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 Jesse coming घर
Jesse coming home
आप might ask "Jessica?Why not Snowy या कोको Or-Something else!" Cause my friend Emma had some named कोको and कद्दू and her dog got a hold of them (pray for Emma) so NO खाना names.I also call her Jess या Jesse या MESSY JESSE! She has a two story cage and she flings her सूखी घास, घास and poop out the little bars on the counter! If I put her in a basket of something *SPLAT!* 8 turds roll out at once!Gross. On the upside she pooped on my brother!!GOOD HE DESERVED IT.I प्यार her!She is a girl (You dont say!) I dont know how old she is but we might get her a buddy!!
 Shawn holds Jesse
Shawn holds Jesse
 me and jess
me and jess
posted by MineTurtle5
Just before I start, this is not mine. I found it in a magazine called Wacky But True

Do आप think guinea pigs can laugh? No? Surely their lips twitch. When a guinea pig is really happy, it jumps all around, and this is called popcorning. See if your guinea pig laughs so much at these jokes that he starts popcorning around for you.

Q: What did the अंगूर say when the guinea pig stood on it?
A: Nothing, it just gave out a little wine!
Did it wink then?

Q: When do guinea pigs run away from rain?
A: When it's raining बिल्ली and dogs!
Show any signs of being scared at this joke?

Q: When does a guinea pig...
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Me:Bye guys.Be good!
*Guinea pigs act normal*
*Door shut*
C:He** yes! They're gone!
C:What? I'm so excited! I just cant hide it!
C:Come on lets get out of here!* nibbles on cage door*
P:Oh come on we're not actually going out of the cage are we?
*Cocoa keeps nibbling*
B:God I hate my name...Okay I'm ready.
F:Let me get the balls!*scurries upstairs*
C:Little help?
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posted by kendall7sun
WE dont have enough!! we can do better, i can do better, we all can!lets all talk to the official maker of this site. and ask him/her to make an awsome online chat room for all the fans!!!!!

When we can all talk to each other we will beable to tell eachother wat we think about our प्रशंसक alikes and dislikes. it will be fun, i promise आप and then we will have ppl swarming to this site. soon b4 we know it we will raise it all to the sky and will go beyond. And a message to all yo Guinea pig Haters" Get a FrIEnd या DO someThing with yo life"
posted by GigglesD
She gave birth at 5 weeks old.. and she died today. She was a good guinea pig, had the most wonderful pups, Otis, Slagathore, and Petunia. She loved to be held, and how did he pass? Well she got sick, got tinier and tinier until eventually her death came. She's in a better place, where she can see और animals. Maybe she'll see Gracey and Ariel, our other guinea pigs that passed a few years back. They were good pets too, and I'd talk about my other pets but that would be out of subject of the club, so yeah. Milo, R.I.P., we'll miss आप very much, and we hope आप have a great time in that guinea pig cage in the sky.
posted by guineaminmin123
Gorge and charlie seamed to be wanting और attention in the spot light so I decided that I would get them out for half an घंटा and take some चित्रो it had a professional background hope आप enjoy these pictures आप are great!!!! :)
Wait I have not done I need to explain about those green beans well. My brother put some beans on their back and they started eating them so I just let them it dosent mater because. For guineapigs they are edible.

All they eat is everyday vegetables and सूखी घास, घास not forgetting pelets sometimes I give them muisley spesialy made for guinea pigs of corse so hope आप enjoyed my लेख bye bye
posted by Guineapigkin
Many a time a cute guinea has grossed out its owner द्वारा picking up its own poop and ate it right there. Don't worry this is a normal healthy habit amongst guinea pigs and should not be discouraged. This habit is called cophrology. Guinea pigs release two different types of dung. One type is the one we all know which is just solid waste. The other type which guinea pigs excrete is called caecotrophs. These caecotrophs contain water, vitamins and protein. Guinea pigs excrete caecotrophs because they cannot chew thier खाना fully and thereby required to digest thier खाना a सेकंड time. Isn't that खाना for thought.
posted by ApolloPig
The guinea pig या 'cavy' is a species of rodent in the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.

Despite being called 'guinea pigs' they are not in the pig family या from Guinea.

Guinea pigs live on average for 4 - 5 years but sometimes as long as 8 years.

The guinea pig is an important creature for many indigenous South American people, especially as a खाना source. But also for customary medicine या religious ceremonies.

Guinea pigs purr when they are happy, often, like a cat it is when they are being held या petted. They make a whistle noise when they are excited, usually on seeing their owner या when its feeding time.