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posted by harrypotterbest
Dolores Jane Umbridge… can ANYONE forgive her? And yet, despite being so horrendously evil, she is a very interesting character.
She is very loyal, because we know how she remained on Fudge’s side through the whole dilemma. She is also very easy to hate, for she gave Harry countless detentions for telling the truth. We know very little about Dolores; surely Rowling knows more. She has always planned her characters to the death – one reason why Harry Potter makes a very interesting read.
Back on the topic of Umbridge, we have to accept that she could have had a childhood like Snape – a horrible one, in other words. That, however, gives her no reason to act like what she did in HP & The Order of the Phoenix.
We know she voted for Harry to be expelled at his hearing – but then again, so did a lot of other witches and wizards. Still, that did nothing to get her in our good side. Onwards form that, she became the first “High Inquisitor of Hogwarts,” making Hogwarts a boring place for the readers – even और so for Harry Potter. She created a lot of decrees at this stage, made for the use of trying to get Dumbledore kicked out of Hogwarts, Harry expelled, and for making students feel Harry’s side of the story – the true side – sound like rubbish to the Hogwarts students.
At this point, Harry, like everyone else, had had enough. Ron and Hermione came up with the idea of a rebellion, and that’s how the best part of the book started. The “DA” the students named their rebellion, and the DA was short for Dumbledore’s Army – the ministry’s worst fear.
Afterwards, Umbridge catches the DA, forcing them to stop and Dumbledore to flee the school. Harry also knows she’s the one who made it nearly impossible for वेयरवोल्फ like Remus Lupin to get a job. She had also wanted to have Merpeope rounded up and tagged, but, fortunately for the Merpeople, the Ministry did not think that was necessary.
Now, it was impossible for Harry to like Umbridge, but then again, why should it not be? From here on, Dolores herself reveals what happens. Harry had just taken his OWLs, and seen the Sirius image. He tries to find out if it is true द्वारा checking Dolores’s fire, but he is stopped द्वारा Umbridge. This is the part where it is most depressing, for on our first read, we are all thinking “NO!! Sirius is in trouble, stupid woman, we NEED to rescue him!!!” However, Umbridge shocks us beyond anything we could have imagined at this point, because she reveals that SHE was the one who sent out the Dementors after Harry! And she threatens to use the Cruciatus Curse on him!!!
The Hermione makes up a fabulous lie [that girl is just incredible!] and Hermione, Harry, and Umbridge take a trip to the Forbidden Forest. In there, they meet the Centaurs and Grawp. Readers of The Order Of the Phoenix should know what happened; however, here it is. Umbridge calls the centaurs “filthy half-breeds” and says that humans are smarter than them. Of course, as anyone who has read Fantastic Beasts should know Centaurs get very offended at that. They carter Umbridge of somewhere, thus ending her story so far. Harry and Hermione depart for their Sirius rescue mission.
When Dumbledore comes back to the school he comes and gets Umbridge from the forest, apparently “without a scratch on him.”
When Voldemort takes over the Wizarding World, Umbridge is still working in the Ministry, but now she works on the “Muggle-Born Register Team,” whose job it is to find the Mudbloods, hold them on trial to see if they have any close wizarding relatives, and if they don’t, the poor Muggle-borns are either: subjected to the Dementor’s किस [doesn’t sound bad, but believe me *shudders*] carted off to Azkaban या just killed, simply killed.
Once Harry Potter defeats He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named [tabooed, remember?] Umbridge is sent off to Azkaban for her unjust trials on Muggle Borns. And about time too.
Name: Apparently, ‘dolor’ [Dolores] in Spanish means pain. Umbridge might be based on the English word ‘Umbrage’ which means offence या insult.
Dolores Umbridge was hated so much द्वारा the teachers what sometimes the students swore they saw a teacher giving instructions to Peeves on how to cause mayhem. Even Professor McGonagall did this!
Isn’t the Cruciatus Curse illegal? So if Umbridge used it, ठगना, हेराफेरी would know, because those curses are very carefully monitored. Then why does Umbridge say “What ठगना, हेराफेरी doesn’t know…”? Because it goes against the Ministry. Perhaps the senior Ministry members aren’t carefully monitored, but that theory seems highly unlikely.
Rufus Scrimgeor was the minister of magic when it was revealed that Voldemort was back. So, he would have known everything Umbridge did. Then why did he hire Umbridge again?
At Harry’s hearing, Dumby says to Fudge: “Then, if the Dementors are still under your control, explain why Harry was attacked द्वारा two of them,” या something along those lines. Well, it kind of says that ठगना, हेराफेरी would be able to check were the Dementors were at that time. So why didn’t he check? He would have been able to see that Umbridge sent Dementors after Harry, right? Was it simply because he didn’t trust Dumbledore, because he thought Dumby was going to take over the Ministry?
Read and respond, please! :D
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