Ok this is my सूची of jokes I made. 1.Why does Russia have fast runners? Cuz their Russian! 2.A famous track runner is questioned द्वारा 2 reporters. on of the reporters asked,"were did आप run your last race?" and the सेकंड one said,"How did आप win the race?" the runner कहा 1 word to answer BOTH of the reporters questions! what was the word? (the answer is Iran) 3.tell a friend,"may i ask a question?" when they say yes आप say,"out?" then they will be confused right? then tell them,"I jest asked आप out." 4. If your friend says anything positive about himself say,"friend...if आप were locked in a खाना Market...youd STARVE to death!" 5. If someone says to pickup your room, then say,"its WAY too heavy!!" 6. were do elderly people like to Rock-out? In their ROCKING CHAIR!! >.<