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Answer: And the stars look very different today
Answer: John (Tony Manero) about the death of his friend Bo...
Answer: Jon Jacobs.
Answer: <3
Answer: Believe me I will प्यार Robert Pattinson forever<3
Answer: Kieron Richardson.
Answer: Bowie hair
Answer: Max Emerson.
Answer: <3
Answer: Beyond Perfect WOW
Answer: Bowie hair<333333
Answer: Stephen amell
Answer: best of Felton imo
Answer: Zach
Answer: John boy.
Answer: Baptiste
Answer: David Gandy.
Answer: Vince Kidd
Answer: Matt Lanter <3
Answer: टॉम फेल्टन
Answer: some nice arms
Answer: I try the rule-breaking thing once JLOK XD
Answer: Rob
Answer: एंजल Bow <3
Answer: Bow is good at that
Answer: my smoking hot baby with part of his कमीज, शर्ट untucked...
Answer: John Barrowman!
Answer: Benny
Answer: Kieron Richardson!<3
Answer: Mr. Stardust
Answer: Bieber!
Answer: Tom
Answer: David!
Answer: Boy Epic
Answer: double the hotness!!!<3
Answer: stark's new style - short hair
Answer: here is a cool वॉलपेपर of my Robert with a very c...
Answer: <3
Answer: *-*
Answer: god I'd give anything to be there...
Answer: Grey Damon!<3
Answer: Davie
Answer: dane d
Answer: Baptiste.
Answer: DB <3
Answer: Justin Deeley!
Answer: Jamie wearing a white कमीज, शर्ट and pants<3
Answer: Justin Bieber on a bench!(Best I could find)
Answer: John BarroWOMAN.
Answer: my Robert चुंबन Kristen's cheek.Soooooooo in प्यार...
Answer: Mines<3
Answer: Scott's Flaunt photoshoot<3
Answer: Tom Riley *_*
Answer: Bentdick..
Answer: it counts....
Answer: Chace in a green jacket<3
Answer: Godfrey Gao!
Answer: Jose Ron is GORGEOUS!
Answer: Iain Glen
Answer: ! the idol of every great musician and recently se...
Answer: Jer Irons
Answer: येशु
Answer: Aidan.
Answer: the background may be plain,but my gorgeous British...
Answer: Chris Zylka<3
Answer: Aaron Paul
Answer: haha not from me - but so true to me!^^
Answer: Jamie's sexy V lines<3
Answer: he isn't amused! XD
Answer: Jared holding onto a pole<3
Answer: there are many purple clothes Downey wears! :D
Answer: Aidy
Answer: Gabriel
Answer: Bowie!!
Answer: *dead*
Answer: my Duke
Answer: David <3
Answer: Bowie as Baal
Answer: my hottie Robert Hottinson being hot as always...bu...
Answer: Ben Barnes in a पेड़ <3
Answer: Aidan in बिस्तर with Charlie Hunnam
Answer: Ryan Cooper
Answer: I'd प्यार to help every poor living जानवर around t...
Answer: My lovely Johnny!
Answer: Karl - leaning against the SAME car as Jen :D :D :D...
Answer: Chace looking very styla in b&w<3
Answer: Chace...what a gorgeous closeup<3
Answer: Chris's sexy bicep<3
Answer: Matt Pokora.
Answer: how can a face be so perfect? *_*
Answer: we need और selfies like that, Gabe!!
Answer: :D
Answer: :P
Answer: Derek Theler jumping <3
Answer: Justin.
Answer: my Aussie beanie baby<3
Answer: Nico Tortorella wearing a floral चोटी, शीर्ष <3
Answer: my sexy Robert holding a piece of paper from Rememb...
Answer: Jensen Ackles.
Answer: Kellan lying in bed<3