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Skate/Chair: Heartbeat

The Fight Song - Chuck/Dan

Chuck and Blair - Blind

Chuck बास is a Womanizer

Blair/Serena * I Learned From आप

Blair Waldorf * Dancing क्वीन

Blair Waldorf * Lucky

Chuck/Blair * Starts With Goodbye

Breathe Me - Haley/Blair

Dan/Serena * The Beauty & The Tragedy

Dan Humphrey/GG Girls * Cupid's Chokehold

Chuck/Blair/Nate * Forgive Me

Nate/Serena * Into The Night

Chuck/Blair * Hands On Me

Chuck/Blair * Never Alone

Gossip Girl Cast * All In All

Gossip Girl Cast * Let It Be

Dan/Serena- दिखाना Me What I'm Looking For

The Non Judging Breakfast Club - We Are Broken

Whatever it Takes - Blair/Chuck

Gossip Girl - Oops I did it again - Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl - Hometown Glory - Blair/Chuck

Tonight ~ Blair & Chuck ~ Gossip Girl

Blair & Serena ~ Fuck आप

Chuck बास - Dream on

Nate/Vanessa--Crush (preview)

Serena/Blair * F*ck आप

Jenny/Blair * Keeps Getting Better

Blair Waldorf * So What

CB * I'm Not Missing आप

Chuck/Blair * Maybe

Gossip Girl Cast * Dirty Rich

Blair/Dean * Wonderwall

Dan/Serena * All The Same

Vanessa/Nate/Catherine * Everything I'm Not

CB * Honey Honey

Chuck/Blair * I Wanna प्यार आप

Gossip Girl * Damaged

Jenny/Nate * There's Nothing

CB * Ok I Believe आप

Chuck/Blair * Mirror

Blair Waldorf * Cold

Chuck/Blair/Jenny * 4 Ever

Chair: The Man Who Can't Be Moved

Gossip Girl Opening Credits (Great Escape)

Gossip Girl: Our Lives

Gossip Girl: The Memory Will Never Die

Serena/Dan-Look After आप

Gossip Girl: The Great Escape

Serena/Dan: Element

Gossip Girl: Inside Your Heaven

Gossip Girl: Stay With आप

Gossip Girl: Justify

Gossip Girl: I प्यार आप

Gossip Girl: Come घर

Gossip Girl: The Closer I Come to आप

Serena/Blair-We Used to be फ्रेंड्स

Chair-She's So High

Look What आप Have Done-Nair

Chair-You'll Ask For Me

Gossip Girl-Dirty Little Secret

Blair/Serena - 9 Crimes

Survivor (Serena वैन, वान der Woodsen)

Closer [Chuck/Blair]

Chuck & Blair: "I'd Lie"

Memories...Chuck and Nate!

Blair/Nate/Serena - Who's that girl

Oh Maria - Blair Waldorf

Blair & Chuck - We

Nate & Vanessa

Blair/Chuck- लॉस्ट Along The Way

Gossip Girl - Serena and Blair 2x06 Part 2

Gossip Girl - Serena and Blair 2x06 Part 1

Leighton Meester on The Tyra Banks दिखाना

Blair/Nate/Serena-When It Rains

Chuck/Blair-Let Me प्यार आप

Chuck/Blair-I'd Do Anything



Chair-Tangled Up In Me

Chair-With या Without आप

Gossip Girl-The Adventure

Blair/Chuck-Dare आप to हटाइए

Blair/Chuck-Just So आप Know

Dan/Serena-Just the Girl

Blair/Chuck-All या Nothing

Chuck/Blair-Over My Head

Blair/Chuck-With Me

Lily/Rufus-It's Not Over

Gossip Girl - On my way

Chuck/Blair-2 Hearts

Dan/Blair-Wherever आप Will Go

Lily/Rufus-Last Night on Earth

Blair/Chuck-The Blower's Daughter


Blair/Dan-Can't Help But Wait


Chuck/Blair-Nicest Thing

Gossip Girl - Blair Waldorf - When I Grow Up

Blair Waldorf (So What)