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posted by HugeEgoSorry
After Ian’s near death experience, his parents became और protective of him. Almost all things were supposed to be with their knowledge before their son take up something especially if his life would be hang in balance.
House and Cuddy, with Ian, now eight, decided to spend their spring vacation back in Michigan. House’s mother also came over in Lisa’s hometown and agreed to spend time with her grandson. This also gave her the chance to bond with her son’s mother in law.
One afternoon while House and his son were playing in the garden, Lisa with her mom and mother in law were preparing the snacks in the kitchen.
Blythe: When are आप going to give Ian a little sister?
Lisa: <chuckled> It’s out of our idea especially now that the board is asking me to go back as dean. One is enough I think… Well, Greg and I think so…
Lisa’s mom: You’re going back to work? Does your husband know about it?
Lisa: Uh-huh.
Blythe: Let me guess, he thinks it’s okay but आप think the other way.
Lisa tilted her head in agreement and both mothers rolled their eyes.
Lisa: Sort of. I know him long enough to know what he really wanted.
Lisa’s mom: Wrong. It’s what both of आप wanted. --- आप really don’t want to try working again?
Lisa: I don’t know, I’m still thinking about it but I know I wanted to look after Ian especially now that he’s getting older.
Lisa’s mom: Look after? You’re doing और than enough, dear child.
Blythe: I agree with your mom, Lisa, आप hired how many nannies for Ian? Two? It’s और than enough in his age.
Lisa’s mom: And remember Blythe that they hired two drivers as well just for their son but they didn’t even drive Ian to school.
Lisa: <sighed> Your point?
Lisa’s mom: Just an observation. --- Ian can’t do things like what other kids his age does. He attended two field trips out of six, ate sugary foods and other sweets once in a blue moon, his bike has still those training wheels behind and played under the rain only in minutes…
Lisa: At least he was able to play under the rain…
Blythe: Honey, the point is, you’re not giving him his own अंतरिक्ष to grow.
Lisa’s mom: Yah, that’s what I’m also trying to say.
Lisa: <sighed> Greg and I are still trying to cope up with our loss. Its just last साल when Rachel was taken back द्वारा her grandparents and now, all we have is Ian. We can’t भालू to lose our biological son. No, not him. We’re just trying to be protective. <Lisa got the bowl and went out of the house>
Lisa’s mom: <To Blythe> Girl, I don’t want to be their daughter. <Blythe smiled>

Three weeks later, the couple with their son went back to Plainsboro. One महीना later, Lisa finally accepted the offer from the board of PPTH and she was the dean of medicine again after several years. Ian was still well taken care of. House won’t allow anybody to fetch him but he himself fetch his son from school and पियानो recitals while Lisa was still the one preparing things for her son. Even Wilson could notice how overprotective House and Cuddy were to his godchild. That’s the reason why he found it hard to invite Ian to have some nights with his family in their vacation विला somewhere in Maine; but in the end, he was able to take Ian with him. Little did he knew that while they were having fun, House and Cuddy, especially the father, couldn’t stop thinking about the safety of their son. He was on the phone since his kid left and Cuddy sat द्वारा and watched him walked around their room.
Cuddy: Greg, could आप just सीट down? I’m getting dizzy just द्वारा looking at you…
House: I’m trying to reach Wilson. He should have called me द्वारा the time his car tires touched his विला garden.
Cuddy: <sighed> Wilson’s won’t let Ian go anywhere…
House: Right. The last time my son’s with him, what the hell happened? Didn’t he fell from a two step staircase? <He finally got Wilson on the phone> Wilson, आप idiot! How’s my son? ---- Of course, I am worried, आप haven’t called ----- Right ---- Swimming? Pool या lake? ---- No, I won’t let him ---- I don’t care if your kids go and Ian doesn’t ---- Who cried? ---- Someone’s crying in there. Was that Ian? ----- Listen, if my son got hurt seriously I would throw a चाकू to आप ----- Okay but keep an eye on him and his खाना allergies, आप might overlook one ---- Okay, thank आप ---- Bye.
House hung up and Cuddy looked at him as he walk and dial again.

Three days later, Ian finally got home. No bruise, no wounds not even a single scratch but he’s back to his parents’ laser eyes. It has also always been his routine to go to his mommy’s office after school and this afternoon, Wilson and House were in the office as well. The couple had been talking while Cuddy has a paper at hand and Ian and Wilson sat down on the सोफ़ा, सोफे looking and listening to them.
House: I told आप my patient needed that surgery.
Cuddy: Greg, it doesn’t mean that you’re my husband, that would guarantee that I will allow आप to perform unnecessary surgery just for what? Solving your puzzle?
House: Why do आप always have to think about my damn puzzle? --- I need that surgery या he’ll die.
He noticed the paper his wife’s reading.
House: What’s that?
Cuddy: A letter from the board, meeting after work.
House: <sighed> You’re not going to allow me, do you?
Cuddy shook her head and House sighed. He turned his back, walked to his son and gave him a किस on his forehead before walking to the door.
Ian: Papa I’m coming with you…
House: No, not this time. Papa’s going to work.
Ian tried to smile as his father walked out of the clinic. Wilson looked at Cuddy who was पढ़ना the paper.
Wilson: About that paper, आप lied didn’t you?
Cuddy: <Looking at Wilson> He won’t sign this anyway…
Ian: <Stubbornly> Mom… Please… All my classmates are going…
Cuddy: Ian, आप knew that we won’t let आप शामिल होइए them in your rock climbing activity.
Wilson: Lisa, it isn’t a real rock climbing activity with rocky edges of a mountain, for god’s sake, it’s just an out of school gym class.
Cuddy: But still, things might turn out the other way, Wilson. I don’t want him to be one of those kids taking in the clinic with crack head and blood लॉस्ट and he’ll end up like a vegetable on a wheelchair and ---
Wilson: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold it. --- <sighed> Ian’s in a highly respected private school. There’s a reason why आप and House chose that for your son. This school won’t allow that to happen to their pupil especially if it is the son of the चोटी, शीर्ष diagnostician of the country. Ian’s Gregory House’s son, आप think they’ll let him fall from a twelve foot high rock wall?
Ian: <To his mom and still being sorrowful> Yah…
Ian folded his arms, placed it to the arm rest, turned his back from his mother, placed his head on the folded arms and starts to sobs in a fake way. Cuddy rolled her eyes and got her pen from the drawer.
Cuddy: Your father will kill me ---- <starts to sign the consent form> But I can’t look at आप like that…
Ian, with head still on the folded arms, gave a smirk.
posted by Irene3691
House can’t हटाइए very well, when he opens his eyes the light blinds him for a moment and then he sees Lisa sleepling अगला to him. He starts breathing deeply in order to talk but he can’t, then he tries again and whispers her name. ‘Lisa...’
When she hears him, she starts opening her eyes and sees him staring at her, she can barely talk. ‘Greg... Greg! You’re awake. Oh God, thanks!’ She sits up and caresses his face.
‘I'm... how long have I been here...?’
‘You’ve been in a coma for almost two months... God, you’re back!’ She kisses him softly on his forehead. ‘I was...
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posted by rosehustle1
"Hello, I'm Dr. Lisa Cuddy. I'm House's...boss." Cuddy कहा as she put out her hand to Ariel. House watched the exchange silently from the stove.
"Uh, I'm Ariel Harrison." Ariel कहा shaking Cuddy's hand. Cuddy looked over at House briefly catching his blank gaze.
"Well, I should leave. It was nice meeting you." Cuddy कहा with a nervous smile as she headed quickly out the door. Ariel watched as the woman practically sprinted out of the apartment.
"Why was she here?"
"Covering her ass...don't worry about it. Come here and taste this पेस्टो, pesto I made." He कहा as he took a spoon and dipped it...
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"You slept with this patient's relative?" Wilson asked incredulously.
House twirled his cane as he continued to stare down at a stain on the floor.
"Yes...The real सवाल you're wondering is how in a mental hospital did I pull that off." House कहा finally looking up to meet his best friend's gaze.
Wilson shook his head and stood up from the sofa.
"I don't need the logistics...I'm gonna get us some food." He कहा as he picked up his कोट and began walking toward the door.
"You're not even a little curious to why I slept with her या why I liked her at all. I mean, you're usually not shy about...
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posted by cheery_blossom
"Do आप wake up in the morning and need help to lift your head?"

He dragged himself out of bed, barely coherent, and fell back onto the covers staring at the cieling. Will today be the day?

"Do आप read obituaries and feel jealous of the dead?"

He slapped the newspaper down on the coffee table, afraid, and tormented द्वारा the lucky souls free to roam without burden. He put his forehead in his hands and sighed with the weight of the world crushing him, suffocating him.

"It's like living on a cliffside not knowing when you'll dive.
Do आप know, do आप know what it's like to die alive?"

It sat on his mantle...
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first if आप havent, please read link

here is a part I just decided to add, to give a little और background to the story. its part of part 4...lol

please rate and give constructive critizism! :)
and stay tuned for the continnual story!


The winter grew sparse as it blew toward spring. The trees had significant buds, the घास had shed its deep white barrier, and perhaps the most tell tale sign of winters end, the wind shifted its face to bring air from the southern most tips of the sky, instead of the cool Canadian air. Though the wind had its’ fallacies,...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
A week after, Cuddy found herself seated in front of the Hospital Board of Directors. Wilson was there, since he was a member of the Board, but she still fear that this might be her last दिन as the Dean of Medicine of PPTH. She’s certain about defending House’s Absence without Leave though her own career hang in the balance, why she’s doing this is still not known, even to herself. She gave a slight sigh the moment the Head of the Board started talking.
Dr. Eastwood: Dr. Cuddy, I hope आप do realize what stepping out for protecting Dr. House will bring to you. Your own career hangs in...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
“I’m home,” Cuddy cried out as she enters the doorway of their घर back in Michigan. Everything’s back to normal. The vases, the pillows and the cabinets that were thrown द्वारा John months पूर्व had been replaced and furnished. The stair rail was also newly painted and a new TV was added. John was wearing his usual handsome smile when he was coming down the stairs when she noticed him. He immediately kissed her and hugged her tight but it took her a long time before she wrapped her arms around him too.
John: I have missed आप so much…
Guilt was running Cuddy’s veins as her husband moved...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
After three days in the hospital, House finally brought Cuddy and the new baby they named Ian home. Rachel was excited being a new sister. The first days and first nights were rough ones but as new parents, House and Cuddy tried to cool themselves down. There were still arguments that fly left and right but they tried to low down their voice and fight in their room so Rachel won’t hear it. The down days were always replaced with happy and precious ones. Cuddy would often found House carrying Ian and tucking Rachel to bed. Tonight, she found House in their son’s room, bottle feeding him....
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posted by Lela48
Cameron was sitting in a bench in front of room 248, it had been at least three hours since Chase walked off that room and she was able to convince him to go घर take a शावर, शॉवर and get some sleep. She just wasn’t able to convince herself to do the same, she didn’t know why she didn’t want to go home, या why she couldn’t get out of the front of that room, she just had the urge to do something about the girl behind those doors.

Decided to do something she walked inside the room. Claire didn’t seem to notice when Cameron got in, she was looking down, with dry tears in her cheeks, Cameron...
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posted by peoplesuck
Please टिप्पणी दे as always.

“Oh nice,” someone shouted from far away, “You yell at everyone else to do clinic duty, but here आप are sleeping through yours in fricken exam room 1. For God’s sake woman wake up!”
Something small and pen shaped ricocheted off her head startling her awake. Cuddy shot up and looked around wildly. A strange, intolerable feeling of agitation overtook her consciousness interfering with all rational thought. Someone was after her, she knew it.
“Cuddy,” Sarah कहा questioningly.
Her voice was distorted, like someone had put a recording in slow motion. Cuddy...
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This chapter is mainly about Cameron.
So...if आप don't like Cameron,this chapter might not be as good as the others.
I just wanted to go into 1 दिन of the character's lives.The अगला chapter will be about Wilson,the अगला will be about House,and the अगला will be about Cuddy.Then it will be about the relationships and friendships.
I hope आप enjoy the chapter!

Cameron was sleeping in her bed.She awoke immediately when she heard her front door being banged on."Who the hell is this?"she कहा getting out of her bed.She was wearing a tank चोटी, शीर्ष and white sweatpants.Her blond hair was in a low ponytail.She...
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I'm not usually one for Huddy vids but this was made द्वारा DoctorLisaCuddy on YouTube and its really amazing.
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