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justinfangrrl posted on Mar 25, 2012 at 07:25PM
Yes, I know this has been done a THOUSAND times, and I don't know if anything similar or exact to this has been posted yet, so please don't think I'm stealing, I would NEVER porposely do that. :)

Please fill out these and post your answers! :D enjoy!

current shirt color:
Red: I smoked...
Orange: I kicked...
Yellow: I called...
Green: I dated...
Blue: I ran naked with...
Purple: I ate a [food of your choice!] with...
Pink: I went to sleep with...
Brown: I shot at...
Grey: I got drunk with...
Black:[your hetalia online bud] and I danced with...
White: I tripped over...
Shirt?: I got kissed by...
Other: I got a piggy back ride from...

(a Hetalia character that made you laugh recently, or the last Hetalia character you saw!)

a Random Letter! quick!
A: because I can't conrtol myself
B: because I wanted to
C: because America dared me to
D: because I like it
E: because I was angry with them
F: because I'm perverted
G: because I was kissed by France
H: because I'm awesome
I: because they owe me
J: because they love me
K: because I had sore arm
L: because I ran on Switzerland's lawn
M: because I like cake
N: because I'm hungry
O: because Italy made me pasta
P: because Belarus lent me a knife
Q: because I was blind drunk last night
R: because I ran into a pole
S: because my hair is shiny
T: because I'm beautiful
U: because I got an X-ray
V: because I killed a man with his moustache and a grape.
W: because Lichtenstein asked me to
X: because I forgot to Canada was agin.
Y: because I got an award
Z: because I like the internet
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