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posted by HugeEgoSorry
House was seated at the end of his conference तालिका, टेबल in the DDX room. Taub, Foreman and Thirteen were narrating all the conditions of their patient. He had his eyes closed with fingers on his forehead and his phone was on the तालिका, टेबल in front of him.
House: Thirteen <the team stopped and looked at him> did anyone called up when I went down?
Thirteen: No
House opened his eyes, sighed and looked at his watch.
House: Taub…
Taub: I didn’t saw Cuddy in her office when I checked five मिनटों ago.
House: She wasn’t still there? I went down myself but she also wasn’t there. Where the hell is she?
Foreman: Maybe she’s in a board meeting. Gales पोस्टेड a memo this morning.
House stood up and picked up his phone and tried to dial Ian’s teacher’s number.
Thirteen: What’s going on?
Taub: <Looked at Thirteen> House is being hysterical about where Ian is…
Thirteen: आप mean he’s been kidnapped? <House looked at her>
Foreman: Nothing new if that’s the case then. It has happened. House’s fanatic patient dared to kidnap his son just to make it through him in easy way a साल ago.
House: In an idiot way. <Finally getting Ian’s teacher on line> Yes, Mrs. Popey, this is Dr. Gregory House, I wanted to know where my son is? ----- Where?!

That evening, an argument between House and Cuddy burst out.
House: Hell with that idea that आप allowed Ian to go!
Cuddy: He wanted to go!
House: Right so if he wanted to jump off a cliff, you’ll allow him to just because he WANTED?!
Cuddy: Gregory, I didn’t just allow him to go all द्वारा himself. His two nannies were with him!
House: But आप signed the consent without my knowledge! How dare you?!
Cuddy: How dare am I? --- Are आप serious with that question? I am Ian’s mother so I have also my right to give him what he need and wanted!
House: And I am his father! आप disrespect me द्वारा not informing me about his whereabouts. I wasn’t able to concentrate on my job because I have him in my mind and it kills me!
Cuddy: Can’t आप feel that I feel the same way every time he leaves our house? --- Greg, if आप are afraid that what had happened to him for the past years will happen again, my fear is twice than yours because again, I am Ian’s mother…
House: <sighed> If something happens to my son, I will leave this house with him.
House walked out of their bedroom leaving Cuddy with tears beginning to fall.

Late that night, Cuddy met up with Cameron and Chase in a nearby bar to get some drink. Her eyes were swollen and small tears were still falling.
Chase: आप do realize that House will really kill आप if something bad had happened to Ian.
Cuddy: आप think I really wanted him to go? But being his mom, I can’t look at him left behind when all his फ्रेंड्स were having fun in that damn rock climbing…
Cameron: Guys, it has been done. The fight’s already over. We can’t do anything about it.
Chase: Ian called us up when आप were fighting. He was crying द्वारा the way…
Cuddy: He’s not just used to hear us fight with each other.
Chase: <sighed and folded his arms across his chest> Ian definitely won the genetic lottery. He got House’s brilliant mind and your cunning abilities for leadership. How many क्विज़ bees had this kid won since he entered kindergarten? He started playing the पियानो as early as two years old. He graduated चोटी, शीर्ष of his class and still दिखा रहा है no signs of decrease since then but boy, having parents like आप two ----
Cuddy: What? आप think we still left something behind?
Chase: <tilted his head in agreement> Think so. But what I’m trying to say is that the kid doesn’t have his own अंतरिक्ष to grow. आप have to give him that one या else he’ll be the one who’ll suffer in the end.
Cuddy: Like House would give Ian the अंतरिक्ष you’re talking about. --- He’s being overprotective ----
Cameron: Because Ian is his only son, Lisa. He’s all his got so he clings to it. House is just being House as long as Ian is concerned since there’s only one he’ll be leaving the world behind.
Chase: But how could this only one be the best of he could be if he can’t explore and feel the world all द्वारा himself?

It’s already three in the morning when Cuddy entered their bedroom. She removed her pieces of jewelry before walking to House who was leaning on their deck rail outside. He didn’t look back as Cuddy hugged him from behind. They stayed like that for a while as silence prevailed over them.
House: I’m sorry…
House turned to face his wife and Cuddy looked up to him.
House: About the yelling and all those stuff that came out of my mouth. I know that was bad of me.
Cuddy: Me too… I shouldn’t have ---
House: Ssshhh, don’t say I. आप have the right to allow him to go. I forgot who आप are in Ian’s life. You’re the mom so obviously ----
Cuddy: But I was wrong. I should have called आप about it but then आप wouldn’t allow him to. But, Greg, Ian needs to ---
House: Have a अंतरिक्ष for him to grow?
Cuddy: Knew आप would understand… ---- So, are we in that idea now?
House became silent and looked away from Cuddy’s gaze and breath deeply.
Cuddy: He’ll be fine out there… Ian’s getting older and I know my son, he’s smart.
House: I know he is but…
Both were silent as House breath again and he looked at Cuddy.
House: <smiled> Okay but make sure I know where the hell is he going…
Cuddy: Of course…
They smiled and walked in together in their room before drifting to sleep.
posted by huddy_aimee
my अपडेट्स are going to be alot slower from now on because I have run out of chapters to post and because I want to leave आप guys hanging with this ending for a while... :) aren't I mean??? Any ways read and review...im not sure this is the best chappy I've written...but yeah...Oh and to those people who have been rating me four stars could आप give me some ideas on how I could make that five stars??? :P

House woke up the अगला morning to a very girly snore अगला him and a rock of the boat. House had used his naviagtion and chart पढ़ना skills to bring the yacht into a small, isolated inlet....
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This is just a fanfic I’ve been creating in my mind months पूर्व so... It will turn into huddy eventually.
A brunette 14-year old was lying in the hospital bed. She was studying the room and the people that passed by, she studied their thoughts. She wasn’t scared, she didn’t fear been sick. She preferred being at the hospital बिस्तर than in the convent.
Why would she be in a convent? She’s an orphan and she’s not miserable but she isn’t happy either. She’s quite a character.
She noticed a dye-blonde girl enter the room.
House’s pathetic. Why did he do that? And he doesn’t care for...
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posted by sarahuddy
लॉस्ट WORD- happy kiss

My name is Sara and I’m not English, so sorry if आप don’t understand …. : D
WELL like every one I´M ADDICTED TO HOUSE… AND FINNALY I DECIDE TO WROTHE A MINI ARTICLE… I must say that I प्यार your articles.

Cuddy was in her office´s doing paperwork, she was boring. KNOCK KNOCK…
Cuddy: COME IN!!!! She कहा not looking to the door
House: HI!!!
C: why did आप knock!?!?!? आप never knock!!! She कहा surprise with his attitude.
H: well!! My MOMMY LISA told me that we need to knock the door before enter in a room! :D He कहा with a childish tone
Cuddy laughs at him…
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posted by peoplesuck
Here are the अगला two pages of the prologue. As always, please review. =)

Cuddy sat at the plaintiffs तालिका, टेबल twirling a black hair-band between her fingers, the anxiety threatening to overtake her again. For the past two weeks she had been on the verge of snapping. She had not gotten और than two hours of sleep a night and those two hours were filled with terrifying repetitions of what had happened to her. When she was awake she had to battle the flashbacks and anxiety. She had cleaned her house several times and organized all of her things. She had delved into her work as usual, but nothing...
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Uploaded द्वारा freakshowcelina // Song: 'A Few Small Brusies' - Maria Mena
house md
Credit: House M.D. on YouTube.
house md
season 5
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diagnosis with hostages
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posted by ToriH389
Lollipop Isues 8

House-so why do I have to do the stupid tests again.....
Wilson-cause Cuddy कहा so....
House-she's not my boss like that आप know
Wilson-ya I know...but it still might be your kid...
House-so how are things with आप and Liz...
Wilson-okay...why do आप care...
House-I don't know....just making conversation...
Wilson-you NEVER just make conversation....
House-I really wanted to know if her and आप were having sex still....
Wilson-why does that matter if we are या not....
House-so I take it your not....
Wilson-she doesn't want to get pregnant again...
House-you know there are things called...
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posted by huddy_aimee
umm here's part 7...so far it's my favourite chappy...please read and review...im still thriving on my others!!!

It was late afternoon and House was at the helm; the pilot had left them a few hours ago. The sun was sinking dangerously close to the horizon, sending an नारंगी, ऑरेंज haze over the sea and sky. The smells of cooking सैल्मन, सामन had engulfed the yacht and surrounding areas.
Cuddy came out a few मिनटों later and handed House a plate before sitting on a built in bench in the cockpit, carefully placing her रात का खाना on her lap.
"We might as well make the most of it, " she said, gazing out at the sunset....
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posted by XhuddyobsessedX
हे just to tell आप everything that's going on...
Kutner has a crush on Cuddy
Gabby is Cuddy's sister
Rob is Gabby's Husband
Skyler is Cuddy's niece...
This should be on FF soon =] so im only gonna post the first 2 chappies here then they'll be on FF...and btw should I continue?

Just stop ok!?
I’m sorry it’s just that I hate when you’re mad!
I’m not mad!
You’re yelling aren’t you!?
Yes but that’s not the point.
Well, you’re mad!!
*a tear rolled down her cheek and blurred her vision*
It blurred her vision...
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posted by huddybuddy17
Chapter 1: Enough is Never Enough
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters of House M.D. All characters/thematic concepts are owned द्वारा David किनारा, शोर and Co.

The distinct sound of wood courting hardwood resonated throughout House’s once-empty, recluse apartment, the hollow bachelor’s pad that had served as his proscenium stage and knew him all too well. The stage that had tacitly reciprocated a promise: to never leave. Unlike Stacey, his indigenous thigh muscle, and his once “less miserable” outlook on life, his apartment had never negated या forsaken him. In fact, if his apartment walls...
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posted by huddy_aimee
read review and rate!!! thanks for all your पूर्व टिप्पणियाँ and ratings!!!

House was led up आगे द्वारा an impatient Lisa Cuddy. The sum was slowly decending out of the sky and Cuddy lay herself down on the warm deck of the yacht. House popped 3 Vicodin and waited for a few मिनटों for the desired effect before he lowered himself over his lover. She looked at him with passion and lust in her eyes. House felt her लपेटें her legs around his hips, tugging him closer. He allowed his hands to wander over her body before wrapping his arms around her back commence in untying her bikini. She gasped...
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posted by huddy_aimee
AN thanks for all your guys टिप्पणियाँ and ratings...i hope आप are enjoying this 'series'...please read and review.... PLEASE!!! XD

Cuddy had come into work, early as usual, and she recalled the talk she had, had with Wilson that night regarding the ticket to Greece...


"Hey, I have a ticket to go to Greece, I won't be using it, I can't be bothered going anymore, do आप want to go instead?" he had asked.
"I don't know, I have Rachel and the hospital to look after, not to mention, House, with me gone he'd probably raze the building,"
"C'mon, Lisa, when was the last time आप went...
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posted by huddysmacked
So this is something I made in Literature class because we're seeing कविता and well, I decided that House deserved and Ode

Magnificent दिखाना it is
when it's gone I'm sure we'll miss
the joy it's brought द्वारा it
But let's not hink about that part,
not yet,
the ending is far.

It's unknown the charm
of that sarcastic ass
who likes to prank
his best friendat times.
But it's a known truth
his attitude is rude
and that we don't mind
his continous snarks.

His beard, his cane
makes him rare,
unique, if I may say.
His eyes are lightning rays
taht allow us to see
the genious and human he is.

Our प्यार is devoted
and we trust them
to keep him in shape
and not change his grace.
It unites us fans
the crazy teenage girls
that wouldn't care
to be insulted द्वारा
this aroogant man.
posted by peoplesuck
All right here are pages 11-20. Obviously this is a long prologue and as आप have probably guessed a long story. This is where we get to the main plot. Please comment. Thank you. =).

“I was actually wondering if आप would reconsider my offer for dinner.”
“No,” Cuddy replied still retaining her gentle tone.
She turned on her heel and returned to the तालिका, टेबल where House, Wilson, and Sarah were still seated. All three of them watched her sit back down curiously.
“Well,” Sarah prompted when Cuddy didn’t say anything.
“He bitched at me about my testimony and asked me if I would reconsider...
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पूर्व दर्शन of House S7E08 over closing credits of "A Pox on Our House" (S7E07). Follow me on Twitter: link
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