I will be doing a review on every संगीत video and I'm gonna start with SNSD. So if any of आप sones ever get angered द्वारा my reviews and say stuff like "If आप don't like them, then what are आप doing here?", it's just a review.

Meaning behind the lyrics:
I think the lyrics are about this girl that falls in प्यार with this guy and they proceed into this new world of love, leaving behind the world of hardships, yet preparing to overcome the obstacles in their future. The lyrics are very moving and I like it. There's no other way to put it.

Every member did a great job, especially the high notes. They all had a rich voice and even the ones with the weakest vocals, did fantastic. Yes, even Hyoyeon. There were no lines या parts that were below average.

The dance steps were really difficult and I'm surprised that they can sing so magnificently and yet pull the steps correctly, and with energy. Hyoyeon's dance break was epic. And their young. I didn't get to see much of the dancing though, since the mv focuses on the story and solos.

So down-to-earth clothes. Not the type of clothes that stand out when in the streets. I प्यार it.

Amazing voice. (My vocabulary range is really weak, so forgive me if I use such easy words)Her high note can give anyone the chills. I प्यार her dorky expressions in the story. Her dancing was just like everyone else's, full of energy. This would be the सेकंड mv that showcases her vocals.

Her voice is very pleasant and smooth. I enjoyed her high note during the ending chorus. Her dancing was energetic. And personally, I prefer her with brown hair. There was a part in the dancing where they were doing this wave. They say that Jessica can do the best waves so I'm guessing her dancing was one of the better ones. Can't be unfair though.

She looks very much like a little kid here. Her voice suggests the same. Still, her voice is nice, not as good as Jessica but nice. Her dancing was good, as the rest. It actually impressed me because it had और energy. या maybe it's the fact she's in the middle.

I like her voice in this. It was very sweet. Her one line tells me that. I can't see her dancing cause she's in the very back. But I'm guessing she did good. Well, actually the fact that she's in the back might mean she's one of the weaker ones. Well, I didn't see much of it.

Her voice is really rich when she sang that one line. SM has really got to stop giving their artist aegyo lines. I heard she's one of the better dancers. Energetic.

Even though they say her voice is weak airy, I think her voice was smooth and (again)pleasant. Her dancing was awesome in this and it was clear and precise. Pretty much all of them were.

I actually think she sang her line better then Tiffany did. It was sweeter and near the end, it kinda vibrated. (Don't know how to say it) Good dancing.

Her गाना reminded me of Taeyeon's. I know she's a dancer but her voice was really powerful. Not as powerful as Taeyeon but और then Seohyun's. Her dancing, same thing as the others. (I really needed और closeup on their dancing, okay?)

She obviously has the weakest voice of the group. Her line wasn't bad, but that's just about it. I प्यार her dance break and she popped and locked perfectly.

It's an amazing song. It's actually my most favorite, I liked it और then Run Devil Run really. I know (gasp). They all sang it and danced it perfectly. So yeah. That's all I have to say.