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Story: "Don’t leave me behind"

Author: ana-12.

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip girl या used songs.

Summary: Chuck is going to leave New York for good after he saw Blair with Nate. Will Blair see who she really has तितलियों for and what if it’s too late?

So this is my सेकंड fic this time not script style. I will update “Season of love” soon – I have it half done. Here is first chapter, please tell me what आप think and if I should continue.

“Even though she doesn't believe in love,
He's determined to call her bluff
Who could deny these butterflies?
They're filling his gut.”
" Remembering Sunday" All time low


“This thing between us, it’s over. For good,”

“Blair, wait—I didn’t mean—”

“Don’t talk to me!”


Chuck stood at the stairs watching his Blair with Nate. Yeah if only she was mine. She never was. I’m pathetic. What was I thinking that she’ll choose me over her Prince Charming? Like that would ever happen. Besides I’m Chuck Bass. I don’t do this feelings thing. I screw over and leave behind. I don’t care about a girl after I slept with her. Even if it’s Blair Waldorf. Fuck who am I trying to fool? I have feelings for her, maybe always had. If I could only stop thinking about her. How she looked on stage at Victrola, how amazing was चुंबन her in my limo, feel her against me. And this time after her birthday party which lucky for me Nate missed was best in my life. I never felt something like this before. Butterflies. Too bad it seems like I can’t murder them. Believe me I tried. So I let them stay and started meeting with Blair. It felt amazing – having her for myself, चुंबन and touching whenever I wanted to. Everything was going great and than of course Nathaniel had to decide that he missed her. Sure everyone knows he doesn’t प्यार her still he’s always golden boy. Perfect son and boyfriend. Perfect gentleman. Of course Blair took him back. It was obvious since he came to see her after dance practice and interrupt us.

“You were pretty hot out in Prince Theodore’s arms today,”

“Is that what I am to you, just an accessory?”

“Next to him, yes… On me, you’d be so much more…”

“Yes, but I can’t be on you, remember? Cause आप don’t want Nate to find out and I don’t want anyone to… And आप have to learn how to behave yourself first.”

“Miss Blair, Mr. Nate for you!”

“I’ll go see what he wants.”

“What are आप doing here, Nate?”

“Well, I... Look, after rehearsal I just, I couldn't stop thinking about you. I mean, the ball’s something we’ve talked about doing together since we were ten years old… And I’ve दिया आप every reason to hate me.”

“True. Keep going.”

“And the prince… He’s, आप know, a great dancer and all… But is there any chance you’d go with me instead? For old times sake?”

“Nate, after what आप pulled on my birthday, the only thing we should be doing together is moving on.”

“Yeah, I know… Look, I haven’t worn this sweater in like forever, and I just pulled it out today and I found this.”

“It’s my pin. I sued it there so you’d always have my दिल on your sleeve. The Prince will understand. Maybe we should go to the ball together... as friends.”


“But only as friends.”

“Just friends.”

After they ended taking details she came back and started where we ended. I so wanted to किस her back, but I couldn’t forget about their “as friends” date. So I had to get it over with. She has to choose one way या another and stop fooling with me.

“So where were we?”

“You were saying that you’ll go with me to the Cotillion.”

“What? We talked about this Chuck. No one can find out.”

“Why? Because it would ruin your perfect plan to get back together with Nate?”

“What? I’m not going to do that.”

“Sure. So why did आप agree?”

“To what?”

“To go with him.”

“As friends.”

“Please we both know how it will end.”

“And how if I can ask?”

“You and Nathaniel will be back to your fake lovely couple before end of the ball.”

“We won’t.”

“Yes आप will. Well I’ll go than. Good luck.”

“Chuck wait. It’s not true.”

“Yeah? We both know this thing between us means nothing to you.”

“No I…”

“You?... That’s what I thought.”

Sure we made up – the sex was amazing – but I’ve should know than it was over. Actually it couldn’t be over, because it wasn’t really relationship. So what that I was right and it really meant nothing to her? She just doesn’t like to be alone. So since Nate wasn’t coming she was with me and now he’s back I can go fuck myself. That’s really it. I was fuck to her. Guess after all this years of अभिनय like that it happened to me. Whatever. I was planning to go to Monaco soon so I can as well leave now. Not like someone will be worried, no one will probably notice. And maybe I should stay longer? Yes it’s actually pretty good idea as what’s the point in coming back? To watch Blair all over Nate या listen to his stories about their night? I’m sure I will soon forget about her there with all my pre-Blair life I always enjoyed in Monaco. I won’t remember her smell, her hair, her lips. God I प्यार her smell, her hair, her lips, her. I प्यार her. I can’t प्यार her. She’s Nate’s. Always have always will be. With this thought I went to reception, took something to लेखन and wrote a letter. I’m not really letters type. I never wrote one before. Seems like Waldorf is first for many things. I was planning to leave it there, but I spotted Serena and Humphrey all in kisses leaving the hotel.


“Chuck? Where’s Blair?”

“With Nathaniel.”

“Oh I’m sorry.”

“Doesn’t matter. Can आप give her this?” I gave her my letter.

“What’s that?”

“I had something to say to her since I don’t think I’ll see her soon.”

“What? Why?”

“I’m leaving to Monaco.”

“This can’t wait to after Christmas?”

“I don’t think I will be here than.”


“Just give it to her.”

“Oh ok.”

“Bye” I nodded at them.

“Bye Chuck.”

Serena looked at Dan with worry. “You think he won’t come back?” he asked.

“I’m afraid. I don’t know what may happened. Blair looked happy with him. I didn’t know she wanted to get back with Nate.”

“Maybe she changed her mind या Chuck did something.”

“Yes maybe. Dan…”



“I know आप want to find her. So go.”

She kissed him. “Thanks you’re best boyfriend ever.”

“I know. I wait here?”

“Ok. I’ll be back soon.” with last किस Serena ran upstairs to find her best friend.
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