Holland Roden Holland आइकन competition round 13

modernfan posted on Apr 18, 2014 at 02:36PM
Hi guys! Couple of days ago I asked you if you would like an icon competition. Most of you said yes so here it is.Here are the rules which you probably already know:
1.You can post only one icon.
2.Don't vote yourself, it's not cool.
3.You have to make the icon.
4.Icons should be square.
5.Stick to the theme.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)

link MTV Movie Awards (Winner: katherine1731)
linkHolland for Line Magazine (Winner: Stelenavamp)
link 2011 (Winner: sun_shine)
link Close crop (Winner: modernfan)
link Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Winner: charmed_phoebe)
linkOutfit (Winner: sun_shine)
linkHolland for Maxim (Winner: modernfan)
link As Lydia Martin (Winner: sun_shine)
linkComic Con (Winner: kari91)
linkNew York Fashion Week (sweetheart995)
linkBCBGeneration x The Influence (Winner: Stelenavamp)
link Hair
Round 13: Plus one
 Hi guys! Couple of days पूर्व I asked आप if आप would like an आइकन competition. Most of आप कहा yes s
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