गोसिप गर्ल 100th ep.. Louis, Chair, Dair - SHOCK?!

ramyy posted on Feb 01, 2012 at 12:08PM
At first I was like WHAT!

I am a Chair shipper, I've always been and always will be, but when Blair first met Louis and the fourth season was kept pushing Chair out of picture, I even could get myself to like Louis, since I saw no hope for Chair. Blouis brought so much emotional, heartbreaking Chair scenes and the 'G.G.' was the top of everything for me somehow...
I have no idea where writers want to go with this, but I guess many fans are loosing temper by now.

Dair shippers are happy, because after the wedding she ran to Dan, but (and I don't want to hurt anyone) isn't that what she had always done in the last episodes when feeling low? They maybe close to each other, but I can't imagine it could be more between them. Since it's Gossip Girl, I considered the thought that they might sleep together sometime for some reason, but I don't think writers would do that after all. It would ruin many things, especially Chair.

And Louis... just OMG! Who is he? Louis Skywalker? C'mon... I guess GG seriously blows the Prince Charming girldreams. Or is it simply going for some real life? It's pretty tough though. I mean the last thing I expected was him to turn out like this evil.
I never really liked him, but he was likable and he seemed kind. Now I'm simply sick of him and I want to punch his face. This was low for him. Or not? Who knows. I'm kind of worried about Blair now.
What do you think?

Chair... I never lose hope. I don't know how they're gonna make this out, but they're definitely going to be together one way or another. Dair will still bring some emotion for them, and Louis... After 'G.G.' I can imagine anything he would do to break Blair from Chuck. Even if they will be strangers for one another - as he said himself, I don't think he would let her ruin his image by getting on the covers with either Chuck or Dan. After all, they are married for the outside. Would he let that slip after the scandalous wedding?
Again, what do you think?

I think writers bring back Derena for a reason. To me, this is just a way to part Dan from Blair later. They'll still be friends, but if Serena falls for Dan again, well, I don't think they would have to fight for him with Blair. If he got together with Blair, it would be short-lived. There are other two, just a reminder. Chuck surely wouldn't let her fall for Dan if he gets a chance to get her back from the evil prince.

And to say something about Georgina... She to be Gossip Girl? Definitely not. Writers are tricky, there must be some twist. Many of contradictions. If she's not Gossip Girl, the question is still open: who is?

Uh... I wrote a lot. This is all that came to my mind in a rush. If what I wrote isn't understandable sometimes, I'm sorry, English is not my native. I had to share my thoughts so, otherwise I would go crazy, I guess. :) And I'm curious about other opinions.

Tell me what you think. Was 'G.G.' the century's biggest disappointment to you or are you satisfied enough?

One last question... Seriously, are there any Blouis shippers left? - if ever were so many... If so, well, they must have a dark sense of humor - again, not to hurt anyone.

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