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 Horse वॉलपेपर
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This घोड़े वॉलपेपर contains घोड़े हल, हल घोड़ा, घोड़े, and सप्तऋषि घोड़े हल. There might also be मसौदा घोड़ा, गाड़ी घोड़ा, ड्रै घोड़ा, मसौदा घोड़े, ड्रॉट घोड़े, dray घोड़े, घोड़े की राह, घोड़े का निशान, घोड़ा ट्रेल, घोड़े रैंगलर, रैंगलर, and घोड़ा रैंगलर.

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- horse knee = human wrist, horse stifle = human knee, and horse hock = human heel

- a horse uses a liter of oxygen a मिनट when walking, and almost 60 liters of oxygen per मिनट when galloping

- घोड़े use 10 percent less energy standing up than they do lying down.

- when people groom घोड़े and ponies in the areas where घोड़े "groom" each other (the neck, back, and shoulders), their दिल rate decreases द्वारा about 11 percent.

- Xenphon (circa 430-355 BC), a general and historian from Greece, wrote a book about riding and training घोड़े which described procedures still used today.

- घोड़े and...
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How often horse-related injuries happen:

•About 70,000 people go to the emergency room each साल for equestrian-related injuries. About 12,000 of those people have suffered head injuries.

•Among lifetime riders (people who ride 6 या और times a year), 13% have been hospitalized with a riding injury.

•Horseback riders have the same number of injury accidents per riding घंटा as motorcycle riders.

Who gets injured:

•All riding disciplines have a significant rate of head injuries.

•Unpredictable riding events — a horse spooking, bucking, या bolting — account for most head injuries, but...
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