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posted by KaterinoulaLove
One of the many, many great things about House is the acerbic, flirtatious relationship between the crippled Dr. Gregory House and his boss, the Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy. We can only assume that having a man like House on your payroll is a constant आग alarm of potential malpractice lawsuits and bristling sarcasm, so it's astounding that Cuddy has managed to hold onto her sanity so long. Clad in tight pencil skirts and cleavage-revealing sweaters, Cuddy may be a little on the MILFy side for our usual tastes but age ain't nothing but a number, baby. Her and House have some sort of sexual history, with a one-night stand implied in the past, but their future remains to be seen, especially after Cuddy commits perjury in order to keep the acerbic doctor out of prison. Further cementing her status as one of today's preeminent medical sex symbols, a controversial striptease scene in Season 4 with Cuddy doffing her duds in a कल्पना sequence inside the brain of a comatose House. The sight of the normally uptight Cuddy clad in a Britney-esque schoolgirl uniform writhing on a stripper pole is something to behold.
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