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गेम ऑफ थ्रोन्स What did आप think of 8x06: The Iron Throne?

36 fans picked:
It was okay.
Loved it!
Liked it.
Hated it.
 DarkSarcasm posted ·3महीने पहले
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DarkSarcasm picked Disappointing.:
I did not hate the fate of the Starks. They all kinda got what they wanted.

Up until that, though... ugh. Jaime & Cersei were seriously killed by rocks. Brienne still fawning over Jaime, ugh. The hour's worth of Tyrion close-ups were a complete waste of time. It took one stab to take down The Dragon Queen. Grey Worm needed to die. Like a lot. And Bronn just comes back in like everything's cool and gets appointed to the small council? Did I miss something there?
posted ·3महीने पहले.
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misanthrope86 picked Disappointing.:
I LOVE Sansa's and Arya's endings. Perfection for their characters (even if how they got there over the course of the series was sometimes dumb/fucked up). I teared up. Both of those characters got the right endings and I'm sooooooooooooo happy for them, especially Sansa who has been my favourite character since season one and that hardcore BAMF deserves that fucking crown. Overall a great ending for those of us who invested in House Stark: the pack survives!

Hated Daenerys' death. Her character deserved much better. Although I did kinda like how her dragon-child took her away. But then I couldn't stop thinking about whether or not the dragons had enough higher cognitive functioning to see the iron throne as a symbol that needed to be destroyed...? Maybe over-thinking that one...

While I also like where Brienne ended up, I hate that they had her write about Jaime in that book. She should have been making space for herself in the book (I know it goes against Brienne's humility, but she accepted the knighthood and making space for herself in the book fits with her journey). Her writing Jaime's story only made sense before the writers totally fucked up their relationship. I can't believe they had her write that stuff. So disrespectful to her character.

Maybe I missed something... but didn't Arya ride off on that white horse at the end of 8x05? And then at the start of 8x06, the horse is gone and she's still hanging around King's Landing... I guess I am wondering what the point was of that extended scene with the horse, other than looking cool...

Like Dasm, I also missed how Bronn just came back and they were all friends again. Sure, they obviously gave him what he wanted (and more), but there was a bigger story there that they deliberately set up by having Bronn re-appear in whatever dang episode that was, and then they just skipped over it...?

My main disappointment is how not sad I am about the series ending, and that really has only developed over the last few of episodes. The race to the finish line undercut so many of the characters. Bran, for example, was billed as pretty much the most important person in the show, but they never really showed us how... so it kinda seems that all his nonsense was just so he could be king... I don't think that was their intention, but that is how it feels given we didn't see any of the stuff he actually did.
posted ·3महीने पहले.
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Bibi69 picked It was okay.:
I loved the fate of the Starks, so that's why the episode got an ok.

I did like Sam being a Maester, Podrick being a Knight, democracy being born.

Dany's death was underwhelming though, anti-climactic, very much like Cersei's last week. I did think it was sad to see Drogon try to wake her though. But I'm happy she's dead, it needed to be done.

I also don't understand how Bronn just comes back like nothing happened. And he's the Master of Coins? HOW is that a good idea?

I think my biggest disappointment was that Bran didn't end up making Aerys mad. I so wanted that to happen!
posted ·3महीने पहले.
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BlackCarnation picked Hated it.:
I hated it. I mean - Bran (boring, boring character) as King? Cersei and Jaime both really dead? (I was hoping that one of them would survive). Greyworm acting like the HBIC after Drogon scooped up dead Dany and flew away with her (I admit, that bit was kind of funny). And speaking of Drogon; where the hell did he get the smarts to realise that the Iron Throne was more trouble than it was worth, and therefore in need of destruction? He's a bloody dragon FFS! And really; what was the point in having Jon as anything other than Ned Stark's bastard when his damn destiny was to end up back at the blooming Wall??? The only glimmer of light in his fate was the fact that he petted Ghost. They constantly - from the start - promoted this character as noteworthy; even going so far as to kill him and resurrect him from the dead, then gave him legitimacy as the rightful heir to the throne, only to have him imprisoned and then sent to the Wall for killing a tyrant, when the throne was his by right. And no one even pointed out that fact. Instead, they went down the route of having an almost PC election; (that part reminded me of bad fanfiction) something that would never, ever, ever happen in Maedieval times (I know it's a work of fantasy, but the structure of governance borrows heavily from Maedieval history) and elected the creepy boy who has pissed around for most seasons looking for a sodding raven and has experience only of being a mystical voyeur! Other fans say that this season didn't do Dany's character justice; I disagree - Jon was the character, IMO, that they let down the most. The only thing that was mildly positive was Sansa becoming queen of the independent North.
posted ·3महीने पहले.
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vagos picked It was okay.:
it was okay, and thats why jon snow is my favorite character and always will be in game of thrones, but i gotta say daenerys deserved a better death like really really better a much more, but damn i liked this episode, it has bad things all over though but i dont have to say anything because the people here already said them, anyway thats the end of game of thrones, goodbye forever its been great but so much on some other levels but anyway~
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Ranty-cat picked Disappointing.:
I'm okay with Bran becoming the King and Starks, but the amount of bullshit they gave is just too much.
posted ·3महीने पहले.
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Zeppie picked It was okay.:
I'm satisfied with the Starks conclusion.

I feel very upset with the pacing of this episode..

I was initially very mad about Jon. But came to terms with its a decent place for his character to be.

I just feel upset that its over tbh. This show needed another season or 2.
It was paced in a way where not much emotion was drawn out of me. More like a "oh this is happening now" instead of getting proper stuck into the moment. Disappointed? Not really. A mix of both satisfaction and numbness somehow.
posted ·3महीने पहले.
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xxxqueenMaryxxx picked Liked it.:
I think they showed (and I think, that in books will be the same ending) the way from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy... And it was.... Wonderful and really unpredictable.
So, it doesn't matter destiny of individual people (kings, queens, lords, etc), but it does matter for state structure.. Targaryens, Lannisters, Baratheons brought absolute monarchy, that = totalitarianism, and sometimes tirany.
Tyrion was right : elections of kings or queens it was wheel braking, but Targaryens blood and upbringing didn't let her to understand that. Her power desire overpowered her.
She broke the wheel, but never will know about that...
Time will pass, and full democracy will come to Westeros. In fact, they described strong political process.

Sansa annoyed me all episode. Almost second Cersei, but in the North. Good, that she hasn't power in all Westeros. Even interrupted Tyrion when he was proposing Bran to be a king. Or she wanted be Queen of Westeros? And who will be her husband and fathers of her children?)
Bran didn't want to be a king, probably, he wanted to North became independent.

By the way, I've noticed that The North is like another country, which is real... OK

I've noticed a long ago that Danny's thinking is like..... communist (don't want to abuse anybody), and methods, and speeches too. Release... Lords become nobody... Slaves became rulers... Justice.... Revenge.... Change the world... In the beginning, it's justice and kindness, after its bloodshed and tyranny....

Perfect ending for Arya!)

Glad that Davos, Tyrion, Bronn, Brienne stay alive to the end)
Love Brienna's story about Jaime...

And Jon became King beyond the Wall now!))) Not awful... It's normal... And it's good ending for him.

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FanNoOne111 picked Loved it!:
Loved it except that Daenerys's death scene could've been better.
posted ·2महीने पहले.
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Articuno224 picked Liked it.:
I actually really enjoyed this episode a lot more than I expected to!

The speech of Daenerys gave me such chills, the way it was shot and how perfect it is really is that she is the "plot twist" villain of the show, I honestly love it.

There were so many call backs to Season 1 and 2: Daenerys speaking to the Dothraki about what Drogo once promised her, to kill the men in iron suits and tear down their stone houses.

There were others but since it's two days ago I watched it I can't seem to remember right now.

I was pleasantly surprised about Bran becoming the King of Westeros, they gave a smile to my face for a lot of reasons:
1: Bran was actually relevant in the end
2: It was not the predictable Jon Snow who became King
3: And I even liked Bran in this episode

I also liked the conclusion of the Starks at the very end, except I did question why Bran was not important enough to be included there.

It also gave a smile to my face when I saw Robin Arryn and Edmure Tully return and come back to existence. It was a pleasant surprise, and they were also kinda funny in their return, I'm glad it was confirmed that they existed lol.
posted ·2महीने पहले.
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JAlanaE picked Loved it!:
It's not that it couldn't have been better, but still, I did love it. It left me feeling quite content. It was actually my favourite episode of season 8. The trial/council scene that made Bran king was kind of weird in some ways, but I liked all the rest, especially Tyrion throwing away his hand-of-the-queen-badge, both of his conversations with Jon, Jon killing Dany and expecting to be burnt by Drogon, Brienne writing Jaime's entry in the book, seeing the new Small Council and Jon's ending at the Wall.
posted ·2महीने पहले.