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So i noticed a lot of people making these types of लेखाए and i wanted to make one about my प्रिय Harry Potter character.

First off i प्यार her personality. She's definitely an individual. She's not afraid of being who she is and i find that admirable because आप see so many people try to change themselves. Her wacky, funny personality is what makes her awesome! She also has so many great कोट्स quotes:
"Wit beyond measure is a mans greatest treasure"
"Your just as sane as i am!"
"Oooh, look, a Blibbering Humdinger!"
"Nobody's ever asked me to a party before, as a friend! Is that why आप dyed...
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Okay so I got this off Livejournal and it just came out to me, so I decided to post it here!
This has nothing to do with preferences या what not, I just thought this was something interesting! It's not everyday we get Harry Potter तारा, स्टार gossip!

The stories about Emma and Jade seem to have started during the New York premiere of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” The morning after the premiere, The Daily Mail ran an लेख titled, “Emma Watson upstaged द्वारा evil Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend at Harry Potter premiere in New York.”

Additionally, a German gossip magazine went into more...
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Who does it belong to then? Well, it belongs to the fanfiction writer link (Found on Fanfiction.net.) The fanfic that this song came from is called link. It's a Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter fanfic, and if that turns आप off, then I'm sorry, but please do read this song. If आप want to read this fanfic (And please do) then I must warn आप that it has MATURE CONTENT and is rated M. That is all. Enjoy!

"12 Days of Christmas" Sung द्वारा Seamus, lyrics done द्वारा Galadriell.

On the first दिन of क्रिस्मस my true प्यार gave to me a wilting Whomping Willow...
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