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This गर्ल्स जेनरेशन/एस एन एस डी चित्र contains संगीत कार्यक्रम, गिटारवादक, गिटार खिलाड़ी, and गिटार प्लेयर. There might also be ढंढोरची and ढोलकिया.

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Girls' Generation's Sunny gives सलाह about breast implants

Sunny and other guests were asked द्वारा a viewer whether she should use her entire savings in order to augment her chest या to go off on a trip to Europe. Though Park Ji Yoon and comedian Kim Sook advised that it was best that she spend her money on surgery, Sunny took the other side.

The Girls' Generation member said, "I think it's better to go to Europe. When आप go to Europe, you'll see a lot of people who wear clothing that works for them regardless of breast size. I think it's better to go to युरोप and gain और confidence as well as experience. I think natural is better."

What do आप think of Sunny's advice?
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I remembered that I occasionally did these for the members, and this is no exception, दिया the current situation. Let's begin!

Ah, Jessica. While I'd like to say that I प्यार her as much as the other members, I can't. Don't get me wrong, I still प्यार all of them, but some are just higher than others. No big deal, but I'm speaking the truth when I say that I don't प्यार her as much as the rest. Out of all the members, she's the only one that never became my bias, which is surprising for me since I thought I could relate और to her, since we had lots in common.

The reason why I thought I could...
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posted by pretty_angel92
Uff....sorry for being so late. i was busy xD

so, let's begin

Number 9-Jessica
Hmmm, what a good way to start. Let's see...She had octupus hair, the bangs were atrocious, her face was nothing special and the hat was rididiculous
Yep, moving on...

Number 8-Hyoyeon
Hyoyeon's fugly hairstyles continued in this MV. And she also had a fugly hat.
Well, at least she looked better, compared to चुंबन you.

Number 7-Yoona
So plain
What else can i say?

Number 6-Seohyun
Pretty hair at last. But her face...
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