Its after the war with the gaints and the war with Lord Voldimort. The death eaters where sent to Tartaris along with the gaints and the mother geae. Now they are teaming up with the king titan Kronos and are breaking out of the underworld. The wisards are sent to Camp-Half-Blood but Thaila think they are punny so called heros and Hermione thinks they are too. Will the demigods become frinds with the wisards या will they turn against each other and let Kronos, Geae, and Voldimort take over the world? read to find out.

If any cuss words they will be ass, damn, and pissed mabey
also i am tarible at spelling see i cant spell the word to describe being bad at spelling so ignor that stuff


Dombledore had called Ron Hermione, and I in to his offeice for a important meeting. "it has come to my notice that an olf friend of mine hase been having trouble with their enemys-" Dombledore began but Ron interupted "wait?" he asked "you कहा enemys like they have और then one या something" "yes they do" he answered "who are they" Hermoine "ahh, yes the point of this meeting आप see we are not the only ones saving the world. There is a large amout of people who are demi-gods Half-god half-mortal they are children of the gods" he paused and looked at our reaction Ron was wide eyed and Hermione was looking rather shocked "wait i read about this in a book last week it कहा that if a god had a child with a mortal the children would have some of the gods powers." Hermoine कहा thought fully. "right आप are Ms. Granger yes there is kids in the world like that and there to worst eneymes are breaking out of a underground prison stronger than Askaban Voldimort was sent there and have now teamed up with the demi-gods enemy आप must go to america and help them send the enemy back onto the prison." he finished "when are we going to meet these people?" asked Ron "oh my! right wait one moment Dombledor got up from his डेस्क and walk over to a fountin in the corner that i didn't see he opened a window द्वारा the fountin and pulled a coin out of his robs he mutred a few words and through the coin into the इंद्रधनुष that had formed he beckoned us forword and we stood द्वारा his side waiting for something the air shimered and i misty वृत्त appered out of no where. In the वृत्त a picture appered a room with a ping pong तालिका, टेबल thingy that the americans used stoud in the center of the room and the most bazare group of kids sat around it throwing chips and snacks at each other one kid through a gummy worm at a girl and sh epointed her hand at it and it turned bigger and chased the boy out of the room "Calm down everyone calm down. Lou please take away आप worm and let Trvis walk around freely and Leo and Conner please we don't want to be blined from nacho cheese do we?" everyone turned to the noise it came from behind us every one saw us and the all looked at me they gasped and turned around and looked at a boy my age with black hair and sea green eyes his looks didn't bother me it was the facted that we looked the same the boy looked up and his mouth droped
open he shook his head and कहा "hi i'm Percy Jackson