Before anything this is just an लेख about Sunny, but I won't be rude, hard या hurtful, so let's go. And please don't kill me Sunshiners.

Sunny is a member that was one of my favourites when I first see Run Devil Run last summer. She caught my eyes and although she is 7 in my bias सूची I keep paying attention and I'm really dissapointed.

So Sunny is one of the lead vocalist of SNSD, she has the technique although I don't like her voice so much, less when she does aegyo sing. I like her voice when it's recorded and live, I think that she is one of the best live singers (don't kill me).

But the problem is that Sunny since IGAB isn't even trying. They've done their Mr Mr promotions and they are making their concerts in Japan. Now आप are asking yourself what is this guy talking about?

Well the thing is that during Mr Mr promotions Sunny was totally outshined to start, which can be the problem, and she stopped dancing like before. The Sunny that danced like a monster (in the good way) in IGAB is not there in Mr Mr. I told to myself, don't worry it's just a performance. No. It wasn't a performance, everything was like this. She had some good dance thought, but just when she is singing.

And then the performed चुंबन You, after 6 years. I know that this was just for fun, but come on Sunny if आप don't want dance is a thing because आप are a singer, but please at least sing, don't let the background Sunny sing alone.

And the thing that made me feel angry and dropped Sunny from 5 to 7 in my bias list, and maybe will go to 9, is their Japanese concerts. I can't call what Sunny is doing dancing. I haven't seen that lazyness before in Sunny. When they make their dance in the chair in Karma तितली Sunny is just moving her hands. Come on, I know that it's exhausting but if the other members are dancing with effort, just for respect, make the hair step. I know that आप can be tired, but if one member can, the others too, just look at Jessica. If she can, आप too.
Back from IGAB, आप are on time.

Sorry if it was disrespectful या hurtful, I was just दिखा रहा है my feelings and thoughts about Sunny.

Tell me what आप think about it. Am I the only that think like this?