Phoenix- a car manufactured द्वारा Pontiac

Trident (that Poseidon carries)- a brand of gum

Titan- a model of full-sized trucks manufactured द्वारा Nissan

Trojan- a brand of condoms

Hermes- Hermes bags/purses. Hermes is also the logo of FTD flowers

Atlas- Atlas, a book of maps

Ajax- Ajax, the लोकप्रिय household cleanser

Apollo- a car manufactured द्वारा Buick
Versace- the logo for Versace is actually a representation of Medusa

Olympus- company that manufactures cameras

Starbuck's- the logo of Starbuck's is a Siren

कबूतर soap- कबूतर soap was inspired द्वारा Aphrodite's symbol the dove, and Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty, among other things

Odyssey- Odyssey, a minvan manufactured द्वारा Honda

Echo- a car manufactured द्वारा Toyota.

Electra- a car manufactured द्वारा Buick

Eos- a परिवर्तनीय manufactured द्वारा Volkswagen


Argus- Argus Security

Pegasus- Pegasus Satellite

Orion- Orion Pictures Corporation

Midas- Midas the automotive company specializing in brakes and mufflers


Apollo- the Apollo Theater in NYC and also the Apollo अंतरिक्ष Program

Atlas- Atlas वैन, वान Lines, a moving company