हैरी और हर्माइनी Harmony picture contest - Round five!

emilykuru posted on Mar 14, 2011 at 05:25AM
So im holding a picture contest out here!

so the rules are:
I will tell you guys what is the topic for the contest and you guys can post pictures on it! the prizes are:

1 prop for everyone who enters the contest!

1 place: 10 props (5 image props, 5 other props)
2 place: 7 props (4 image props, 3 other props)
3 place: 4 props (2 image props, 2 other props)

and also the consolation prize is 2 props each! and pluz - i'll fan you guys too! And the winner gets to choose the next topic!

so go on!

Since the winners list is getting too big, I have moved it to a separate forum. The link to the forum is here - link

link : Goblet of Fire

Winner:Brucas Love
Third place:Suman

Round closed

link: Order of the Phoenix

Third place:
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