गर्ल्स जेनरेशन/एस एन एस डी Post-A-Pic (Round 2)

Sky_Yoon posted on May 09, 2014 at 06:13AM
Hi there everyone! I am starting this game again... but a little different.

Earlier there was 3 winners but this time there will be only 1 winner with the best picture.

- 10 props!!!

- Cannot upload the same pic twice
- can edit your picture


Snsd member magazine photoshoot

- Tippany

Snsd member peace sign
- snsdlover4ever

Jessica in gown
- usuitakumi77


SeoHyun icon pic
- snsd_hyo

Taeyeon Selca (Round is Open)

Sunny Eating

Your bias wearing a hat

Your bias in white dress
Your bias in a mv

Your bias crying :'(

The game starts now!
Anyone can participate.... Thank u.
Hope u enjoy it......
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