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 Hermione and Ron
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deathly hallows: part 2
deathly hallows: part two
ron weasley
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After the Battle of Hogwarts, I had a change of lifestyle. I wasn't that know it all, snobby chick anymore, I was a totally new person. I told Harry and Ron I was finishing my 7th year. They didn't really care. Harry was working as an Auror and I didn't even know what Ron was doing. It was all different. Strangely different. फ्रेड Weasley was dead, so was Lupin and Tonks. Every दिन I thought of them, crying about 15 मिनटों of every hour, summing up to about 360 मिनटों a day! I couldn't even speak a word about फ्रेड around Ron because he will start crying. I could only talk to Harry about the...
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Ron: "Seamus reckons that Harry's lying about You-Know-Who."
Hermione: "Yes, Lavender thinks so too..."
Harry: "Been having a nice little chat with her about whether या not I'm a lying, attention-seeking prat, have you?"
Hermione: "No, I told her to keep her big fat mouth shut about you, actually. And it would be quite nice if आप stopped jumping down Ron and my throats, Harry, because if आप haven't noticed, we're on your side."
— Hermione, Harry, and Ron talking about forming the D.A.

Following the death of Cedric Diggory, the Ministry of Magic refused to accept Harry and Dumbledore's...
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"P-P-Professor McGonagall! Sh-she कहा I'd failed everything!"
—Hermione faces her Boggart

Just before she began the 1993-1994 school year, while visiting Diagon Alley with Harry and the Weasley family, Hermione met and adopted a part-Kneazle cat named Crookshanks from the Magical Menagerie. However, her new bond with her cat caused friction with Ron and his pet चूहा Scabbers, as Crookshanks was always trying to catch the rat. Also at the beginning of this school year, Hermione obtained a Time-Turner from Professor McGonagall so she could double up on classes, though this was kept secret....
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Below I will sum up the whole of Hermione, all in a bit of text! I hope आप enjoy it!

Resourceful and brilliant, Hermione is easily the brightest witch in the whole of the Harry Potter world! She, along with Ron Weasley, is one of Harry Potter’s closest friends. She is also Muggle-born (her parents were dentists!)

Hermione prefers subjects like runes and history to subjects like divination. When she was new to Hogwarts she was very bossy but willing to learn so she took comfort in things like rules and book-learning; as she became और confident in magic and और comfortable in the Wizarding...
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Hermione Jean Granger is a fictional character in the Harry Potter book series written द्वारा J. K. Rowling. The character is portrayed द्वारा Emma Watson in the Harry Potter film series.

Hermione is a Gryffindor student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is Harry Potter's and Ron Weasley's best friend. She shows considerable academic prowess when compared to her close फ्रेंड्स and classmates.

Hermione Granger is a Muggle-born witch. Her parents, both dentists, are (according to Rowling) "a bit bemused द्वारा their odd daughter, but quite proud of her all the same". When asked in...
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प्रशंसक video द्वारा Evelyn Jackson
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A couples vid.
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Note: I didn't make up any of these. I found them online. Sorry if you're not a Hermione/Ron fan.

9-year-old Hermione reads Matilda, a book about a smart girl who can हटाइए things with her mind. Hermione goes over to the bookshelf and, concentrating very hard, she gets the पुस्तकें to slowly move.

Hermione found Ron's copy of of 12 Nail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches and wrote little notes in the margins for him to find.

In the sixth movie when Ron mutters "Hermione" in his sleep and causes Lavender to break up with him, he was actually awake. He felt guilty about making Hermione feel bad because of...
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