sam will like Cuddy. It should be a good evening.”
“Even though Sam hates me. And tonight? Seriously? Cuddy and I haven’t even been out on a real तारीख, दिनांक द्वारा ourselves yet.”
“Sometimes it’s better to just rip the band aid off fast and get it over with,” Wilson replied.
“Well, that makes the evening sound appealing,” House snarked. He shook his head. “Cuddy won’t go for it.”
“Use your charm on her या whatever आप call it,” Wilson said. He winced as House waggled his eyebrows.
“Little Greg. But not that little…”
Wilson tried to talk over House’s response. “Just talk to her and let me know. Soon. Sam has called three times.”
House nodded. “Fine. I’ll leave it up to Cuddy. If she doesn’t want to then…”
    “Please,” Wilson pleaded. “It won’t be…horrible and it’ll get Sam off my back.”
“Another ringing endorsement for a delightful evening, I’m sure.” House was going to continue the jabbing when he saw that Foreman has noticed him finally in the hallway and was motioning for him to come into the office. He also looked at Wilson and pointed to him, then motioned for him to come in as well. “Okay. I’ll let आप know.” House कहा as he crossed the hallway and opened the door.
“Thanks.” Wilson followed him in and stood अगला to House at the conference table.
Foreman didn’t even give any lead-in. “The kid’s got three kidneys,” he announced. He watched House’s and Wilson’s eyes widen in surprise before continuing. “That mass we thought was there instead of a kidney is really a kidney. The kid sneezed while in the MRI and turned just enough that the blood dissipated in that area revealing another right kidney.”
House picked up the scans and looked closely at it.
“To confirm, I did a sonogram of his abdomen,” Chase added. “It’s true. The kid has three functioning kidneys.”
“He’s a donor card dream,” Foreman said.
House handed the scan over to Wilson and picked up another. “Well, mostly functioning kidneys,” House commented. “The new right kidney is extremely enlarged. And this one,” he pointed to the one that had the bloody mass still around it, “looks like it was smaller but now it’s been blown apart.”
“Polycystic kidney disease would explain the blown-up kidney,” Chase said. “Something must have ruptured an existing cyst on that kidney, creating the bloody mass around it. That would explain the blood in the urine we’ve found since he’s arrived at the hospital and the bruising. That mass then obscured the सेकंड right kidney on the first MRI.”
“It would take a hit from a व्यवहार करनेवाला, लाइनमैन on the field to blow a cyst that badly,” Foreman said.
“Or one very angry parent,” House कहा softly.
The room became quiet.
“We’ll need to cut this kid open to remove the damaged kidney. Luckily, he’ll still have a matched set. Look for other cysts in his abdomen. They would explain the vomiting of blood earlier. And get him on some low-grade antibiotics in case these enlarged kidneys also have an UTI attached to them.”
Foreman and Chase stood up as one. Foreman scooped up the file and they began to leave the room. “You’ll have to get Cuddy’s permission to operate. They haven’t found his parents yet. She’s got medical proxy until they do,” he called out before walking out.
They missed the large smile that covered House’s face. “Be glad to,” he कहा just as the phone in his office rang.
House limped into his office and sat at his desk, picking up the phone receiver as he did so. He leaned back in his chair, propped his feet on his डेस्क and gazing up at the ceiling, smiled. “Hello, lover,” he कहा seductively into the phone.
There was a pause on the phone followed द्वारा a cough. “Uh, Doctor House,” a nervous voice कहा on the other end. This is Dr. Cuddy’s assistant, Michelle.” She coughed again. “Dr. Cuddy wanted me to ask आप what procedure आप wanted permission for. She doesn’t recall hearing of any necessary procedures.”
House whipped his feet back to the floor. “I told आप to have HER call me.”
“Yes, but she asked me to do it. She कहा she had और important things to do than ‘quote’ come when आप called ‘endquote’ and she kind of outranks you,” Michelle replied. House had only met her a few times and although she seemed meek, she was fiercely loyal to Cuddy. She was terrified of House, but her loyalty to Cuddy trumped her fear every time.
“Is she in now?”
“Yes, she just returned, but she’s got a full agenda and….” Michelle didn’t get to finish. She heard the receiver clunk onto the डेस्क and the scraping of chair wheels and a cane on the floor.
She hung up the phone and beeped the intercom in Cuddy’s office.
“He hung up,” Michelle said. “I’m pretty sure he’s on his way here.”
“I’m expecting it, Michelle,” Cuddy replied succinctly. “Thanks for trying to take the bullet.” The intercom clicked off. Cuddy figured she had about 3 मिनटों before House came crashing into her door. She waited anxiously for it. Since he had left that morning her thoughts had swirled around the पूर्व couple of days. Instead of the सेकंड doubts she had anticipated when she went over to House’s apartment that night, she now had thoughts of a future. They were far from a stable relationship, but they were working toward it. Now, she was going to find out how they would interact at work. She actually trusted him to have kept the secret, but she was द्वारा far, the और professional of the two, and how he acted at work toward her at work would determine what steps they needed to take next. On चोटी, शीर्ष of all that she just plain missed him.
House exited the elevator and made a beeline to the clinic doors. He could see Michelle standing guard at her little डेस्क in the foyer of the Dean of Medicine’s office. He could also see that someone, maybe Cuddy, had drawn the blinds so that आप couldn’t see into Cuddy’s office. House had a hard time wiping off the smile on his face in time to act menacing to the assistant.
“Is she in with anyone?” House asked, not waiting for an answer. He walked past her and began to push open the door.
“No, but she’s…..” Michelle popped out from behind her डेस्क to try to stop him. She followed him into the office. “Sorry, Dr. Cuddy. Do आप want him to leave?”
Cuddy looked up from the डेस्क where she had been trying to look busy signing papers. “No, Michelle. I might as well deal with him sooner rather than later.” She stood up behind the desk. “Go. And hold my calls. In fact, try calling the police officer again and see if they have any और info on Jacob Peerson’s parents.” Michelle nodded. She looked at House and tried to give him the most menacing look she could muster. House thought she looked like a small कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला trying to protect her master. He had to give her props. Instead, he just sneared back, chasing her back out into the protection of her foyer. Both waited for the office door to click close.
House turned to Cuddy. “I called her ‘lover’,” he said, smiling.
“Oh, आप didn’t,” Cuddy said, aghast. “What did…”
“She didn’t bat an eye,” House said. “I guess I have a reputation around here. I can just about say whatever I want.”
“You say that as though that’s a good thing,” Cuddy responded. House simply extended his arms open and gave a cocky turn of his head. She now smiled at him fully. She walked out from behind her desk, but stopped short of coming close to House. “You कहा आप needed permission for a procedure. What is it? या was that a ploy to get me to call you. Did आप miss me?”
“Yes, and no. And yes,” House responded. “I didn’t have a procedure, but now I do. Fortunately, आप had your secretary call instead and I could then feign anger and storm into your office. I was only hoping for a phone call with the first plan. Now I get to talk to you. Face. To. Face.” He took a step closer to her, but still stayed a small distance away.
“Yes. आप see, that was my plan.” She stepped ever so slightly closer. House’s eyes danced at that. The thought that Cuddy had been thinking of a way to see him too almost made him grab her right then and there and lay her down on the desk. His mind went back to a time when he had done that once before. It was as though Cuddy was पढ़ना his mind.
“This डेस्क is off limits,” she कहा softly. She paused. “During office hours.”
“You’d better stop, woman,” House said, “or everyone here will know in a matter of मिनटों that आप and I are together.” He smiled seductively at her. He stepped even closer. Cuddy put her hand on his chest. He took another step.
Cuddy was fighting her desires. She desperately wanted to grab House’s lapels and smother his mouth with hers, but her professionalism was sounding off alarms louder than she had ever heard them ring before. As much as she didn’t want to she pushed House away. “Later,” she whispered softly. Taking a small chance, she stood up on her tiptoes and placed a quick किस on House’s lips. She quickly walked back around to the सुरक्षित side of the desk. Just then the intercom beeped again.
“Sorry, Dr Cuddy,” Michelle said. “Dr. Foreman called asking if House had asked for permission to operate on the boy. They have him prepped and ready. And Dr. House, Dr. Hadley is waiting for आप in your office.”
Cuddy looked up at House, who nodded at Cuddy. “He’s got a blown cyst on a kidney, probably PKD. He’s also got three kidneys.” He didn’t stop at Cuddy’s reaction of surprise. “They need to go in and remove the damaged kidney and check out the other two.” House explained. He looked disappointed that they had to “go back to work” but he was behaving remarkably professional.
Cuddy clicked the intercom on. “Yes, he has permission to begin the operation. House is on his way to meet Dr. Hadley.” She clicked it off.
House continued on with the विवरण of the patient’s condition. Cuddy was pleasantly surprised and admittedly relieved. This boded well for them. If he can behave himself at work, she thought, he truly is trying to make this relationship work. Amazing what time would do. Cuddy smiled.
“Hello?” House कहा suddenly. Cuddy blinked and looked at him. “I’m telling आप that the boy’s kidney cyst could have been burst द्वारा abuse and आप smile?”
“Oh, sorry,” she said. “No. I was thinking of something else.”
“I bet I can tell आप what आप were thinking about,” House said. His eyes darkened as he stared at Cuddy. “In detail.”
Cuddy knew House’s professionalism had reached its limit. She stood up from her desk. “Stop. I’ll go check on Jacob and see if the police have found his parents. I’ll also call CPS just in case.” She walked toward her office door as House watched her walk away. “Go talk to Dr. Hadley. She had mentioned she needed time off. Do what आप think is right.” She turned to look at him before she opened the door. “Tell her she’s welcome to return when she’s ready.”
She reached for the door handle when House’s sentence stopped her.
“What’s with the black shoes?” House asked, taking a long, lingering look down her shapely legs to the pair of shiny patent leather black heels encasing her tiny feet. “I told आप to wear the red shoes with that suit.”
This time Cuddy smiled seductively. “I wasn’t asking which color shoes to wear with the suit.” She saw the look of understanding pass over House’s face. She also saw the look of complete desire wash over just after. She grabbed the door handle and left the office quickly,
leaving House staring at her backside as the door closed behind her.

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