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Gossip girl has adopted a cloned feature of single streamed story-lines, without any real development या substance. Characters develop overnight personalities and the actual 'Gossip Girl' is now used to relay simple jokes, that we could actually do without, as her story is unexplained. It leaves me wondering whether या not the writers personally chose these stories to insult प्रशंसक intelligence, या if they are carrying this series down a road where inspiration has लॉस्ट it's taste.

I used this episode as the final decision maker behind this conclusive realization. This would possibly be my final...
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 Tragedy of revelation.
Tragedy of revelation.
Chair Tales S02E21- Daddy दिन Care

It has been a week since Bella, Zach and Pheobe were Christened. Blair and Eric were named God parents to Pheobe and Zach. Serena and Dan were named God Parents for Bella.

Blair has come to Serena's house. She has had to drop Bella off to the hospital for a check up and observation.
Blair is upset and sits with Serena on a sofa. Lilly is still at Serena's house and is leaving for घर later today. She is talking on the phone near by.

B: I dont know what to do any more.....i think im losing her.
S: Hey...(puts her hand on Blair's) we've been through this before...we...
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