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This Greyson Chance वॉलपेपर contains हस्ताक्षर, पोस्टर, पाठ, चॉकबोर्ड, साइन, and साइन इन करें. There might also be चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, and क्लोज़अप.

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He is very talented
he is really Grexy
He plays the पियानो really well
he sings good
and hes funny
and how he flips hes hair!!!
:) well commet what आप प्यार about greyson btw part 3 of my story is coming either अगला week probally
please प्रशंसक me :) and fave my storys well bye bye bye:) :) :) :) and please प्रशंसक my club and yeah i hope आप like my storys so bye enchancers:P btw i प्यार hes voice and how he sings and hes hair my सूची can go on and on and on and on and on well bye again sorry फैन्पॉप told me to make this longer so yeah please प्रशंसक me i प्यार Greyson :) :3 <3 :P
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