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kenshi29 posted on Mar 11, 2012 at 03:02AM
Hello Hello Kitty fans,

My name is Kenshi Fukuhara, an independent TV Producer living in Southern CA. I am currently working on an assignment for a TV documentary on Hello Kitty. Japan's public TV network, NHK is now producing one hour TV documentary on the popularity and the business success of Hello Kitty worldwide. NHK is Japan's largest TV broadcaster and is equivalent to BBC in UK and is well known internationally for the award-winning documentaries. link

I am looking for a serious Hello Kitty Fan to interview on camera for the documentary. If you think that you are the one, please reply here or send an e-mail directly to me ; officefk@gmail.com showing how serious you are with some photos of your collection.

My film crew from Japan and I plan to conduct the filming from the end of March to the mid April. We can fly to anywhere in the US for the interview.

This is not a scam. I am a legitimate producer working on a deadline. You can google me and NHK for verification. I look forward to finding a good interviewee to show how popular Hello Kitty is in the US.

Kenshi Fukuhara

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i would like to