NOTE: This story was written exclusively for a great friend of mine as a birthday gift. Keep this in mind when पढ़ना this story. Thank you.

When someone’s birthday comes and goes, magic always happens. आप spend time with your family, loved ones, and people who mean too much to you.

But of the many gifts that are दिया on these certain occasions none are rare या better as something called, “The Spirit That Is Friendship”. Just what is such a gift and where does it come from?

To answer this question, आप must look within the number of people आप call your closest friends. It may be someone you’re talking to now and it could be someone close to you, but आप have yet to witness him या her. Wherever this spirit comes from it can be easy to figure out who is unleashing such energy. But sometimes, it can be tricky.

For one, the friend that possesses such a thing must rely on आप no matter what the cost is. He या she will always be there for आप in every moment- through the good times and the bad times.

When आप feel like crying, that particular person will always give a shoulder for आप to lean on and absorb your tears till the कड़वा end.

Need comfort? The particular stranger will always be और than willing to give आप hugs any day- या all day. <3

Have a broken दिल and in need of a new one? The friend आप trust will always give आप a spare.

Bored, lonely, and looking for company can always have an impact too. Which is why the particular person या friend is always there to keep your life busy and active. Call it your personal exercising. Lol!

The सूची goes on and on, but what matters the most in conclusion to this short story is that आप may have over a hundred फ्रेंड्स and the सूची will continue to grow, but I will reveal something to आप that may leave आप speechless…

I am the one with the Spirit That Is Friendship and I’m always giving it आप each and every day- be it on your birthday या any day.

God bless आप Paula and may your दिन be filled with blessing, magic, fun, and fond memories. And remember: The Spirit That Is Friendship lies in me, you, and every one of us. Don’t let anyone take it down from your soul.