Congratulations girl! Your one of the most dedicated and active प्रशंसकों on this spot and आप totally deserve this!<3
1. YAY!!! आप won the Gilmore Girls FOTM how does it feel???
It's feels great!Gilmore Girls is one of my प्रिय shows so it's very awesome to be FOTM, thnaks for the people who voted for me!

2.When did आप first start watching Gilmore Girls? Did आप like it right away या did it take आप some time to get into it?
Kind of a funny story, I first started watching the reruns of it on ABC Family just around the time the series was ending, I had orginally tuned into to see an actor that was guest starring in a few episode of the show. But I started to kind of like it, however my mother couldn't stand the दिखाना saying the girls talked to fast, so I stopped watching for awhile. Only to find not long after my mom had started getting into the show! Eventually we both started watching it and got hooked, we went and bought the DVDs and everything.
The girls talked to fast...

3. Whose your Gilmore Girls OTP? Are they your OTP in general?
Defenitly Rory and Jess, and yes they are my चोटी, शीर्ष OTP संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर aswell.
They are my चोटी, शीर्ष OTP संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर aswell<3

4.Top 5 Characters?
1. Lorelai
2. Jess
3. Rory
4. Luke
5. Sookie

5. 5 Least प्रिय characters?
1. स्पेनिश सफेद मदिरा, शेरी
2. Mitchum Hunztberger
3. Anna Nardini
4. Francie
5. Logan Hunztburger

6. What's your प्रिय thing about Gilmore Girls? What keeps आप so interested?
It's amazing wit, it's smart funny. I loved that is always to manage to keep thing light and fun most of the time, I never felt like 'Man this is just so dramatic.' It keeps me interested because even though it ended 4 years पूर्व it still always somehow seems current and relatable, plus it can still make me laugh no matter how many times I've seen the episode.
It can still make me laugh no matter how many times I've seen the episode.

7. Is Gilmore Girls your प्रिय टेलीविज़न show?
It was for the longest time it dropped down to 2nd प्रिय just this past साल it got beat out द्वारा the दिखाना Greek, which ironically enough references Gilmore Girls in there 2nd episode "How the heck could they रद्द करें Gilmore Girls?".

8.What are your प्रिय seasons in order?
Let's see Season 2, Season 4, Season 1, Season 3, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7

9. Is there a story line in Gilmore Girls that आप would have liked to get rid of?
Um does all of Season 7 count? Lol. Kidding um, I really could have done with out the Luke having a daughter storyline.
I really could have done without the Luke having a daughter story line.

10.Okay, I'm going to सूची some characters and आप just tell me how आप feel about them in a couple of words
Jess-The intellectual sweet troublemaker
Dean-An unpopular opinion but I've always liked him.
Taylor-Annoying but amusing
Kirk-Lovable weirdo.
Lovable Weirdo<3

Rory-Highschool Rory is like me in a nutshell

11. This या That<3
Rory या Lorelai? Lorelai
Dean या Jess? Jess
Season 1 या Season 7? Season 1
Rory's hair long या short?Rory's hair long
Lorelai's humor या Jess's sarcasm?Lorelai's humor

12.What was the most shocking Gilmore Girl's moment to you?
Most shocking, hm... I think Lorelai sleeping with Chris in the Season 6 Finale.

13.What was the most saddest Gilmore Girl's moment for you?
I'd say when Rory turns Jess down when he goes to visit her at college, that scene gets me everytime. I just wanna hug him.

14.What was the most happiest Gilmore Girl's moment for you?
I think I'd have to say Lorelai's and Luke's first किस because I shipped them really hard around that time I first watched that episode. Jess' I प्यार आप comes a close second.
First kiss<3

15.Other then this spot, what's your प्रिय Gilmore Girl's related spot?
Probably the Rory and Jess Spot, there's always some cute graphics पोस्टेड there of them.

16.If आप could bring any character from a different दिखाना onto Gilmore Girls, who would it be?
Oh I प्यार that सवाल द्वारा the way. I think I'd have to say Cappie from Greek, I'd प्यार to see Rory interact with a witty fun loving Frat boy who wasn't a jerk. She didn't have enough male फ्रेंड्स या interactions at college. He'd make for an amusing dorm neighbor.

17.If आप had to convince someone to watch Gilmore Girls what episode would आप दिखाना them and why?
I think that would depend on the person, but I always have a fondness for the episode Luke Can See Her Face because it's got a little bit of everything this epsiode, romantic progress, a fight, lots of humor. या The Ins And Outs Of Inns because, it sets up a good understanding of some of the characters pas without watching the pilot and I've always found it to be a very funny epsiode.

18. Finish of the sentences:
Lorelai is________
Rory always_______
Dean should_______
Taylor walked______
Jess came back and__________

Lorelai is pretty and witty.
Rory always carries a book on her.
Dean should have went to college.
Taylor walked like he had a stick up his butt. (XD Sorry had to do it)
Jess came back and should get the girl.

Jess came back and should get the girl<3

19.Would आप like a Gilmore Girl's spin off और या movie
I'd have to say a movie, I'd प्यार to see a nice लपेटें up for all the characters. Though I do think the दिखाना has quite a few characters with Spin off potential I think if it happened I'd always be like 'I miss Stars Hollow.' assume the character of choice wasn't living there.

20.If आप had to choose between killing off your प्रिय character या erasing your प्रिय couples history which would आप choose?
Ouch talk about tough. I think I have to go with couples history because atleast they could make new memories as opposed killing of my प्रिय character since it would probably ruin the series.

21.Do आप have any प्रिय Gilmore Girl's प्रशंसक videos?
I've always loved the video "You've Got Good Taste" which funny enough is a song about Gilmore Girls itself.

22.What's your प्रिय non-romantic relationship excluding Rory and Lorelai AND Luke and Jess?
Stole my anwers lol. Let's see hm... I think I'd have to say either Rory and Richard या maybe Lorelai and Sookie. I always liked Rory's dynamic with her Grandfather I think Rory wound up softening him up.
I always liked Rory's dynamic with her Grandfather I think Rory wound up softening him up

23.How did आप feel about these situations?
*Rory dropping out of Yale and moving in with Emily and Richard.
*Rory sleeping with Dean while he was still married.
*Lorelai and her strained relationship with Emily.

Rory, Rory, Rory, to paraphrase Jess abit, why oh why did आप drop out of Yale? I understand that her spirit was crushed but leaving college to stay with her grandparents wasn't the answer. Rory loves school, anyone who really knows her knows that. I'm glad though that end the end she finally went back (and I hate to shmooze to much on Rory and Jess for the readers who aren't a प्रशंसक of them but I प्यार that Jess was the one who got her to go back)

Definetly not one of her best moments. If they had both been single it would have been as bad but yikes, this had trouble written all over it. Not to mention causing a fight with her and Lorelai, I was really disappointed in her.

I think this kind of worked at times, because when they did have there getting along moments they seemed much और of a big deal. Granted they'll never be like Lorelai and Rory but I think द्वारा when the series ending they we're in a pretty good place compared to the Pilot.

They'll never be like Lorelai and Rory...

24.So they're a lot of dedicated and active प्रशंसकों on this spot, but who do आप think deserves to be the अगला FOTM?
Oh well I won't play प्रिय I'll just have to see who gets nominated अगला month.

25.Any last words!?
Yeah thanks again for voting for me and पढ़ना my interview (congrats आप made it all the way trhough)! And thank आप Mooshka for interviewing me!
Thanks again for voting for me!

Once again congratulations CelestialDream... from the whole Gilmore Girls fandom on फैन्पॉप :)
Rory and Jess for आप lol.<3