Since i never wrote an लेख about this, i think now is the right time xD

note: If Jessica was still in SNSD, she would be in my bottom 2. maybe even my least favorite

Number 8-Sunny

I freakin' knew this would happen eventually. so yes, Yoona stans, आप can celebrate, because your bias isn't my least प्रिय member anymore
Just so आप know, Sunny used to be my third favorite. I thought she was cute and silly and i had fun watching her on variety shows.
But ever since 2013 that she comes as a bit of a try-hard to me. everything about her feels forced and she just doesn't interest me anymore. Truth to be told, when i'm watching a new SNSD release, i end up forgetting Sunny is in the group. and when she appears in the MV, all i can say is "OMG i didn't even realize she was missing"
there's also the fact that i think Sunny doesn't care about SNSD anymore. she's one of the most forgetabble on stage, and when she actually tries to be memorable she comes off as ridiculous to me. I don't know if it's just me, but everytime Sunny tries to be sexy and opens her mouth while looking at the camera, it just makes me laugh. I have nothing against her, but i don't think she सूट्स sexy concepts AT ALL.
but even in mature and cute concepts, there's no charisma and she often makes mistakes. even her expression looks bored
plus, i think she's the least talented member, now that Jessica is gone. she doesn't even excel in anything
Oh well, i guess that's all i have to say about Sunny.

Number 7- Yoona

Wanna know something shocking? when i first met SNSD, Yoona was my सेकंड favorite. wow, things really do change...
The reason i dislike Yoona is mainly because of some of her actions in the past, like calling Jessica an octopus या lifting Tiffany's स्कर्ट in the middle of the stage, when she clearly knew everyone was watching it.
आप could tell she definitelly grew up mentally and yes i have to agree. However, there's nothing about her that makes me truly appreciate her. except maybe those charity campaigns. but that's the only thing i can think about right now. When i ask people why Yoona is their bias, EVEN THEY DON'T KNOW exactly why. they say "oh she's nice and pretty" and i'm like "are आप serious? so what are the other members? rude and ugly?"

don't get me wrong, i think everyone's entitled to their own opinion and it's totally fine if Yoona is their bias. but i just wanted SOMEONE to tell what they REALLY like about her. what were the things that made them stan her, aside from being nice and pretty

Anyway, there isn't much else to talk about, really. Yoona just bores me, in general. they say she's funny, i don't think so, they say she's super talented, i don't think so, they say she improved on her गाना tremendously, i think she sounds the yeah, i guess it's a matter of preference

Number 6-Seohyun

Seohyun is one if those girls that might not be that interesting at first sight and yes i know she's very boring in variety shows. but what made me start to appreciate Seohyun was her kindeness and wise words. she's also very hardoworking and passionate for eveything she does. she's sweet and gentle and cares for her unnies so much. She's one of the most talented members. there's no reason to hate Seohyun. i bet she's a really nice friend in real life
sadly, she lacks in being funny and और interesting to me and that's why can't be higher

Number 5-Yuri

oh, Yuri.....and to think that आप used to be my सेकंड fave just 2 years ago....
Altough Yuri is trying to gain her fame back this साल (with all those variety shows) she's not the same Yuri i fell in प्यार with . she's not that funny या charistmatic on stage anymore and, much like Sunny, she doesn't seem to care about SNSD. she's looking और quiet and bored and tbh, Yuri is the first member that comes to my mind, when i think of the word "fake"
i don't know her, obviously, so it's unfair to assume things like these. but i can't help it.
Anyway, my interest for Yuri is slowly fading away but she's in my चोटी, शीर्ष 5 because i still have hope of seeing the old Yuri back. the dorky and extrovert Yuri.

Number 4-Tiffany

Ok, i'll just start out द्वारा saying what i don't like about Tiffany (and i'm sure most people don't like either)
Yes, i do agree that she's an attention seeker. and she likes to be the center of attention TOO MUCH.
she started to be like this ever since TTS was created.which tbh, it doesn't surprise me. it sorta feels like the fame went through her head. TTS is a successful subunit and she feels like a superior member because of that.
i also don't like the fact that she screams on live performances. well, let me rephrase that: i have no problem in her screaming, as long as it's not interfearing in the other members' lines.... which is exactly what she does. and that's really disrespectful. i understand that she might be too hyper and wants to keep the crowd alive, but it's still quite annoying

what i don't agree though is when people say she's rude and selfish. i honestly don't see that. which now leads me to the things i like about Tiffany
first of all, i think she's very talented, altough many people don't seem to see it that way. she's obviously hardworking, no matter what आप say. she might not be the most wonderful singer but i can see she's trying to improve everytime. and she worked for all those lines she gets even if it's too annoying and unfair, when we think about the other members' lines
and tbh, when it comes to dancing, she at least tries. unlike Sunny, former member Jessica and sadly, Yuri

selfish and rude? i don't think so. Tiffany might have her flaws, but i can see she loves the other members very much. she's nice to them and supports them too. heck, if it wasn't for her, SHY wouldn't be as well known as it is now

i just can't hate Tiffany

Number 3-Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon is really enjoyable. she has a great personality. she's funny, extrovert, charismatic and straight आगे (this one might come off as a bad thing to some Sones, because her words can be quite rude, even though she's just joking)
Hyoyeon is also seen as a very violent girl and i disagree. yes, she might be violent sometimes, but....VERY? not at all. in fact, she can be just as sweet, but that just isn't part of her personality. she's not all lovey dovey on camera, but who knows how she behaves in real life? i think she has a good heart.
personally, i'm never bored with Hyoyeon. and i admire her for still being this strong woman, despite the way SM treats her, she barely gets any lines in songs and even though she's the main dancer, it's pretty rare to see her in the middle of the choreography.
but despite all this, she always keeps that awesome smile. she's just wonderful

Number 2- Taeyeon

it seems like having Taeyeon so high these days, gets a little controversial.
most of them hate her या put her in the bottom of the सूची for many reasons
-they claim she's a bad leader
-they claim she's rude, cold and too serious
-they claim she was the one who kicked Jessica out

and i'm sure there's more....

I have to say that the reason Taeyeon is my सेकंड fave is because i relate to her. and i honestly DO LIKE HER. despite what everyone says

i don't think she's a good leader. but i don't think she's BAD either. she might not be as supportive as other के पॉप leaders. या keeping the members united. but i think she does a decent job at other stuff

rude? cold? too serious?
no offense but when Jessica had the same cold and rude expression on her face, everyone called her a princess so i think it's quite hypocrite to say Taeyeon is the कुतिया, मतलबी instead.
and i don't know if आप ever heard of this, but Taeyeon was and probably still is under depression. and please, if आप NEVER experienced depression, then don't judge her. she might look rude या cold sometimes, but have आप ever wondered that she might be having a realy bad day? that she might be feeling miserable deep inside? that she might be feeling some kind of anxiety at that precise moment, which is NEVER good?
i was in the same situation. well, quite frankly, i still am a bit, but luckily, i feel so much better. i was in a HUGE depression during 2013/2014. it wasn't easy. and sometimes i still have anxiety attacks. and to those who never experienced a real anxiety attack, well, basically, it feels like you're going to die. and आप suddenly start pushing people out of the way, even the ones closest to you. आप start treating them like garbage even though आप don't mean it

so, to know that Taeyeon is still in the group and commited to it, is something really brave. i honestly, couldn't held the pressure, knowing how hard it is to be a के पॉप idol. and the struggles आप have to endure.

even worse, if you're the LEADER, आप have even और responsabilities

आप probably also noticed how Taeyeon only seems to be close to 3 members: Tiffany, Sunny and Sooyoung.
people who suffer from depression have a really hard time to open up to someone. and they suddenly become और introvert too.
but despite all that, Taeyeon still manages to smile and have fun. not all the time, of course. but it's a sign that she's trying to get better

anyway, there's also other reasons why i like Taeyeon.
she's very talented and i find her funny too

Number1- Sooyoung

No surprise here, LOOOL
Sooyoung is my bias since the दिन i met SNSD. i have to admit and say that at first i noticed her और than the others because she attracted me at first sight. but after that, i started to watch Hello baby and i fell in प्यार with her personality. that was the time i कहा "yup, she's my official bias"
everything about Sooyoung is likeable, imo. she has a दिल of gold, i प्यार how she uses her money for charitty. and she also loves the other members too and treats them like their daughters. even though some of them are older than her. i think she and Seohyun are the ones that conect the group.
i प्यार her speeches, her iconic कोट्स and her determination for what she does.
she's in my opinion, the most well rounded and talented member. there isn't one thing she's bad at, tbh. not even singing. and btw, her improvement in this area is finally getting noticed.

on stage, i प्यार her confidence and presence. she stands out easily and i feel like she gives her everything, everytime. even when she's feeling sick या hurt

oh, did i mention how funny she is? and the best part is that she doesn't try too hard to be funny, she just naturally is.
she's also kind, friendly, supportive and smart

oh man, i could go on and on. and i feel like there's still too many things i didn't mention. but it's better if i stop here

Sooyoung is and always will be my SNSD bias <333
and one of my TWO ultimate के पॉप biases (the other one being Apink's Eunji)

are आप excited for Catch me if आप can?
i sure am *___*