Previously wrote is about SNSD / Girls' Generation member Taeyeon and her possible departure as leader of the group on SBS Kang Shim Jang / Strong Heart. Well, the episode has finally aired.

On the December 15th episode, Taeyeon talked about how it's so hard to control all 9 people as leader, it's a burden. She also stated that she's a very sensitive person so it's even harder for her to manage. She also talked about an incident.

The incident was where the girls gathered together for a 5 मिनट talk / meeting. During this talk, everyone looked at her and asked her why she's not talking with the rest of the group lately. They said, "What's up with you?" Which caused Taeyeon to go to her room and start crying. Sooyoung went into Taeyeon's room and wanted to console and talk to her. During this chat, Taeyeon said, "Ok, that's it. SNSD will no longer have a leader." When they shared this information with the rest of the girls, the girls all agreed and कहा that's fine / cool. They already assumed as if the group were अभिनय without an official leader anyways. Taeyeon then कहा to the audience, "I thought the girls were going to say... NO! Please still be our leader but they didn't..." After she कहा that the audience had a big laugh. However, as they continued talking the members eventually कहा that Taeyeon should still be leader, but it seems she has a heavy burden on her shoulders as leader.

After this, Eun Jin Won aka G-One called her out द्वारा saying, "Taeyeon already knows she's still going to be leader, nothings going to change."

After that, there were some jokes headed towards Taeyeon, confirming that Taeyeon isn't stepping down but rather, she was just thinking about doing so. Hopefully the girls help her out in the near future so it's not so much of a burden.

Watch the video here: