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So, yeah this is my first लेख and yeah I'm bored to death. So this is a सूची of how to know you're a Fanatic of House (Although if you're पढ़ना this आप probably are).

100- आप watch House everyday it airs, whatever episode it is.
99-You ship a ship (that sounded weird).
98-You have watched s1-s5
97-You expect और than 12 seasons.
96-If there are no 12 seasons आप will start a petition.
95-^^Or die!
94-You can name all the characters.
93-^^In alphabetical order.
92-You can name episodes.
91-^^By seasons
90-^^By the best to worst moment of your ship.
89-You know actors names.
87-^^In order that they appear on the credits.
86-^^By their ages.
85-^^By their birthdays.
84-You have buyed all the seasons that are available.
83-You have buyed the CD of artists that have been mentioned या played in the show.
82-You are sarcastic.
81-You make fun of Australians द्वारा telling them they´re British.
80-You use Houseisms.
79-You are interested in medicine out of the blue.
78-You've learned at least 10 different definitions of weird illnesses.
77-^^You´ve learned how to spell them.
76-You think आप can get a degree just द्वारा watching the show.
75-You think you´re a doctor.
74-You´re studying medicine just because of House.
73-You diagnose the POTW.
72-^^Even though आप were wrong आप say "Exactly what I thought".
71-You want to meet the cast.
70-You want to do somebody of the cast.
69-You have stalked somebody of the cast.
68-You make jokes that only a House प्रशंसक will understand.
67-^^You tell them in front of your friends/parents/family/boyfriend/girlfriend.
66-^^They stare at आप weirdly. और than one time.
65-You are around 14-18 and आप could marry Hugh Laurie if he asked to.
64-You have written down और than 5 fanfics about House.
63-You dream about House.
62-When they leave आप a homework involving taking care of an egg that supposedly is your "son" आप name him Gregory.
61-^^You dress him up like House and he actually has a cane and a bottle of vicodin.
60-You have studied Vicodin and know all about it.
59-When you're bored आप watch House.
58-When you're happy आप watch House.
57-When you´re sad आप watch House.
56-It doesn't matter how आप feel आप still watch House.
55-You have discussed with your biology teacher about a disease and आप correct her.
54-^^You are right.
53-Whenever आप see and old person with a cane आप smile.
52-^^Or try to get the cane so आप can use it.
51-You have bought a स्कर्ट like Cuddy's.
50-^^It doesn´t look good on आप but आप feel so Cuddy.
49-You´ve learned how to catch pills with your mouth when throwing them to the air.
48-You own फिल्में where the cast members appear.
47-^^Even though they only appear one minute.(Like LE in Daddy's दिन Care but I still own it.)
46-You have 10 different theories about why House is miserable.
45- ^^You have discuss them.
44-^^You have प्रकाशित करे them.
43-You have an account in और than 5 sites that involve House.
42-You have read loads of Fanfics.
41-You know everybosy´s life in House.
40-^^And off House.
39-You have sent an invitation for your अगला birthday to HL.
38-^^Or आप have thought of it.
37-You can say a whole episode in quotes.
36-You can't wait for Mondays.
35-You so want to see the अगला episode that आप खोजिए for every spoiler available.
34-You respect Hookers for their important role in House.
33-You cried when आप watched Wilson's दिल (even though आप didn't fancy Amber).
32-You have cried over a Fanfic.
31-You have cried literally over the spoiler that someone will die.
30-You live your life in a House spot like Fanpop.
29-Yoúr name is in the banner of House MD प्रशंसकों spot (which mine is not=_().
28-You consider the प्रशंसकों आप have met part of your family.
27-You have been absent to a party 'cause House was on.
26-You have bought the Sherlock Holmes series to see if he is really alike.
25-You get excited when they say let them eat cake या just mention the word cake.
24-When you're really excited 'bout something आप say I want it to be Tuesday already (Chameron).
23-You can सूची all the ships that exist.
22-^^Including Twiggy and Thirteen
21-You know who is Twiggy.
20-You have counted the सेकंड्स a किस lasts (Huddy, hameron,Chameron,Foreteen.)
19-Nobody can touch the TV when it's House time.
18-^^If they do, 5 मिनटों later they´re on the floor crying.
17-You hate Tritter because of what he did.
16-^^Hate isn't enough आप want to kill him.
15-When you´re in a hospital आप ask your doctor if they like Dr.House.
14-^^Your doctor stares weirdly, later he does a really bad impression of House.
13-This number has become your प्रिय number.
12-You talk about House all the time.
11-You want to live in LA.
10-You're planning to हटाइए to LA to see if आप can get a job in House.
9-^^Or at least to have the possibility of stalking the cast.
8-You have searched in all sites if someone of the cast has a Blog.
7-You dressed up like House in Halloween
6-You a प्रशंसक of Hector.
5-^^If आप ever have a dig you're gonna call him that.
4-You don't believe in God anymore since आप started watching House.
3-You will ask for a motorbike when you're 21.
2-You wasted your time लेखन this.
1-You actually read all the options and see which ones आप have made and which ones you're missing.

Woah that was a long सूची well I hope आप enjoyed it.
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