Artie's P.O.V
i was walking around the headquarters(yes,Artie can walk)waiting for the 5 lucky(yeah lucky)people and their friend/family when Mercedes walked in and कहा "are आप going to do anything else than walk about the main room?""yeah""what?""ehhh... lets see im पढ़ना this book"i कहा as i quickly grabbed a book "oh your पढ़ना 'bow ties and braces'?""yeah everyone loves them""ok whatever but the avengers will be walking through that door well elevator any second""so""so get ready to be nice and put that book your 'reading' down""ok whatever" i put the book down and waited for 10 और मिनटों still no-one "we may be waiting a while" i कहा then bamm the elevator opened and a guy with a mohawk and an asian guy walked in the room.

puck's P.O.V
i walk in this room where a black girl and a nerd where standing i कहा not impressed "is this the headquarters""yes and आप are?"said the guy"i am puck""Noah be nice"said mike "i will try""so आप must be mike and his friend या brother?"said the girl "he is my friend and is not as आप would say polite""that's ok well im Artie and this is Mercedes""nice to meet..."before mike could finish a hot blonde and a sexy latina walked through into the im guessing main room.

Brittany's P.O.V
i कहा to Santana "wait are आप going to be a unicorn? because that would be awesome""no Britt-Britt im not going to be a unicorn"then i saw a cute guy ,a woman ,a weird guy with a head hog on his head and a hot asian या chinese man "wait" i कहा "is that a head hog how cute""no Britt its never mind yeah its a head hog" then when i wasn't looking she gave him a go along with it look "ok" he कहा "im Noah but please call me puck""hello there i said"then the cute on spoke "im Artie this is Mercedes and mike"he कहा while pointing to them "im Santana and this is Brittany she isn't the smartest फूल in the filed""wait im a flower?""well her and puck have a lot in common don't आप puck?""huh?""see""well mike is it"he nodded"tell Noah she taken "wait द्वारा who"puck कहा "me""hot""puck be quiet" कहा mike "no its ok"said San "so me and San are dolphins cause they are gay sharks"everyone looked confused at me "ok well i guess we better wait for the others" कहा artie

Kurt's P.O.V
Me and quinn walk in the room "you must be quinn and.."said a girl "I'm Kurt""nice to meet आप this is artie mike puck Santana Brittany and I'm Mercedes"she कहा while pointing to them when she कहा there name "cool"said quinn "are आप a dolphin?" कहा a brittany"no...""oh because dolphins are gay sharks""oh well then yes"I कहा a bit confused "ignore her"said Santana "hey hot stuff" puck कहा to quinn "get away from me""fine then if आप don't want all this""no I don't" mike just stood there while san and Britt talked puck and quinn argued and Mercedes and artie talked I walked over to mike and कहा "hey""hey" he कहा back and before I could answer we had another guest.

Rachel's P.O.V
"Uhhh Finn this place is disgusting""it ok" my boyfriend answered "hello" कहा a blonde "hello I'm Rachel Barbra berry""quinn fabrey""oh so आप must be Finn I'm artie""hey" कहा Finn "I'm Kurt" कहा a guy "I'm puck" कहा another "mike""Mercedes""Santana and this is Brittany""well hello to all of you""question are आप single" कहा puck "no" I answered "Finn here is my boyfriend" the Latina Santana answer "why would आप want to go out with her anyway she has a huge nose""hey leave her alone"Finn कहा "it's ok Finn" then two people walked through the door "oh our last people" artie said.

Tina's P.O.V
Sam walked in first and कहा "hello looks like we are the last ones?""yeah आप are I'm artie""well I'm Sam and this is my sister tina"I waved to shy to talk "I'm Santana call me san this Is my gf Brittany call her Britt"he smiled I just stood there "I'm mike" कहा a handsome hot tina that's enough the another guy कहा "I'm puck and आप are hot""hey"said Sam "sorry it's true"then mike hit him playfully "I'm quinn and this is Kurt" "and I'm Mercedes" then another guy walked in the room through a door on the other end of the room and walked over to us "looks like I wasn't invited to the party"he smiled "I'm kidding and I'm Blaine" then he told us all to sit and we were going to introduce our selves.