हाई स्कूल म्यूज़िकल [Finale Round] प्रिय HSM1 Songs Countdown; pick your LEAST favorite!

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9 fans picked:
We're all in this Together
Breaking Free
 TheLiineGirl posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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TheLiineGirl picked Breaking Free:
3. Start of Someting New
4. What i've been Looking For
5. Stick to the Status Quo
6. Pop to the Top
7. When There was Me and You
8. What i've been looking for (Reprise)
9. Get'cha head in the game

OMG they er both great! but i think i like this one the least? really weird cause i've been voting We're all in this together out? but it change lol.. i don't know if i find icons from all the songs in HSM2 i hopw for it :D
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kyla_05 picked We're all in this Together:
they were thesame prisentage
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LucyJones picked We're all in this Together:
Braking free is great!
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