Hello Eddie, we meet again!
Hi guys, I managed to see this Harry Potter spin-off just now at the cinema with 2 of my classmates. Here's my review about the film since that there is no प्रशंसक club about this movie yet!

The Story

Unlike the typical Harry Potter that I had read and watch the series, the story is extraordinary unusual especially in the Harry Potter Universe. I was a bit disappointed because they should have shown a bit of Lord Voldemort's background, and I thought that Credence was an ancestor of Voldemort due to their mannerism, motives and magic. Secondly, I was not very happy that they use the term 'No-Maj' instead of the usual 'muggles'. It's like using both British and American English!
Overall, I was very amazed द्वारा the special visual effects despite that it was sinister for the majority of the film. I also hope to read the book if I got the chance to do so!
Finally, a couple of characters like Newt Scamandar and Gellert Grindelward are familiar faces in the Harry Potter Universe! I found out that the latter has a connection to Voldemort later on.

The Characters

Speaking of the characters themselves, the majority of them are relatively newcomers, with the exception of the 2 characters mentioned. Only Scamander was mentioned in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and that Grindelward was a close friend of Albus Dumbledore during the adolescence years.
Jacob was a funny character that from one take, he could possibly be an ancestor to Neville Longbottom due to their physical appearance! But, considering that Jacob is a muggle, I don't think so.
At the end, when Percival was turned back into Grindelward. I could not recognise Johnny Depp playing the latter due to the special make-up and the hair colour. It was like Jack Sparrow has become a wizard!

Special Effects

I प्यार how they use the special effect, Scamander's case was like a कल्पना Zoo inside! My favourite magical creature was the green little bug that into a butterfly-like creature, it reminds me of a Pokemon character that is considered my favourite. In fact, it was like Pokemon meets Harry Potter!
Also, the special effects on Credence and Scamander represents darkness and light respectively. It was a way to दिखाना goodness and evil in the 2 characters and Credence was actually misguided in his case!

Thank आप Wizarding World!

Spoiler alerts! If आप haven't seen the movie, go ahead and see it before it's too late.
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