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One Direction on their new album 'Four'

One Direction TIU || Best Mates

One Direction - Where Do Broken Hearts Go (Audio)

One Direction - No Control (Audio)

One Direction - 18 (Audio)

One Direction - Ready to Run (Audio)

One Direction - Fool's सोना (Audio)

One Direction - Girl Almighty (Audio)

1D HC APP FILM 11 260814

Steal My Girl - Today दिखाना City Walk

Little Things - Today दिखाना City Walk

Best Song Ever - Today दिखाना City Walk

What Makes आप Beautiful - Today दिखाना City Walk

Maarten ontmoet One Direction

Band Aid 30 - First Screening on X Factor (HD, 1080p)

One Direction - Night Changes (5 days to go)

Interview at 'Today' with Harry Styles (Liam Payne) Australia | 2014

Harry Styles Finally Reacts To Taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट Songs About Him

One Direction: Harry Styles V Zayn Malik - Who Has The Best Voice?

Harry Styles talking about "Out Of The Woods" Taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट

The Sexiest Men In Pop 2014 - Harry #2

One Direction - और Than This Live- Toyota

One Direction - Toyota Vios Interview Complete Version

Sesame Street: One Direction What Makes "U" Useful (What Makes आप Beautiful Parody)

One Direction at the 2014 BRIT Awards with किस FM UK

One Direction On The BRITs 2014 Red Carpet

Band Aid 30 interview

Harry interview for Band Aid 30

Band Aid 30

Stars including Rita Ora, One Direction, Paloma Faith and Ellie Goulding arrive at Band Aid 30

One Direction Interview <

One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and 5Sos on Sugarscape

♡ One Direction on Loose Women ♥

♡ One Direction Interview with BBCR1's Scott Mills ♡

♡One Direction Interview 2014 ♡

'Night Changes' - BBC Children in Need 2014

Harry Styles Meets Kate Middleton ♡

The Real Harry Styles ♡

One Direction: Craziest dance moves

One Direction - Best Song Ever - FRONT ROW - Phoenix, AZ - 9.16.14

One Direction | 2014 iHeartRadio संगीत Festival | Red Carpet

1D HC APP FILM 06 260814

FOUR Behind The Scenes

Telenoche - Entrevista a One Direction - Parte 1 - #1DEnTelenoche

"Steal My Girl" - Children In Need 2014

One Direction - Night Changes Acoutsic

Harry Styles' awkward radio interview on the Kyle and Jackie O दिखाना Kiis 1065 November/2014

Sesame Street: One Direction What Makes U Useful


One Direction performing Night Changes BBC Children In Need 2014

One Direction - Night Changes (Audio)

One Direction on the BBC Children in Need Pre-Show

Liam Payne and Harry Styles Message on BBC Children In Need 2014 - One Direction

Harry Styles: What Makes आप Beautiful

One Direction द्वारा One Direction

4Music meets One Direction (Teaser)

One Direction: The manliest thing I've done

One Direction Children in need

Steal My Girl Commercial

Night Changes performing at RV

One Direction Chart दिखाना Chat

0:36 One Direction meet Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Harry Styles take a Tumble During Performance Of Steal My Girl ♚

Truth या Dare With Harry Styles and Niall Horan

One Direction arrives to Rehearsals for Royal Variety at लंडन Palladium in the UK!

One Direction: Danny DeVito threw poo at us!

Fools सोना

1:41 Ed Sheeran & Harry Styles Mess with a Paparazzo Together in LA!

One Direction Docomo Commercial 2014

Zayn, Harry & Niall - How To Look Like A One Direction-er, 05.08.14.

Mornings दिखाना - Channel Nine - September 16th, 2014

One Direction: Ankunft am Flughafen

1:16 Harry Styles on Taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट #FOURHANGOUT

Biggest प्रशंसकों (Awards At The EMAS)

Best Live (Awards At The EMAS)

Best Pop (Awards At The EMAS)

One Direction: Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

"Ready To Run" 1D FOUR HANGOUT

One Direction - Fireproof

"Steal My Girl"

#1DFOURHANGOUT Steal My Girl acoustic


Wahrheit oder Pflicht mit One Direction // Wetten, dass..?

One Direction on Wetten Dass..?

One Direction FOUR Trailer

Zarry || Suga Suga

Where We Are संगीत कार्यक्रम Film: Through The Dark LIVE

One Direction - Miami - 10/5/14 - Harry The ह्वेल, व्हेल - Best Song Ever

One Direction - Miami - 10/5/14 - Best Song Ever

One Direction - Miami - 10/5/14 - What Makes आप Beautiful -Harry Chorus

One Direction - Miami - 10/5/14 - Right Now

One Direction - Miami - 10/5/14 - Harry laying down after he "fell"

One Direction "Right Now" in चालट, चार्लोट, शेर्लोट (>‿◠)✌

*NEW* - One Direction Best Funny Moments 2014 HD

One Direction - Behind The Scenes of the 'Who We Are' Photoshoot | 2014

One Direction backstage in Milan - 29/06/2014

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Harry and Liam’s interview with Cat and Nelly from Free Radio- AUDIO Only

One Direction - Docomo