Oh Simon! आप amused me!
Wow, I'm very happy that my first Harry Potter लेख made it to the front page regarding the Cursed Child. Here are my thoughts on my love-hate relationship with Snape!

Simon Cowell

For obvious reasons, Simon Cowell reminds me of Professor Snape as they're cold, sarcastic and aloof. It's no wonder that I develop a love-hate relationship with Snape!

His Soft Spot for Harry

Although he had a love-hate relationship, it wasn't until the सेकंड part of the Deathly Hallows and the Goblets of Fire. That I kind of feel bad for Snape himself, I mean he had no intentions to kill Dumbledore and being so mean to Harry!

His Relationship with Harry's Parents

Okay, so he first met Lily before going to Hogswart and were in 2 separate houses. That was when James and Sirius (Harry's godfather) started bullying him, Snape also blurted out calling Lily a smuggle (a Wizarding derogatory term for normal human). Their relationship broke up.

Love या Hate?

As mentioned, I'm neutral about it!
आप have your mother's eyes, RIP Alan Rickman!