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RainingBadgers posted on Jul 09, 2015 at 08:36PM
This is my first forum topic, nobody will probably notice it and it'll be a forgotten one but what ever. :D Fan, Fem, Human, and 2P! characters are allowed :D
1) HAVE FUN. If you don't I'll make a thousand Flying Mint Bunnies and teach them to attack you. >:)

2) Please no killing without permission of the other person.

3) You can kill your own character or get rid of it!

3) Max of characters is 3 per person to avoid taking up the entire list of characters.

4) You can be a flying mint bunny .3.
My Character:
Platinum blonde hair that touches shoulderblades:
Greenish- Gray eyes:
No Siblings:
Clothing: Tan Trench Coat/ Dress that has Faux fur lining the hood, neck, and bottom. The Buttons are a dark brown. The coat reaches to her knees.She wears Black Boots lined with fur in the inside. She also has Black earmuffs. .3.
Personality: I'll let it grow as the roleplay grows.

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