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This घोड़े चित्र contains ड्रेसेज, dressage, खाड़ी, and बे. There might also be steeplechaser, स्टीपलचेज़र, घुड़दौड़ का घोड़ा, रेस के घोड़े, bangtail, दौड़ घोड़ा, बैटैल, घुड़दौड़, घोड़े रैंगलर, रैंगलर, and घोड़ा रैंगलर.

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A Tribute To नारूटो & Horses! :D
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This is a real story and a real horse hero.

In Greenup county, Kentucky, Robert Denlinger has a farm down द्वारा the Tygarts River. He raises sheep, and works his land with Percheron draft घोड़े instead of tractors. He has kuvasz, कुवाज़ livestock guard कुत्ता to help him on the right and when he has time, he gentles horses, especially wild horses.

His big Percheron mare Rosie had a filly named Phoebe. One दिन after a terrible storm, when the ground was muddy and slippery, Phoebe slipped and fell into the river. Rosie didn't hesitate -- she jumped over a ten foot bank into the river. It was so deep she had...
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