Note from the author: I want to notify that the following is a fan-made story written only द्वारा me. The characters, Abigail and Kiko, belong to their respective creators- Nerdbuster2 and NamelessBastard. Kasey is the only character that belongs to me and the entire story. Please support this release and enjoy. <3

In the big city that is Tokyo, the streets were packed with pedestrians. The entire city was lit in a रे of colors- ranging from the tallest buildings to the small market places. Everywhere within the limits was peaceful and average.

However, hidden among the darkness from an alley, something sinister was bond to happen.

A young man, dressed in a lab coat, was creeping through the alleyway. He was carrying something on one of his hands that looked like a radioactive tube. While there was no telling what was in it, the man obviously had intentions in sneaking around.

He walked within different alleys for minutes. When he approached into the city sidewalks, he would quickly dash into another alley. He did this for a good while until he was pursued द्वारा a pair of strangers, who were clearly men. They told him to stop as they chased after him. The man wouldn’t stop as he continued running for his life.

Within minutes, he was blocked द्वारा a very large wall. He had nowhere to hide या turn and pressed his back against the दीवार as the two strangers caught him. One of them tackled the man while the other grabbed the tube. They complemented on each other’s excellence in accomplishing their mission as they dragged the man and carried the tube out of the alley.

The man had been passed out for a good while. He suddenly awoke and found himself in a very strange room. It was a worn down room, with the वॉलपेपर slowly tearing itself off the walls. The floors were both cracked and filled with shattered glass. And most of the windows were broken या removed. He wondered where in the heck he was.

Suddenly, the two men who captured him appeared in the room. They stared at him with a dark glare. Then, another stranger appeared within the room. He was a tall, overweight man who wore a fancy suit and carried a cane on his left hand. His face had a serious scar on his right eye which crept the man completely.

“So you’re the one with the secret substance,” He spoke. “I have been looking for आप for a good while.” The man was both confused and surprised. “W-What do आप want from me?” The man laughed as he coughed. “Like आप haven’t figured out? आप and your company have recently created a substance that has helped much of the world. But what आप don’t realize Professor is that there’s another secret behind it- something आप and your little “professionals” won’t understand.”

The man grew even और confused. This irritated the man as he decided to explain. As he did, the man’s reaction drastically shifted. “How dare आप tell me such nonsense! I refuse to believe it! But then- what is your purpose for using it? World domination? Becoming ruler?” Hearing his सवालों really put a crack on the man as he cackled and coughed. “Your words are so amusing Professor!!! आप should’ve been a comedian! But seriously, your words are so pathetic and dumb. It’s not about ruling the world या that junk. This is about दिखा रहा है the world that we can take control of those who do wrong.”

Refusing to believe, the man hesitated. “You really think आप can play with my mind? Think again!” This suddenly turned the man from scary to dangerous. Without thinking, he raised his cane high and hit the man on the head. The impact was so hard that it crushed half of his skull and he, along with the chair he was tied to, fell to the floor. A pool of blood started to form on the floor close to his head. The guy laughed as he said, “Good riddance to a foolish Professor!”

This event occurred only a week ago. Sense then, the media made huge deals over the incident including asking fellow officers who was behind the case and if there was any hope of capturing the culprit. No words were ever spoken from anyone as they had no idea what to think या do.

However, traveling into the city of London, someone was watching the news promos regarding the case. It wasn’t clearly known who it was but only a pair of silk-made shoes was seen, crossed and near the TV. The stranger was wearing long, colored striped socks and wore an elegant, black-laced dress. The TV remote was seen on the stranger’s right hand. It then pushed the power off button as silence quickly fell. “What an interesting case,” The stranger कहा as it slowly turned the rolley chair so that it faced the front of the desk. From hearing the stranger’s voice, it was the sound of a girl. Her face was then revealed and it turned out to be Abigail, a young, English beauty who is one of the चोटी, शीर्ष detectives in the city. She solved countless cases, ranging from serial killers to लॉस्ट and missing objects. लंडन knows all about her and really pays respects when she is around.

Abigail continued being puzzled द्वारा the TV promos. As she was pondering, her thinking was interrupt द्वारा the disturbing sounds caused द्वारा her partner, Kiko. “Would आप please be quite for a second?” She asked. “I’m trying to concentrate.” Kiko froze as his head turned to her. “What’s on your mind this time?” He asked. She wasn’t able to speak sense her mind was still deep in thought. When she was in this mood, Kiko knew better than to disturb her and sat back in one of the office chairs. After a while Abigail regained her conscious back. “Kiko, I have an idea.” He looked at her with excitement. “We are going to Tokyo.” She कहा as she looked at him with a serious smile.

They made it into the big Tokyo city and couldn’t have been और excited. Kiko was the most excited as he wanted to go exploring. Abigail had to remind him they came for an important job, but that they would try to make spare time to have fun. “What is it about this case anyhow?” Kiko asked. “I only saw it on TV back in England,” She respond. “And the fact that nobody is taking the case is why I want to do this. Solving crimes is what we do best after all.” Kiko stuck his tongue out from the side as he winked. He did felt a little dumbstruck, but it was a funny moment for him and Abigail.

After walking through most of the city blocks, they eventually found an apartment complex that was in their price range. While it wasn’t large and fancy it was comforting to them. Kiko was most excited because he loved the Japanese culture and dedicated his fandom and research to it. He learned how to eat Japanese foods, sleep on the floor, and sit near the तालिका, टेबल द्वारा sitting on his feet.

“Let’s not get too comfortable Kiko,” Abigail stated. “We will have to go here soon.” Kiko then gave her the sad eyes, but it wasn’t going to fool her. A moment later, they were out in the city. Finding the clues to this case was going to be a lot harder sense the crime happened a week ago. But one thing Abigail always कहा was that she never, ever gave up in solving a hard case no matter how long it took. Kiko always stood द्वारा her side and did what he could to help out and make her happy.

“I suggest we begin द्वारा observing the citizens.” Abigail said. Kiko looked around as he added, “But why? Tokyo is घर to millions of people and observing every one is going to be a long, long affair.” What he कहा made perfect sense, but there was no other way to start the investigation. “Maybe we don’t need to observe everyone,” She added. “But we will keep a good eye on each citizen and see if they have anything to do with the case.” Just as she finished, Kiko noticed a stranger passing द्वारा that seemed peculiar. He pointed him and went after him.

They eventually caught up to him and Abigail introduced herself as well as Kiko. “We do apologize for following you, but we want आप to know that we are not stalkers. We are detectives and just want to ask आप a few questions.” Abigail explained. The stranger, who happened to be a young man, listened to everything she asked. He grew surprised. “But, aren’t आप two a little young to be detectives?” He asked. Kiko couldn’t help but agree. Abigail on the other hand ignored his opinion as well as what the stranger said. “Let’s just हटाइए on okay?”

She started asking him various सवालों regarding the case. He answered every सवाल with positive results and didn’t leave anything out. She was extremely impressed द्वारा his dignity. “Do आप happen to be a witness to this case?” She asked. The stranger looked at her with confusion as he scratched his head. “Not really,” He respond. “But I did know the victim quite well.” What he कहा spiced things up for Abigail. “Good then. Would आप kindly explain everything you’ve remembered about him?” He was nice enough to explain the days when he remembered working on experiments with the victim, whose name was actually Professor Rimendy. He also explained some basic info on him including his age, his college degrees, and some other things. He eventually got around to discussing about the corporation he and Rimendy worked for, which was called “G.R.I.M.”. To Abigail and Kiko, it was an awkward name. “I don’t exactly remember why it’s called that,” The stranger continued. “But when आप work for big companies like that its best not to wonder if आप know what I mean.” Abigail, while unable to understand, nodded in response.

“Could आप द्वारा chance take us to the building? We would like to at lease explore the complex a little.” The stranger at first felt uncomfortable bringing young people to the building, but sense he provided big help for them he couldn’t turn back. “Sure,” He कहा as he got up. “Follow me.” With that Abigail and Kiko followed the man.

When they got to the building, Abigail and Kiko were aroused द्वारा how tall it was. “It must be at lease two hundred feet tall!” Kiko exclaimed. Abigail turned to him and gave him a reaction of unamusmenet. “Don’t over analyze Kiko. Clearly it’s four hundred feet tall. Let’s go- we’re a little behind.” They both eventually caught up with the man as he just put on his name tag. The man’s real name was Professor Truman. Abigail and Kiko would now remember his name for good.

They all got into the elevator and Truman pressed the fourth floor button. “So, what sort of creations does your company provide?” Abigail asked. Truman looked down to her and respond, “We make many kinds of experiments. We try to make some that help humanity.” “So आप make none that are potential या dangerous?” Abigail asked. He shook his head in response which relieved Abigail. She turned to the right to look at Kiko, who was busy tying his shoes. She couldn’t help but chuckle quietly as she shook her head.

The elevator then stopped and opened as Abigail and Kiko were surprised to discover various, glassed rooms. Truman led the way as they followed. Looking around, they couldn’t believe how many rooms there were and the countless professors working hard to make the experiments work. “Look at all of this!” Kiko exclaimed with excitement. “This is like the labs on those TV shows we watch.” Abigail did agree, but there was not much to think.

As they passed, Abigail then noticed a steel door that was opened a little. She decided to investigate and as she approached she dug for her magnifying glass. Observing the door carefully, she could make out finger prints. “Very unusual..” She कहा in her mind. Just then, Truman and Kiko called her name as they stood close by, watching her. “What are आप doing?” Truman asked. Abigail tried to play it cool and just कहा she was playing a fun game. Truman didn’t believe her at first but knew she was just a kid and accepted what she said. “Well, don’t stick your nose into things आप don’t know alright?” Abigail understood, but thought it was strange how he कहा it. Kiko approached her. “What were आप really doing?” He asked.

A while later, everyone settled in a small break room for lunch. Truman wasn’t in the room because he and several other workers were working on something. Abigail and Kiko were the only ones in the break room, enjoying sushi and other traditional Japanese foods. Kiko was enjoying his meal. Abigail however hardly touched hers which made Kiko uneasy. “Please tell me what आप found out.” He begged. First, she looked around, making sure the room was clear. Then, she got around to sharing her discovery with him which put him to surprise. “You really found clues on that door? Were आप able to determine whose they were? Is it Truman?” “I don’t really understand how it could be him,” Abigail respond. “He’s such a nice man and all but I still can’t get over what he कहा to me.” Kiko looked at her with confusion while chewing his food. “What do आप mean?” He asked after he swallowed.

“Well, I remembered he told me, “Don’t stick my nose into things I don’t know”. He’s अभिनय like I’ve never seen dangerous experiments before.” Kiko then understood what she meant and did form his own theory. “Maybe he कहा that because he’s the one who murdered the other guy.” Abigail stared at him with unamusment again. “Please quit making jokes Kiko. There is no way Truman is the killer.” Poor Kiko felt hurt. Abigail sighed as she apologized. “I just don’t know whose fingerprints are on that door. Maybe we need to take this investigation further.” Kiko on the other hand had something to declare. “Abigail, let’s just take a break from solving this one alright? We’re in the biggest city ever- Tokyo! Let’s embrace it for a while- have fun.” While his advices are often foolish, Abigail would have to side on this one for now.

Later that evening, in the apartments, the lights were off and Kiko and Abigail were snuggled in their floor beds. Kiko was fast asleep. Abigail however couldn’t sleep at all. Theories kept popping into her head. She kept wondering if Truman really was the one who killed Rimendy and wondered what the true meaning was behind the corporation’s name. After an घंटा of still not sleeping, Abigail decided to clear her mind and would take a long walk through the city streets. She quietly changed out of her pjs and into a गाउन and quietly walked out of the room while shutting the door.

It was a bit chilly, but Abigail didn’t mind as she made sure to ware her jacket. The सड़क, स्ट्रीट lights were already lit as she made her way. She walked through most of the block and decided to take a break, sitting on the nearest park bench. While the walk was good, the theories continued plaguing her head.

Suddenly, her thinking was interrupt द्वारा the sounds of someone running through the alley that was closer to where she was. Abigail quickly got up as she slowly made her way to the alleyway. At first, she couldn’t see anything. The noises then got louder as they came closer and closer. It was the sounds of someone running. Abigail quickly turned and pressed herself against the दीवार as the sounds got louder. They were then changed to the sounds of someone being pushed to the ground and followed द्वारा the sounds of a low growl. Abigail wondered what sort of chaos was going on. Upon turning herself back into the alley, she was shocked to see a young man being pinned द्वारा a large dog.

Abigail didn’t know what to do. She knew she had to save the stranger from the dog. Looking around, she then noticed a large pebble. She quickly grabbed it and threw it at the dog, to at which it quickly got off the stranger. The dog turned its head to see Abigail hiding. Her entire body was trembling as the reaction on her face tried to दिखाना bravery. The dog growled, but didn’t move. It instead turned and quickly left back into the darkness of the alley. Abigail sighed with relief, but then knew she had to help the stranger.

The stranger was revealed to be a man. He was quite tall, wore a white sleeveless shirt, and had purple, spiked-up hair. He thanked her for helping as he quickly turned and continued running द्वारा turning to the right. Abigail felt better for helping but was now a little overtired. She decided to go back to the apartments and get a really good sleep, clearing her mind off completely.

As the morning sun shined through the city, Abigail was far in dreamland. Both her eyes were shut tight as the sun beamed through ever so brightly. She turned to the other side so that the sun wouldn’t blind her. She was far from awake as she snoozed away. Eventually however, her nose picked up the scent of something tasty. She did what she could to resist but nothing was working. Slowly but surly she opened her eyes and rubbed her left eye as she slowly rose up. “Good morning to आप Abigail!” Kiko exclaimed. She slowly turned her head and was a little surprised to see him in the small रसोई, रसोईघर area, preparing a traditional Japanese breakfast.

Abigail eventually got up and felt better when she ate all of her breakfast. Kiko was delighted द्वारा the sight of her gobbling it all down. “What shall we do today?” He asked. Abigail looked at him in confusion. Kiko chuckled. “You forgot didn’t you? We are going to have some fun today. Let’s go sight seeing या खरीडिए for some Japanese merchandise. We need to make this trip worthwhile.” She eventually remembered and just nodded in response. Kiko, while happy, couldn’t help but feel a little emotional for her. He knew how much the case meant to her, but with very little results and clues there was nothing they could do at the moment. This is why he suggested it was better to make the most of their trip.

Their first journey took them all the way up to the tip of Tokyo Tower, looking over the entire city. Kiko was impressed but Abigail felt a little ill. Their अगला trip took them to ancient shrines and temples. Kiko took चित्रो while Abigail admired the चेरी Blossom petals that continued hanging onto the trees and often float away या land near her. The और they stopped, the better Abigail felt. It seemed as if solving the case was nothing but a distant memory.

After spending the entire afternoon sight seeing, they decided to have रात का खाना in a very special cuisine restaurant downtown. “I heard the झींगा, चिंराट here is very delegate,” Kiko कहा as he looked through the menu. “I think I may try some of it.” Abigail couldn’t help but smile as she watched him looking through the menu. “Great. I may try some of it too.” She also opened her menu and looked through it.

Their dining experience couldn’t have gone better. Not only was the झींगा, चिंराट delicious, but their fine सलाद and sushi was also to die for. Kiko, as usual, gobbled his entire plates fast. Abigail laughed but also reminded him to take his time या he would feel sick afterwards. After paying, leaving a tip, and then leaving, Kiko suggested they should take a little walk around the block to at which Abigail agreed.

They didn’t walk too far as their apartment dorm wasn’t too far away. They decided to take a short break द्वारा sitting on a park bench. Abigail then remembered this being the very same spot from last night. She also remembered the stranger who was nearly attacked द्वारा the ferocious dog. As she was thinking, Kiko tried to get her to snap. After snapping his fingers for about three times she eventually returned. “What happened?” She asked. “It seemed like आप were दिवास्वप्न या deep in thought,” Kiko respond as he looked at her worriedly. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

There wasn’t very much Abigail could explain and she didn’t want to tell him that she was walking all alone last night. Before long, a sound was heard not far away. It was the sound of dripping, like drips of water. They both turned to the direction of the sounds and walked together. Abigail was the first to peek as she gasped loudly. Kiko then took a look and also gasped.

What they saw was the body of a dog, pinned against the wooden दीवार द्वारा combat knives. Scars were everywhere on its body and the blood from the wounds were causing the dripping noises as blood puddles formed in different spots. “What horror!” Kiko कहा as he covered his mouth. Abigail was elated, but also frightened. She slowly approached the body and carefully noticed that it was still breathing. “I think it’s still alive,” She exclaimed as she turned to Kiko. “Come help me.” Kiko wasn’t the kind of person to handle dead bodies या bloody situations such as this, but sense it was an order he had to obey.

Together, they got all of the knives unpinned against the दीवार and the dog’s body. Abigail then slowly carried the body as she laid it on the ground. Blood stained her clothes, but it wasn’t much affecting to her. As she observed the body she then realized that this was the very same dog she encountered last night. “Who could do such a thing to an animal?” Kiko asked as his reaction clearly showed sadness. Abigail didn’t even pay attention to what he said. Her mind was filled with remembrance from last night. She also tried putting the pieces together. She believed that this dog may have had something to do with crime, but it was impossible for her to even dictate. Just then, Kiko told her to observe something astonishing that happened next.

The scars all over the dog’s body were disappearing. The wounds were stitched up tight and vanished. The amount of blood that came from him also disappeared on its own. Both Kiko and Abigail were astonished, surprised, and aroused. “What kind of monstrosity is this thing?!” Abigail exclaimed. Kiko had no idea. Then, the dog opened its eyes as it slowly stood up. It then looked at both Kiko and Abigail. “I thank आप for getting me off that wall.” It spoke. Their reactions were now filled with puzzlement.

The dog eventually revealed itself as Kasey, the super human shape shifter. Kiko was the only one who was familiar with him. “You appeared in a lot of TV promos,” He explained. “So you’re the one who’s been solving all of those cases in our country and everywhere around the world right?” Kasey nodded in response. “It’s flattering to know you’re familiar with me,” He said. “Not many know who I am which is okay.” Abigail wasn’t much in the mood for बिना सोचे समझे talk. She wanted direct answers. “Why were आप chasing that stranger last night?” She asked irrationally. Kasey was surprised द्वारा her attitude, but didn’t think much of it and answered her question. “I had a purpose for chasing that man,” He respond. “See, he’s one of the two goons working for a derange man I know. He calls himself “The Groo” but I don’t know his real name. Anyway, this man is the one who murdered Professor Rimendy and took one of the experiments from the G.R.I.M. building. I am here to put a stop to his goal, which I am uncertain what it is.” Kiko was widely impressed द्वारा everything he explained. Abigail however wasn’t too confident.

“Let me ask आप something else Kasey: Are आप a detective?” He looked at her with puzzlement. “No. Why do आप ask?” This was when Abigail’s attitude got the best of her. “Because a low class fool such as आप could never, ever handle cases like this. Do आप understand? I am the one taking this case and I don’t need someone barging in on it. Go and stay out of my way got it? Unless आप want to take me down which will be the foolish mistake of your life…” Kiko was shocked द्वारा everything she said. Kasey on the other hand felt the opposite. He simply took a sigh and left. “How could आप say such a thing to him?” Kiko asked worriedly. “He can too handle cases like these.” “Knock it off Kiko,” She exclaimed angrily. “I कहा what needed to be कहा alright? He’s not going to solve this case because I am. I don’t let “strangers” do my work for me.” Kiko tried to convince her that he wasn’t just a stranger and that him helping out would be great. Abigail refused to listen and kept walking.

The rest of the evening remained terribly silent for both Abigail and Kiko. Even as they were getting ready for bed, not a single word was spoken from them. As the night moved forward, Abigail had a rough time sleeping. She couldn’t get passed the way she treated Kiko. She decided the best thing to do was apologize. She turned, rose up a little, and nudged him from behind. “Are आप awake Kiko?” She whispered. He moaned a little as he slowly turned to face her. Only his right eye was opened as he respond, “I am now.”

Abigail then apologized for everything she कहा to him and for her behavior. Sense he was a kind spirited person, Kiko accepted her apology and gave her a little pat on her right shoulder. They then shared a good chuckle and giggle together. Before returning to sleep, Kiko then noticed someone creeping behind Abigail. He gasped as a look of fright filled his face and pointed his finger to the direction. Abigail grew confused as she tried to understand what he was pointing at. She then turned and was about to gasp, but was too late as the mysterious figure lunged and grabbed her from both her arms and mouth. She tried to break free but the grasp on the stranger’s hands were too strong. She however got to see Kiko, who was also captured in the same manner. “You two are coming with us!” One of them कहा as he chuckled evilly.

After a road trip, the strangers brought their victims inside an unknown facility. They took the elevator up to the चोटी, शीर्ष and walked through the long hallways until they reached their destination, which was a small room covered द्वारा a large, glassed window in the front. The strangers threw Kiko and Abigail down violently as they rubbed their butts. “What are आप two thinking?! आप are a bunch of idiots for thinking आप can take on a girl like me!” “Shut your mouth!!!” One of the strangers shouted. Abigail did shut her mouth as the sound gave her quite a scare. “So आप two are the ones trying to find what we are up to eh? Wait until our boss gets his hands on आप two clowns.” Abigail protested against what they said.

Soon, the Groo showed himself. Both Abigail and Kiko were astonished द्वारा the man’s appearance. However his chubby body made them cackle a little which irritated him a little. “Laugh at me all आप want, but it’s not going to change what I am going to do to you.” He then slowly circled around them, taking a good look. “Detectives huh? आप look like little children to me. Imagine how your parents must feel to know that आप both are now part of my domain.” “For your information, we don’t have parents,” Abigail exclaimed. “And if anybody should talk it’s me.” He was impressed द्वारा her bravery and attitude. “You probably want to know what G.R.I.M. is really doing don’t you?” He asked. “Well, do you?” Abigail didn’t know what to say.

“Fine. I’ll take that as a yes.” After coughing, he went on explaining the entire history of the company and what its experiments were really capable of. Abigail and Kiko were both surprised and frantic द्वारा the story. “This really is what G.R.I.M. is all about then- to take advantage of citizens and use them as controlled monsters. What cruel ways to save the world!” Just then, a familiar voice was heard. Abigail and Kiko gasped as they remembered. Professor Truman slowly appeared into the light. “Professor Truman!!!” They both shouted. “Yes, it is I,” He respond. “I know, I know. I “was” a good guy but आप see, I have recently become part of this company sense joining forces with Groo and I have not changed my feelings sense.” “But- we trusted you. Why?” Abigail asked with drama. Truman explained that there was और to him than his college degrees and good personality. “I have always despised Professor Remendy…he never took my line of work seriously and was the only one who didn’t want to use the experiments against mankind. So I told Groo to murder him ASAP and that’s how it happened. So आप see little Abigail- I am the real killer.”

Abigail and Kiko gasped with shock. “You idiot! I cannot believe आप would stoop that low and kill a man who believed in the good of the world. Wait until the public hears about this.” Truman and Groo both laughed as Abigail and Kiko stared with confusion. “I’m afraid आप won’t live to tell my dear,” Professor Truman कहा as he got out a needle. “Because आप and Kiko will be the first test subjects.” At this time, Abigail and Kiko were doomed with their lives as there was no way of escape. It looked as if this was their last night.

However, a loud crashing noise was heard, followed द्वारा the shatter of glass. A big, black cat had its head covered but slowly rose up as did its head. Its face was filled with anger as a deep, low growl formed. Kiko recognized the cat as Kasey and knew he would come to their rescue. Professor Truman and Groo growled with anger as they stared at the cat. “Sorry for crashing in,” Kasey said. “But I am here to do two jobs- stop आप and save these two.” Groo told his two henchmen to attack. They brought out their machine बंदूकों and tried to आग him. Little did they realize that he had good reflexes and dodged every bullet from the guns. He eventually leaped on a catwalk that stood a good foot high and disappeared without a trace. Everyone looked around upwards to detect his presence.

All of a sudden, Kasey pounced on the first man, breaking the tip of his weapon with his teeth. The other man positioned his gun to him ready to fire. However, it was already too late as he also pounced and performed a good scratch attack on his face. Both of Groo’s henchmen were defeated. “That tears it!” Professor Truman exclaimed as he struck the needle on his left arm. “I guess I’ll take all the serum myself.” After everything was gone from the needle, the professor started screaming in pain as his entire body started to transform. He grew at lease eleven feet tall, his entire body was colored green, his nails were turned into claws, and his face was deranged like that of a serial killer. Abigail and Kiko were freaked out द्वारा the sight. “I wonder how Kasey’s going to beat this thing,” Kiko कहा as he watched. “You’ll understand what I’m talking about Abigail- he really is unique.” Abigail smiled as he looked at him. She eventually watched Kasey.

Kasey was impressed द्वारा Truman’s form, but it wasn’t enough to scare him. He then used his shape shifting powers to turn himself into a Weretiger. He gave a loud roar when his transformation was completed. Both Abigail and Kiko were shocked द्वारा what he did. The two beasts started their fight द्वारा circling each other up. Kasey then made the first हटाइए द्वारा clawing Truman, but missed द्वारा a long shot. He eventually got to scratch him below his chin when he tried to attack Kasey. Blood gushed from the wound, but healed away quickly. They then engaged in a pushed war force, at which they grabbed each other’s hands and pushed each other to see who would go down first. This went on for a while until Kasey had enough and quickly punched Truman in the stomach with his fist.

When Truman was busy holding his stomach, Kasey punched him again below the chin. This sent him flying through the room until he crashed against the दीवार and slowly fell to the ground. Kasey then charged at him on all fours, but it was too late as Truman already got out of the way resulting in Kasey ramming his head against the wall. Abigail and Kiko shut their eyes when he did and watched with worry. “He can do it! I know he can!” Kiko exclaimed. Abigail didn’t have much to say, but she agreed. While Kasey was passed out, Truman chuckled as he was about to grab the giant monster.

However, he suddenly screamed with agony as Kasey bit his left ankle. Blood poured from the wound and got on Kasey’s teeth and mouth. Truman did everything he could to keep the cat from sinking his teeth farther into his skin. There was nothing he could do however as Kasey then tore off his entire left leg. Abigail and Kiko both covered their eyes as they didn’t want to see all the blood. Truman was moaning in pain as he couldn’t move. Kasey slowly rose back up on his feet as he wiped the blood off his mouth. “Who’s the toughest now Professor?” He asked in a serious tone. While he was weak, Truman gave a slight grin. “This isn’t over Kasey! आप may have defeated me, but G.R.I.M. will live- forever!” He then chuckled like he was insane. Having enough, Kasey then killed him द्वारा biting his throat and then twisting his neck to the left. Truman was dead within seconds.

After the battle was over, Groo shook with fear. His eyes were pointed at Kasey as a look of fear was clearly shown on his face. “You may as well face reality Groo,” Kasey कहा as he stared into his face. “G.R.I.M. is now no longer alive. Enjoy prison while आप can.” The police were able to arrest Groo and his two henchmen. Truman’s body was also recovered, but it was taken to a Japanese laboratory for further research.

Abigail and Kiko were ready to board their plane back to London. However, the received a surprise visit from Kasey, who was actually an Argentaivs. “Look, about what I कहा before- I’m sorry.” Abigail कहा as she looked down sadly. Kasey smiled as he said, “Don’t worry about it. Glade to have been of assistance to you.” “Will we ever meet again?” Kiko asked with wonder. Kasey chuckled as he looked at him. “Maybe so. Destiny will tell us when we will. But आप can bet I’ll be around. Just look for me in the TV promos.” And with that, he flapped his wings as he flew away. Abigail and Kiko waved to him as he flew into the sunset.

When they returned to England, both Abigail and Kiko published the results of the Tokyo case in their treasury of documents. “Kiko, may I ask आप something?” Abigail asked. “Sure,” He respond. “What is it?” “The अगला time we happen to run into Kasey, do आप think we should give him an application?” He was confused द्वारा what she asked. “What I mean is, should we give him a promotion? आप know, to शामिल होइए with us?” He was then able to understand what she explained. “Oh! आप mean get him to शामिल होइए our business? Yes! I like that a lot!”