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1. First of all, Luna is so, very unique. That's a great quality to possess and I think that's why I प्यार her so much, because she stands out.
2. Luna is a true Ravenclaw, underneath all that quirkiness, there is a layer of intelligence. She's the one who led Harry to the Grey Lady and she spoke the last words for Dobby.
3. No matter, how flawed आप are, Luna will always see the good things about you.
4. Luna doesn't care what आप think of her, she's different and proud of it. For example, she always wears her मूली earrings and Spectra-specs, and she doesn't care if it looks odd.
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Hi guys, I'm a big प्रशंसक of Harry Potter and I remember watching Halloweentown. So, I'm going to be लेखन the similarities between Hermione and another young witch, Marnie Piper.

Marnie Piper

I first saw Halloweentown back in 2001 before Harry Potter hit the cinema theatres! Okay, I was very happy that Marnie is her own character and she is not the typical Mary Sue character.

Hermione Granger

Okay, I watched all of the Harry Potter series, and I have that Hermione is actually very much like Marnie, in terms of personality except that she और of a book-worm. To whom I look up to, not to forget that their names rhyme!
If Harry Potter and Halloweentown were to be set in the same universe, it would be great to make a film about the characters together!

Hermione या Marnie?

Who do आप like? If आप have anymore similarities between these 2 heroines, let me know!
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