हेतालिया हेतालिया Facts About Me (I Meant What My Crushes R And Stuff Like That)

Aph-Finland posted on Jan 18, 2016 at 06:57PM
ok, this is my thingy about my crushes and stuff like that. ok lets begin ^w^ btw I'm a girl in real life so yeah...

crushes from 1st i said to last i said- Switzerland, Poland, Norway, and Iceland:

1st off Switzerland, he is the most serious and handsome guy, i can imagine us sitting on the chair and he FINALLY gets to smile, but only at me lol, and than we walk to a cheese place together, than after we do that idk what will happen O,O but still. 2nd off Poland, he is a cute and Handsome guy at the same time and before i knew Switzerland i <3 him and my brother kept teasing me for it and it bothered me!!! 3rd off Iceland, he is a ADORABLE guy, but problem is... lots of ppl have a crush on him, 1st i had a crush on him until i met a crazy Iceland Fangirl and i started making him 3rd on my list, because he's never gonna be able to be mine!! not even Norway who is coming next!!! 4th off Norway (told u), he is a cute guy and can be Handsome at times, but i find him more cute O,O and the reason why he's 4th is, well, EVERYBODY and not just me loves him and they want to date him and i'm like "NORWAY CANT HAVE THAT MUCH GIRLFRIENDS MY GOSH!!" so yeah...

countries i FanGirl about- Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden

1st off Finland, ^////^ I ALWAYS LOVED HIM <3 when i 1st saw him on TV for the 1st time i knew he was my favorite. if he was my BFF we would do anything together like we would both deliver gifts, walk around, eat ice cream, throw snow balls even though i don't like being cold, and we would just be BFFS ^w^ ^w^ 2nd off Switzerland, HES JUST SO HANDSOME in pictures of him i have to blush. so yeah thats about it >///////< 3rd off Poland, he's one of my crushes that i don't FanGirl often about anymore because i never had enough time to FanGirl about him its sad. i still LOVE him though it does not mean i Hate Him or Dislike him i still LOOOOVE HIIIM i just have no time... 4th off Sweden, he's cool, I LOVE THE LOWNESS OF HIS VOICE, AND I LOVE HIM WITH FINLAND ^w^ i used to listen to his voice on his song over and over he has a nice singing voice. i know I'm weird :(

ok that was all ^w^

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