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 blair and her new boyfriend
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A/N: So, I’ve decided to admit to myself that perhaps I am addicted to updating this story. Still no homework done…*sigh* this story will be the end of me, I AM SURE OF IT! Lucky for आप though, आप will me entertained in my demise. *hums thoughtfully*Anyways! I hope आप are enjoying this story, though honestly I’m not sure if my last chapter was one of my best…must’ve been the lack of drama, though like myself I’m sure आप all did not mind the excessive CB fluff. Hahahah. XD Well, I am off to write! =D
*I own nothing! If I did, well….let’s just say CB would be in a much happier...
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A/N: My first Ed/Leighton fanfic! YAY! XD

So, earlier, I saw what Ed कहा about the first time he met Leighton, and I think I fell in प्यार with E/L even और (if that’s even possible, hehe). Anyways, I decided to write this, and I do have to warn you: it’s kinda sweet to begin with, then a little later it gets kinda smutty and sexual, so if आप don’t like smut या sex in fics, I recommend आप either don’t read this या just skip that part. ;)

Oh! Also, I’d like to dedicate this to my bestestest buddy, Margot. प्यार you, M! And don’t ever forget that! <3


She laughed. God, her laugh...
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