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 Edward & Winry <3
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posted by ElricLuv
Chapter 11: Good Cop, Ed Cop

"Woo-hoo! We're escaped convicts! " 
Ling tossed his shackled arms into the air as he continued to sprint along with Barry and Hayden. Hayden rolled her eyes as she pulled her cuffs forward, knocking Ling onto his face, still grinning. The mass murderer chuckled lightly at the misfortune of the prince of Xing. He pulled himself back up from the concrete ground and pouted. 
"Be quiet, Ling. The last thing we need to do is be caught." 
It didn't help of course that  Barry's suit was incredibly loud and created a clamor with every step he took. It wasn't exactly easy...
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posted by ElricLuv
Chapter 10: Companions in Chains

"If आप think I'll let आप hurt her-" 
The mysterious suit of armor raised his butcher चाकू above his skull; Ling's snarled face reflecting in the clean knife. 
"Ling! Don't be stupid!" Hayden pushed Ling out of the line of आग as the man swung his cleaver. 
"No!" The prince watched in horror as the चाकू swung in contact with her side; a spicing sound resonated through the tense air. Ling had attempted to battle him off with his own sword; but of course Hayden couldn't निगलना, निगल, निगल संकलन her pride and let anybody help her. Blood spurted from her hip where the blade was...
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posted by ElricLuv
Chapter 9: Mind Splitter

"Are आप almost ready to depart for the North, Sir?" Riza stood attentively before Roy's desk. Roy had decided a few weeks पूर्व to take a journey to the North in खोजिए of the Elric brothers and their mystery friend. Hughes had pulled the troops out of Holt and had made it back to Central, while Havoc had done the same. Roy needed someone to hold down Command while he was off doing something else. 
"Yeah, but I would advise bringing some extra  clothes along with you. We might be there for a bit and it's cold in the North." Roy explained  as he stood from his chair....
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posted by ElricLuv
Chapter 8: Midsummer Night's Dream Under A तारा, स्टार Soaked Sky 

"So I'm guessing we'll have to just trek until we get there, huh? Where are we?" Al asked, carrying an unconscious Ling on his back. They had headed down road of the mutilated track, letting the officials deal with the wreckage. All Ed knew was; Ling was beyond lucky he was aboard that specific train. 
"What's wrong with him?" Hayden asked, holding Boston up so he could smell the young lord's body. Ed groaned as he palmed his eyeball. 
"He's hungry. But we don't have any food. Don't tell me we have to carry this zombie around until...
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posted by ElricLuv
Chapter 7: The Story Of Us All

"Al! Let's go! We'll miss our train!" 
Alphonse and Hayden were busy playing around with Boston at the train station benches. Alphonse had parked himself on the bench while Hayden let Boston wander though the nearby घास patch as she followed him. "Guys! Come on!" Hayden tore her attention away from the कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला and glanced over her shoulder, watching Ed run to the train on his own. She quickly swooped up Boston in her arms and pulled Al onto his feet. They all boarded the train quickly, shuffling through their pockets for the tickets. 

Where was he to go? A lowly...
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posted by ElricLuv
Chapter 6: Beauty Meets Beast

Separate footsteps echoed down a dark alleyway, both bouncing off the graffitied concrete walls. One set was heavy and stern. The other was light and sensual. The two corresponding sounds were masked in the canopy of night that was draped over the city. A ravenous man had tucked himself inside an ivory trench coat; his midnight hair billowing in the cool breeze. On the other hand; an equally evil presence was pursuing the other. The man chuckled to himself aloud. 
"I know you're here. I'm not stupid. I thought आप of all people would know that."  He stepped into...
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posted by ElricLuv
Graffiti फूल 5

Chapter 5: 100 Proof Attitude

"That's right, Colonel. This town called..." Havoc had ran back to the  phone booth, fumbling his fingers across the phone keys. He turned himself around in the cramped booth almost as if to खोजिए for an answer. 
"I think it's called Mercy. A दिन away from Holt. He was with some blonde girl." घोड़ा tapped his sharp chin with a gloved finger. 
"Was it his mechanic?" Havoc shook his head; as if Roy could hear it on the other end of the phone line.
"No. She looked way different. They headed East out of the town." Mustang's blood coursed through...
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posted by Animeanimal
Forgive me. This is a rant. But I think these things MUST be said!

The टेलीविज़न was set to a fixed channel, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim. My eyes were hungry for more. I just needed to know.

The woman just barely able to survive, her internal organs almost at a complete stop. She was suffering from the loss of her baby...and the fact that she tried to bring her baby boy back to life was making her pay.

The tears rolled out of my eyes at my discovery of the Homunculi’s true identity. Her boy... her unborn fetus.

The gates of truth was like staring directly through the gates of hell itself....
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posted by Dearheart
Edward yawned as he set his empty water glass on the रसोई, रसोईघर counter and glanced at the clock: 2:36 AM. He winced.

Why did he even bother staying up so late with his dusty alchemy पुस्तकें anymore? No matter how much he studied या how he longed to feel the exhilarating surge of energy flowing through his fingers again, it wouldn't return that part of him.

Not that he really cared. The sacrifice had been small compared to the joy of getting his brother back, and he'd gladly give it up for Al again...and more, if he had to. A hundred times over.

The 24-year-old reached up and pulled out his pony-tail,...
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posted by Dearheart
“I never knew the nights were this long. Before this, I always spent my nights talking with brother about alchemy, about our future...and once we got tired from all the talking, we'd fall asleep and dream of happy things. One night seemed so short then. Now one night feels so... so awfully long.” – Alphonse Elric, chapter 43

Edward Elric loves to sleep.

After all, spending every दिन traveling, researching alchemy, chasing leads and getting into various kinds of trouble can be rather exhausting. And he once heard that getting a good night's rest helps आप grow, so what he misses from his...
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Perfect =3. Original video द्वारा "Vinurify" on YouTube. I own nothing.
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