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posted by JapanHetalia
Abigail Stephanie Kirkland- younger twin of Scatharta-Abby for short
Scatharta Alexandra Kirkland- Older twin sister of Abigail-Scat या Scatty for short
Adrie Williams-Mother of Willow Wisteria Williams, Belgium's oldest daughter द्वारा Canada
Travis-The Kirkland's only son and older twin brother of Elizabeth
Elizabeth-youngest daughter of the Kirkland's currently-Lizzy for short
Willow Wisteria Willams-Daughter Of Travis and Adrie (JapanHetalia)
Daniel Tristen Kirkland-Son of England and Scatty-Danny for short(alicegrim)
England-Scotland's younger brother-Iggy या Artie for short
France-Elizabeth's boyfriend
Sealand-The annoying cousin who is mean to Abigail
~If आप want to शामिल होइए in as anyone else from the Family tell JapanHetalia first if not choose someone from this सूची that doesn't have a यूज़रनाम द्वारा it. Also I will PM आप the विवरण of the Character.