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 Voldemort and 3-D Glasses
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Oh do आप not see, the language so cruciated,
द्वारा your most unfortunate attempt in grammars?
Do आप believe, for that moment that we're mirthed?
Well, then आप are as mistaken as the Balaclava Brits.

Don't आप see, your own insults to your common decency?
Do आप not hear, our desperate attempts to save your sanity?
I hope आप hear, I must hope आप see.
But I think, आप only see your vanity.

Vanity, vanity, everything vanity...
But then where are your humanity? The World wonder'd...

Dedicated to iluvtwilight, ellietwilight12 and every other rabid प्रशंसक in the whole wide world. I plead to you: Stop this madness...

Inspiration: Alfred, Lord Tennyson; the Charge of the Light Brigade