फुल मेटल ऐल्केमिस्ट FMA Role Play ( based on brother हुड, डाकू , मांगा )

wolfmaster3000 posted on Mar 28, 2011 at 02:38AM

we all know the storey of FMA , this is a cannon Role play you can use people from the seris but no one impaticulair can say I'm mustang, YOU MUST cerate your own charcter and make sure he is clear and understand able and not so OP

you charcter can have a max of 3 alchmey's that he or she has mastered , when makeing a charcter make sure you include ,




race : ( chimera , human , Homculies )

team ( good bad Neatural )

age became state alchemist

backround storey ( doesn't have to be a detailed five page storey )


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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Yea! New Role Play!

Name: Mason Elric
Age: 17(Same as Ed, born 2 months later in the same year, they were supposed to be twins)
Height: 5'4
Race: Human
Team: Nuetual(Sometimes he dosen't like the way the military does things)
Age he became a state alchemist: 12
Does he have auto-mail: Yes, his right arm, and his lower back are auto-mail(Only his arm and back are auto-mail, not his stomach)

Back-story: At age eleven, he, Ed, and Al, tried a human transmutation in order to bring back their mother. It failed, and Mason lost his arm and lower back. After that, Winry gave him auto-mail, and he left without a word one day. Two years later he became a state alchemist, and was given the nickname; 'The Lighting-Blade alchemist', because he made blade waepons with his alchemy(Mostly swords).He alos uses A form of alchemy that can control lightning, and that is very rare. He can also cove his Blades wuth lightning too. His eye color is gold, and his hair has a cow-lick in front, and its short and sort of spikey. He has a cloak just like Ed's only it's blue, and his clothes are grey with blue lining. Over the years he developed a strong protective instinct, and hates to see others that he cares about get hurt. He is not useless without alchemy, because he is also an able hand to hand, and martial artist as well. He's got a slight tan, and his hair is goldish.
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 Yea! New Role Play! Name: Mason Elric Age: 17(Same as Ed, born 2 months later in the same year, they
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना onix11 said…
Name: Daniel Wells

Age: 18

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown


Weight: 195

Team: Good

Alchemy: Has the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct objects.

Nick Name: School Boy

Apperance: Wears a blue military jacket that has been cut off a little bit at the waist. He wears the standard blue military pants and shoes. He has a pair of sun glasses place on top of his head. He has a large network of tatoos on both his arms.

Personality: Easy going guy who never has any quarrels with people. He smiles at a funny joke and loves watching people fight.

Story: At the age of 15 he passed the military exam. He soon climed to the ranks as a liutenant. After seeing what alchemy could do he retired at 17 and studied the process. He studied very entintley and soon he found something interesting. He learned the process need to perform some of the basics of alchemy. He tatooed the markings on his arms and practiced with them. He soon learned how to use them very well.

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mason looked around, to get an idea of where he was. He was close. Close to the place that he hadn't seen for over six years. Close to the people that he hadn't seen for six years. And when he saw it over the hill, his heart did a little tap-dance. There it was. Rockbell Auto-mail. He'd found info on whre Ed was from Mustang, and took a train there. Ed had supposedly told Mustang that he was there to visit and hat he would leave and come back as quick as he could. At least, thats what Mustang had told Mason. He quickened his pace as he saw figures moving at the front door, until he was sprinting. When Ed and Al turned around they stopped dead in their tracks. They dropped their packs and stepped closer to their brother.

Ed: "Mason...?"
Al: "Is it really you?"

Mason smiled at them.

Mason: "Yeah. It is."

Ed & Al: "Mason!"

They both shot foward and hugged him until he fell over. They all started laughing, and then a shout.

???: "Honestly! I thought you said you had somwhere to be-"

Granny stopped dead as she looked at the scene in front of her.
She dropped the wooden spoon and ran inside. A few seconds later she came back with Winry, making sure to cover her eyes.

Granny: "Okay dear, you can open your eyes now."

Mason quickley stood up and dusted himself. After all, she hadn't seen him for SIX years. He had to at least look presentable.

Winry: "...Mason..." *she walks foward* "...You could've at least called..."

Mason: "Well, I wanted it to be a suprise. And anyway, this auto-mail feels six years too small."

Winry laghed at his joke and then looked at him.

Winry: *siffles* "You idiot..."

She then proceeded to hug him, which Mason wasn't ready for. He blushed slightly before returning it. He hoped his face wasn't too red... and he also hoped it wasn't making Ed or Al uncomfortable. Mason looked at his brothers and saw that Ed wasn't mad-- in fact, he was scincerly smiling.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Eve Red

Height : 5'11

Age : 17

Race : Human

Alchemey : Ice & water Alchemey ( like Issac )

Team : good

Rank : Lieutenant ( right hand man of Maric )

Eve has long blonde locks her hair Legnth is that of winiry's but it's a bleacher blonde and is very curly her outfit is the same as hawk eye but she is alot more busty in her chest area and it shows. her nickname is "The Ice Madien Alchemist" her transumation circles are tattood into the palm of her hand

Historey : she took her examination when she was 10 and particpated in the Ishivalan war she regerts what she did during that time but earned 4 ranks , she works in General Maric wes's Divison and is directly under him she is madly inlove with him though she doesn't tell him , She acompaynies the General on all his journyies.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wolfmaster3000 said…

-Arival of the General-

-on a train inside a booth, Maric and Eve are scene sitting Maric is asleep as to where eve is alret and looks as though danger could be anywhere , they are on there way to centeral after a 5 year mission, in fact there makeing a slight stop at the Elric brothers home town so they can rest a bit, Eve looked anoyed- "Maric, are you sure the elrics won't mind us staying there a bit ?" -Maric yawned from his deep slumber and mumbled- "i'm sure they won't mind if not than I guess we hop on the next train." even laughed innocently "nice idea , but were almost out of money.." maric quickly awoke than sighed "you know , for a six year mission the Fuher didn't give us much of a budget." -Eve than looked shocked at her surpoior- "BUT CAPTAIN THE FUHER HIMSELF CONTACTED US AND ASKED FOR OUT HELP! DIRECTLY!" -she said exictedly, Maric sighed- "yeah nothing new were told to destory and kill any crazyied or unoffcail alchemist's it wasn't a hard task." -eve gave a rather depressed look- "captain you almost got your self killed multipile time. and why are we stopping by the elrics ?" -Maric sighed- "an old friend of mine Manson elric said he was interested information on human transmutation as well as information on the Philsopher stone , the last base we destoryed had exactly that I found sigins of sucessful human transmutation and notes on what the philsopher stone maybe, I told him to meet us at Rockbell automail." -the train came to a stop, and Eve shook her head- "you barely know him yet you've helped him out so much." -Maric chuckled- "it's just on Scintific tip to another is all were both alchemists so we have a common bond." -maric got up and opened the door , as did eve she grabbed both there supcase's and they both exited the train walking up a Gloruis feild they started to walk up the path to rockbell auto mail but just than an old lady came out and yelled out "STAY AWAY FROM HERE WE DON'T WANT YOUR KIND !" the elder lady came running forward ,maric looked shocked "were just" -he was cut off by the old lady- "I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE , those boys just got back from traveling THERE NOT leaveing again!" -maric laughed- "oh i'm jsut here to drop off some stuff for a Manson Elric really no catch i'd also enjoy a bit of hospitality and i'll be on my way in the morining" -the old lady scowled than looked over at Eve than back to maric-"fine, this way please don't try anything funny" -Maric merely laughed- "it's okay Like I said some note's is all I would like to drop off" -the old lady nodded as they entered Rockbell Auto mail-
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना onix11 said…
Daniel exited the same train that Maric exited off. He seen the general and the lieutenant follow the old lady.

Daniel: "It is good to see some familiar faces. But i wonder what buisness they have here." He proceeds to follow them at a distance and sees where they enter. "So, their buisness is there."

Kid: The child walks up to the man and tugs on his jacket. "What are those markings on your arm mister?"

Daniel: He looks down at the little boy and kneels down. He picks up some dirt and melds it into a ball. "These marks allow me to deconstruct and reconstruct materials into anything i want." He deconstructs the dirt ball, then turns it into a figure of a soldier. He gives it to the boy. "Now run along."

The child leaves and Daniel tries to decide if it is a good idea to go inside or not.

एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mason was suprised to see what he was seeing.

Mason: "General Wes? What are you doing here?"

Maric: "I'm here to drop off notes on something you might find very interesting."

Maric handed Mason the documents. Mason looked them over and with each line he bacam aware of just hhow important this was.

Mason: "...We have reason to beleive that there has been a conspiracy to create a philosiphers stone within the State Alchemist Giuld. They are also saying that there is a possible way to perform a successful human transmutation?!"

Masons jaw dropped, and Ed snatched away the paper and began reading. Winry and Granny exchanged neasy looks with each other and Al.

Maric: "The king wishes that we try and weed them out. Whoever admits to it shall be killed."

Mason: *Tightens his fist* "No. I'm not killing my fellow Alchemists!"

Mason raised his left arm to reveal the he was wearing his watch on his wrist, specially welded.

Maric: "Mason, you have to understand, these are orders from he Fuher himself, it's not like we can just waltz in there and tell him that we aren't gonna do as he says! We work for him, so we have to follow orders."

Mason: "I'm. Not. Killing. My. Friends."

Mason was dead serious, and if Maric couldn't see that, then he would be sorry. Maric held Mason's gaze with ease, and then replied simply:

Maric: "Alrighty then. I'll be taking my leave."

Maric headed up the staris to the room he was staying in, and on the way stopped next to Mason, and placed something in his hand, then continued on leisurley to the starcase. Mason looked at the General, and then at what was in his hand. Masons eys widened. In his hand was a new piece of enchanted gold auto-mail.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wolfmaster3000 said…

-Granny looked rather uneasy with the General being in there house- "you know I dis-like State alchemists there's something fishy about them , this one espcailly where did you meet such a high ranking person ?" -ed and al looked up from there note's and exchanged confused looks with manson, he himself looked rather un-sure, Manson scratched his head- "well unhh, I can't rember exactly but he has helped me many time's in my research as an alchemist and to that I am thankful for" , Maric came down back down stairs with eve they were in more casual clothing , granny looked over than smiled at them "well looks like I need to set out some extra plates if your a friend of the elrics than your okay in my books." , Winry looked over at Maric and eve and ran off timidly , Maric looked at eve and said with a smile "why don't you go accompany her." , eve nodded "YES CAPTAIN!" she ran off Maric laughed "she needs to relax too" , Granny looked over at maric "you have to understand , General Maric , her parents were killed in the Ishival war" , Maric's face went dead seriouis and his face became pale "we lost many people in that war Alchemists, innocent people a like it's a truely unfortune tradgey"

-out side in a feild winiry is scene sitting in the feild with her knee's pulled up to her chest and her face burried in them eve appraocher up behind her- "mrs.rockbell are you okay ?" , go away mumbled winiry "your a soilder I hate soilders they weren't able to protect my mom and dad , and they took ed al and Manson away from us leaveing my and granny all alone there is no one here but me and her AND IT'S ALL THE MILITARYIES FAULT!" Scream winiry, Eve gave a sympathtic smile- "look being a alchemist isn't always about killing people we are only forced to kill if we need to half of us alchemists do what Ed and Manson do we travel together finding new problems to be solved in the world , the only time we do violence is when were ordered to witch those kinds of missions go to those that are ranked Connoel, Captain, General and highier", Winiry looked up with here tear filled eyes "I just want them to stay home so the worry in my heart will go away and I know there safe not researching some way to get there bodyies back there perfect the way they are." Eve sighed and patted winiry on the back, "what's you name ? , mine's winiry" , had never introdouced her self before only to the general ages ago, "Eve Red" , Winiry smiled , Eve smiled back "friends ?" Winiry smiled "Friends" , the two girls hugged each other-

-back inside-

-Maric is looking out side of the window and is smileing- "it's unfortuante we have to leave"

-Manson looked shocked- "SO SOON !?" , Maric laughed "your still a Major and a rather young alchemist, but for some one like me a Captain-General not to mention a Veteran of the Ishival war , I am summoned by the Fuher quite a lot I am re-turning to centeral for my next mission, there's this Philsopher stone buissness and something else that's been troubleing the Fuher and if he's re-quested my pressence means it's rather imporant." Ed shot a glare , "where you braiging about your rank ?" Maric laughed "no just saying my freedom is alot less than you two , you should be considered lucky you don't run a Divison as I do checking up on my men and office after five years sounds like a good idea" , granny looked at manson "this is why I hate state alchemists they eat you at a house and home than leave without giveing a propper thanks." Maric laughed "sorry ma'm it's been so long since i've sat down and had a propper meal with other people, been surounded by death the last five years i'm afraid, nun the less thank you for the meal and I will see you all soon hopefully, good luck" Manson went up stairs and chaned back into his propper military clothes and placed on his cloak and walked down stairs exiting the building , Eve didn't come and say good bye but when she saw the general about to leave she ran to his side waveing bye to winiry-
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mason felt uneasy. He was in his old uniform again, and it was rather weird. He wasn't wearing his casual traveling/fighting clothes that looked like Ed's only the color was different. He asked Winry to attack the new peice of auto-mail that Maric had given him. It was the top part of the auto-mail, the gill, that had been switched out for the enchanted gold one. Maric had said that enchanted gold never breaks. Well, Mason thought, I hope your right. He examined it, and flexed his arm. Felt good and looked good. He boarded the train and looked back at Winry who had accompanied them to the train station. She tears in her eyes, and Mason waved goodbeye one last time, and so did she. Mason ducked inside, and Ed poked his head out the window. They all did the same, and waved goodbeye to winry.

Mason was glad to be off that trai, and in the light again. He adn Ed ahd had much time to catch up over the past few days, and Al as well. Mason talked about what he'd done since he left that day six years ago, and they had open mouths by the time he was done telling his story.

Ed: "ll that really happened? Damn..."
Al: "Yeah. I bet you had to work really hard, huhu."
Mason: "Not really. I can use alchemy without a transmutaion circle so it's not really that hard. Look."

Mason clapped his hands together and placed his left over the gril on his auto-mail, and pulled it out into a blade.

Ed: "I don't ned one either."
Mason: "Really? Cool."

They continued to talk all the way to their destination, and then stopped in front of Central Hall.

Mason: "Damn... Haven't been here for awhile."
Ed: "Me neither."
Maric: "Same here."
Eve: "Still the same."

Mason was the first to step out of their admiration cricle, and go up the steps to the door. He pushed it open, and made his way to the Fuhers offince with the others right behind him. Mason let Maric go in first and then Mason, Ed, Al, and Eve all followed without hesitation.

Bradley: "Ah. Maric. And I see you've brought the Elric Brothers as well. Very good. Now..."

The Fuher raised his hand, and then lowered it slowley to his sword hilt.

Bradley: "Take a rest."

He pulled out his sword and with blinding sped cut Maric down. Maric crashed to the floor, and Eve was a his side in a second, saying his name. Mason turned to Fuher King Bradley and was poised for battle, an found that Ed was wounded, and Al;s blood seal was damaged. Mason clapped his hands together and made a blade out of his auto-mail. But Bradley was too fast. He positioned himself and seemed to only take one step across the entire room to thrust his blade into Mason's stomach. Shit, Mason thought. There was a pause and then he heard Ed cry "No!" as Mason spit up what seemed to be a gallon of blood before finally passing out.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wolfmaster3000 said…
I know Fuher King bradly is evil and all but he doesn't act evil towards those who are loyal to him unless they figure out he's hommculies just I feel this is a bit rushed and inferfers with what I had wanted Maric and Eve to do , but a good post
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
I know. I was gonna make it so that they didn't remember what had happened, so that they wouldn't know that it as bRadley that had hurt them.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
And i was also gonna make it so that he wiped Ed's and Eve's memory too. Al was already passed out, so he doesn't know anyway.
Sry bout not putting this at the end of the post.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना onix11 said…
Daniel slowly walks into the room.

Daniel: "I didn't know you to be so brash Bradley." He leans against the wall.

Bradley: He puts his sword up dor the moment. "You seem to be doing well with out the military. Now what do you want." He give a rather intimidating look.

Daniel: He stands up straight. "Well i was following these guys and was trying to speak with them. They never really seemed to take an interest." He looks down at the group. "To avoid ending up like them i'm going to ask what happens now."

Bradley: "They shouldn't remember anything after I'm down. You will need to take them to a hospital. They don't seem to be doing well."

Daniel: "I suppose it will do good for Maric to see an old subordinate." He takes his leave and prepares to take them to the hospital.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wolfmaster3000 said…
damn it , I had a way to avoid this :P .....I was gonna have Manson awake from a dream on the Train heading toward centeral <.<
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना onix11 said…
my bad. had to get myself included. i can delete it if you want.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wolfmaster3000 said…
yeah, I know you did , the next post I post up tomrrow everyone should be able to get involed in it :P as I said before it's too early for bradly to attck anyone :P so i'm doing the part where the alchemist murder are of huge concern so Eve and Maric and Daniel can be put on that while ed al and Manson go to the sewing life alchemist
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना onix11 said…
sounds cool.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wolfmaster3000 said…

--the Arivail of old friend and a old enemey--

-Maric opened his eye's he had fallen asleep and he noticed Manson was haveing a nightmare "no no, Bradly WHY?" Manson said in his sleep Maric shoke Manson to wake him up, Manson opened his eye's and looked around- "where are we ?" , "were on a Train headed to centeral we should be stoping within the hour" , Manson looked over to see ed and al were awake, manson gave a puzzled look "where's eve ?" Maric gave a blank stare "in the bathroom, why ?" -suddenly the train came to a halt, Maric stood up and stretched as did the elric's , when Maric opened the door to there room eve was standing there with Maric's and eve's supcase's , maric looked back at the elrics "oh yeah connoel Roy Mustang said he wanted to see you elrics , he said he had some information on the philsopher stone as well a perist some where is able to do "miricale's" he wanted to see you, unfortunely this is my final farewell to you three I can help you no longer with your re-search for the Fuher reqeuests my pressence" Ed Al And Manson nodded and all said at the same time "fare well General" , Manson Saluted him as Maric walked off with eve and exited the train-


-it was busy as always alot of people were mixed and jumbled with there papper work at first eve walked in the room and announced "ALL RISE FOR CAPTAIN-GENERAL THE DIVINE ALCHEMISTS CAPTAIN-GENERAL MARIC WES!" she turned to the door as he entered everyone instantly stood up and saulted him- "WELCOME BACK GENERAL!" said everyone Maric smiled "your all to kind to me, thank you for your warm welcome I trust you all are working hard" everyone nodded as he walked down the hall a few people were shocked to see Maric it was rare that he was in Centeral he than turned to eve "Eve while i'm in my meeting with the Fuher go and see your family and i'll contact you in a few days" , Eve looked shocked a few days was a little much was the captain going to do some of his own work that eve couldn't know than again she hadn't really had time to relax or see her family she thought it would be nice to vist her mother and father and have a hot meal with them "okay Captain , how long will you be ?" she asked blankly , Maric rubbed his chin "2 days, enough time for you to have a hot shower and catch up with your mom", Eve nodded- "okay well i'm off than." Eve walked away and out the door, Maric gave a sigh of reilf and walked down deeper into centeral he finally approached it the hall witch leads to King bradly's room, he knocked once than entered and saw Fuher King bradly sitting at his desk "ahh General I wasn't expecting you so soon , I trsut you mission went well ? ", Maric smiled "yes most interesting to see Alchemists that believed in God" , Bradly's gaze narrowed on Maric "witch is why i've brought you back here to centeral , please walk with me" Bradly stood up and walked toward Maric who followed, "what seems to be the issue on the phone you sounded most stressed not to mention you contacted me directly not a member of my divison so what could worry you so much that I needed to come back" , Bradly took a deep breath "there have been a seris of murders that have me worryied General Maric" , Maric looked confused "Murders that's below the military to look into much less a General shouldn't common law enforcement deal with such a matter." Bradly snapped back with a shocking reply "these murders are the murders of state alchemists and I would like for you to invistigate this matter and keep it a secert from the public" Maric did indeed look shocked " would attempt to murder a state alchemist ?" Bradly frowned "that I don't know" Maric gave a rather concerned look "so you wish for me to look into this matter because ?" Bradly gave a smile "I have my faith in you as does the state we've covered up the murder of the state alchemists by not publishing the proper news reports the towns people just think were calling a lower ranking alchemist to look into the murders of people , this should clearly enrage our murder and once he sees you he will surely come and try to kill one of our highest ranking alchemists you should watch your asstaint carefully as well, since were all droping like flyies lately.", Maric sighed "called from duty to preform a act of service how curel here I was hopeing you were calling me here for some good news." bradly laughed "after this you may take a paid Vaction for 2 weeks , now I shall give you a full report within the hour my asstaint shall deliever it to you I also have another alchemist looking into this hopefully an old friend of yours by the name of Daneil wells I mailed him his copy of the mission my asstaint as well is particpating in this investigation, I appoint you in charge of this opperation within four hours meet me in the lobby and have your asstaint Eve Red here to" Maric nodded "so i'm commanding this operation how interesting" Bradly smiled "I have my trust in you" Bradly walked off and waved good bye, Maric sighed "well I still have 2 hours to kill before eve come's back, I my self better go get some rest" Maric walked off and out of Centeral he thought he'd go to his own appartment for a while and sleep on his soft bed that he hadn't been in for so long-

now it's over :)

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Good job.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shadowcon99 said…
(Hey guys I made a character)
Name: Logan Wes
Age: 25
Height: 6’3”
Race: Chimera (60% wolf DNA, 40% Human DNA the same split as his brother)
Team: Neutral
Age he became a state alchemist: 5
Rank: General
Title: “The Demon Alchemist”
Alchemy: Decomposition- He can cause anything to instantly decompose by touching it.
Shadow- he can move throughout shadows,
Spirit- In a manner of speaking he can cripple your spirit and pierce your very soul this ability earned him the title “The Demon Alchemist”.
Background: Logan was an alchemy prodigy taught by various masters who all deemed him worthy to take the trial when he was five. Logan traveled the world as a state alchemist and at the age of 16 discovered how to use alchemy without using a transmutation circle. Around the same time he met Mustang and the two became friends and worked closely together; when Logan had heard about the death of his brother’s master he asked Mustang to watch over him. Logan rose through the ranks extremely fast because of the strange alchemy styles he used eventually he became general. Whenever he uses a gun he uses a decomposition bullet the decomposes whatever it touches.

Appearence: Below
 (Hey guys I made a character) Name: Logan Wes Age: 25 Height: 6’3” Race: Chimera (60% भेड़िया DN
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
cool. You should make an intro story for him.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shadowcon99 said…
ya I'm trying to right one currently
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shadowcon99 said…
Here is my character's intro story.

---Dawn of a Demon---


Cloaked by the shadows a man prepared to enter central undetected by all even his fellow alchemists and the Fuher King Bradley; he approached the doors to central then slipped into the shadows and under the door he traveled all the way to the Fuher’s office undetected. Appearing behind the Fuher he put a gun to Bradley’s head. “Do not move Brad.” The Fuher lifted his head up. “There is only one man who is allowed to call me Brad.” The man lowered his gun. “Damn I had forgotten about that.” He moved back into the shadows then to in front of the Fuher’s desk. The Fuher stood up and walked to in front of the man and hugged him. “How have you been my old friend?” “I am doing well the mission you gave me was a success.” “Good. But Logan why didn’t I hear anyone announce your name when you entered?” “You know me Brad I don’t like big entrances’ ” “You used that shadow alchemy didn’t you? Why don’t you let people respect the rank you worked hard to achieve?” “Brad just give me my next assignment.” “Fine here is the dossier. It’s another assassination.” “Well Brad I am the best at it. See you when I return.” “Goodbye Logan.” Logan melded with the shadows once more then slipped out of central unseen.

-South City-

Logan stepped off the train and walked the familiar streets of South City. “I know this place like the back of my hand; that’s a bad thing it means I‘ve been here too much.” Logan took out the dossier of his target and checked the location. “Let’s see. Ahh I know exactly where to go.” Logan slipped into the shadows and reappeared when he had reached his destination. “Hmm. Marcus Burns. Illegal alchemy. Human transmutation. Well we can’t have that; time to die Marcus.” Logan disappeared then reappeared in Marcus’ apartment. “Marcus Burns.” “Yes? Can I help you?” “Marcus I am a state alchemist and this (Logan holds up a piece of paper) is a kill order; you are the target.” Marcus drew a gun but before he could put a round in the chamber he was frozen in place. “Marcus do you know who I am?” “No.” “My name is Logan Wes.” “th-th-the Demon Alchemist.” “Yes. But do you know why people gave me that name?” “Because you kill without reason!” “Wrong Marcus! It’s because of what’s happening to you right now. My favorite type of alchemy is spirit; spirit alchemy is where I crush your spirit, your hope, and in a manner of speaking your very essence. This is what gave me the title “The Demon Alchemist”.” Logan Drew his gun and put a round in the chamber then shot Marcus in the arm. “Ha you Demon you can’t shoot.” “Wrong again Marcus. This is another type of alchemy called decomp or decomposition. It’s very simple soon everything around that bullet wound will began to decompose and eventually your entire body will have decomposed; bones and all.” Logan walked out of the apartment.


Logan arrived at Central. “Might as well do as Brad said and let people respect my rank.” Logan walked through the doors at central someone rose and saluted him. “ALL RISE FOR THE SHADOW OF THE SOUTH GENERAL LOGAN WES!” Everyone rose and saluted Logan as he walked by and he thought to himself. “It’s feels good to be called The Shadow Of The South instead of The Demon Alchemist but I do prefer the fear people have when they see the Demon Alchemist; something that is lacking in this room.” Logan continued to walk formally until he reached the hall leading to the Fuher’s room and he began to relax and everyone sat down. Logan pushed open the doors leading to the Fuher’s room. “Brad I’m Back!” “Logan! Just in time you just missed your brother!” Bradley walked over to Logan and shook his hand. “I just assigned him to a very important case along with Daniel.” “Is it the murder cases?” “Logan How did you know?” “Word gets around Brad; in fact I was here to talk to you about it.” “Say no more Logan I already put you on the case with your brother.” “Well if that’s the case I guess I have to go back to my old apartment across from my brother’s.” “Logan here is the dossier and you may be getting an assistant.” “Brad they will only slow me down.” “I know but still two is better than one.” “Fine do what you like but please make it a female.” “Very well Logan.” “Brad I’m going back to my apartment. See you later.” “Goodbye Logan.” Logan walked back to his apartment and lay down on his couch and stared at the picture of his former Lieutenant wishing she hadn’t died in Ishvala.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Mason was walking along the trail, with Ed, and Al. He'd been to the Fuhers office to tell the fuher that he wanted to catch up with his brother. Bradley had said that he would give him a vacation to do so. Mason was failry sure that something was up, but he wasn't completely sure. Mason just shrugged the thought away. Ed turned to Mason and began to start a conversation.

Ed: "So, what were you doing all those years, Mason?"
Mason: "Oh, nothing. You know how Bradley is."
E: "Ok, look. I can tell that something is bothering you, so you might as well just say whats on your mind."

Mason turns to Ed, his gaze cold and steely. Ed turns away, and jogs up ahead. Al, feeling uncomfortable around Mason at the moment, went to join him.

-A few hours Later-

Mason was pissed off. Ed had been so abrasive earlier, and so intrusive. It wasn't any of is buisiness, what was going on inside his head.
Mason snorted and stood up. He wanderd a few miles, before coming to a small river. Mason found a rock and skipped it across the surface. He sat down and began to think. Why was Ed trying to mess with him? Why couldn't he respect Mason's boundaries? Mason unknowingly raised his fist and pounded it against the ground, over and over. He stood up at daybreak and walkd back to Ed and Al. He woke them up, and they continued on towards the Sewing life Alchemists place, and Mason stll continued to think about that horrible dream that he'd had on the train. Why had his brain come up with such a greusome dream? Why had Bradley attacked them? Mason lnew it was just a dream, but he had a very, very bad feeling about it.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना onix11 said…
Daniel is seen standing in Marcu Burns apartment. He looks a little down by the fact that a friend of his is dead.

Daniel: "Damnit Marcus, I told you you shouldn't of went rouge." He examined the body more. "So, the Demon Alchemist was here. He is one grusome bastard to do this to someone."


Daniel gets goes around to find the man he has been assained to work with. He hoped it wasn't some asshole higher up but he knew it was a high possibility.

Daniel: "As long as they understand that I don't care about thier rank." He travels to the location where he is to meet them and waits.

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another one this one is short sweet and to the point.

Name: Juliet Silver
Age: 19
Race: Human
Team: Good
Rank: Lieutenant
Alchemy: Fire and Air
Background: Juliet is a rising star in the State Alchemists because she studied under General Mustang; Mustang is also the man who recommended her to be Logan’s lieutenant.
Appearence: below except she has a military uniform on.
last edited एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
 another one this one is short sweet and to the point. Name: Juliet Silver Age: 19 Race: Human T
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shadowcon99 said…
-Logan’s Apartment-

Arriving outside of the door to Logan’s apartment was a younger girl who was to be Logan’s new lieutenant she knocked on the door. “Hello is anyone home?” Logan got out of bed and put on his uniform then he opened the door. “Can I help you?” “General Logan Wes?” “One and the same.” “I am Juliet Silver Fuher King Bradley assigned me to be your new lieutenant.” Juliet smiled at Logan. “Well then you best come inside.” “Thank you.” They both stepped inside the apartment. “It is truly an honor to be in the home of The Shadow of The South.” “Juliet from now on don’t call me that that person is long gone; he died in Ishvala and this is not my home. My home is in the countryside a beautiful mansion which I hope to one day return to.” “Yes Sir!” “Wow pre-trained it’s amazing what they teach you .” Juliet saw the photo of Lillian, Logan’s former lieutenant. “Who is she?” “She is no one you need to concern yourself with.” Logan grabbed his gun, bullets and the rest of his gear and began to leave the apartment. “Come on Juliet it’s time to go.” “Yes Sir! Sir?” “What is it Juliet?” “Where are we going?” “We are going to the meeting point that was established for the people in charge of the case we are on. Now Come Along.” Logan knocked on his brother’s door. “Meric wake up time to go.” Logan and Juliet left the building headed for the meeting point.
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cats cradle!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shadowcon99 said…
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why is no one posting?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना LinkKinuzuma13 said…
IDK. I'll post later. I'm busy right now.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना onix11 said…
I have to wait for everyone to arrive. And i'm just sitting there, drinking an ice cold drink and watching the people go by.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shadowcon99 said…
I might as well post again

-Meeting Point-
Juliet and Logan arrived at the meeting point and Logan saw Daniel Wells someone he hadn’t seen in ages sitting on a bench. “Juliet hand me the dossier on the case.” “Yes Sir.” Juliet handed Logan the dossier and Logan red it over and finally found what he was looking for. “Just as I thought Daniel is on this case too. Juliet ready your ignition gloves.” “Sir?” “Juliet you see that man sitting on the bench over there.” “Yes I do sir.” “His name is Daniel wells and I recently killed an old friend of his for performing human transmutation. But does he know that I am “The Demon Alchemist”?” “Sir I am behind you 100 percent.” “That’s good to know. Come let’s find out how much he knows.” I began to approach Daniel.
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Glad to see this live's on without me here for a day :) ...but now it's high time I start to post up again :P

-the power of the ice madien-

-Eve was walking home she looked relaxed and at peace and rather tired she yawned and stretched- "it will be good to get to see mom after all this time dad too i'm sure they will be happy." she said to her self she than got a quick smile to her face and decided to take a short cut, she turned down a few streets and went up an alley way to get to her house "maybe mom will cook her famous blue berry pie!" eve drooled over that thought and quickend her pace "what do you thing ca." she came to the realzation that Maric wasn't there she than sighed again "why does he distance him self so much from me ?" her pace slowed when she rose her head back up she saw a man he was dark skinned and had white hair it had been the evening so she could barely tell the man was also wearing a jacket with jean looking pants and sun glasses the man walked forward his right hand twitching "Ice madien alchemist" , Even than stopped dead in her tracks and spread out her feet to a fighting stance raiseing up her hands "who are you" , the man's face remained stern and fierce "you go agaisnt god , are you ready to repent for your sins?" Eve's face than became seriouis and her eye's became stern and seriouisly focused on the situation her mind cleared "what sins would those be ?" , the man's arm twitched once more as a light went around as he sprinted toward Eve the man thrusted his hand forward as even slid out of the man, the man swung his left arm and managed to strike her causeing her to lose balance and his right hand was back on top of eve almost gripping her face when a bunch of ice pike's came up out of the ground nearly pierceing him the mand had dodged with great speed and reflexed he than touched the spikes and they blew up Eve's eye's widend "alchmey ?" the man ran forward again thrusting his hand forward Eve ducked and tripped him raiseing her leg and bringing it down the man rolled out of the way and jumped back to his feet eve knelt down on to one knee , she gave a victory smile "they don't call me the ice madien alchemist because of my cold persnaility" she slamed her hands on, on to the ground as a bunch of ice came rushing toward the man who rose his right hand blowing it up again causeing a smoke screen eve couldn't see but his right hand came lungeing forward like a bullet again eve barely dodged as it touched a pole causeing it to blow up eve smiled and thrusted her hands touching a part of the man's body a quick light was scene and the man coughed up blood and leaped back a bit "i'm called the icemadiend alchemist because I can boil water as well as freeze it, the human body is 70% water what I just did to you was freeze that spot on your body so three ribs some organs and a lung are frozen." the man grunted and knew he was looseing he looked around than grabbed the wall beside him causeing en explosion Eve rushed forward into the smoke screen once it cleared up the man was gone, she than gave a confused look "who was that and what did he want ?, why was he after me ? and how did he know my Aliais ?" she grinded her teeth she was tempted to go back to centeral but she wanted to go home to but what if that guy attacked." those parts of his body weren't gonna be frozen for long than again he wouldn't be stupid enough or would he ?" she thought damn it was a gamble she decided to go home but she would re-port to centeral first thing in the morining, when finally approached a building that read "Red Rose Flourist shop" she smiled it was her family's flower shop when she walked in there was frail woman behind the cash register who looked up at eve than gave a huge grin "OH WHAT DIDN'T YOU CALL ME OR SOMETHING IT'S BEEN A WHILE EVE" the old lady walked from behind the register to Eve who smiled and hugged the old woman tight "mom i'm so glad to see you" , "I am happy to see you too you've grown so much my love.", Eve smiled "where's dad" Eve's mom frowned "he unhh died to illness 3 days ago I tryed to call you but the military said you were away", Eve's eye's widend and tears quickly filled her eye's as she hugged her mom once more "i'm sorry I missed the funeral please forgive me , I am so sorry mom Please forgive me" the tears soaked the old woman's shirt and she just gave a smile "your father would of been so proud of you and I am so proud of you , there's no need to shed tears over your father he loved us alot and wouldn't to want to see you like this " Eve stood up and cleanred her self up "your right he wouldn't want to see his duaghter this" the old woman smiled "what do you say we have some dinner together ." Eve smiled "yes I think that sounds great"

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someone needs to post
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it feels like no one cares about this RP or is everyone just busy?
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I'm just really impatient when I start reading a good book and so far that's what this is a really really good book srry if I sound rude.
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school and stuff has kept me busy plus i'm watching the episode's so I can plan out my next few posts ruffly we should be enterting when Scar attacks ed and his automail get's blown off and he has to go see winiry :P
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Daniel sees two people walk over to him dressed in military clothes. "So, my contacts are here." He stands up and as they get closer he recognizes one of them. "Logan Wes. I thought they said Maric would be on this case. Beggers can't be chosers." He walks over to them and and extends out his hand. "Hello, I'm Daniel Wells. May i ask who you two are?"

Logan: He shakes Daniel's hand. "My name is Logan Wes and this is my subordinate Juliet Silver." He releases Daniel hand after seeing his tatoos.

Daniel: "It is good to see a friendly face. And it is a pleasure to meet you miss Silver." He takes her hand and lightly kisses it. She pulls it away after he finishes. "So, where is Maric anyway. You being his brother, I'm sure you know his where abouts."
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Meeting Point-

Logan nodded at Daniel. “Actually I normally would but I thought I woke him up when we left the apartment complex and if I didn’t then I don’t know where he is. However, Daniel the three of us are assigned to this case together and once again I am the highest ranked.” Logan went over to the bench and sat down. “I hate being the highest ranked it means that I’m in charge and that I have to put in a report.” Juliet sat down next to Logan and Daniel followed Juliet after Daniel sat down he began to speak again. “Well at least the crime scenes aren’t like the ones the Demon Alchemist leaves for us to clean up; a man has to be pretty twisted to do that to someone.” Logan turned his head to Juliet in a way that said “Don’t speak a word.” “Well then you don’t know who the Demon Alchemist is?” Daniel looked at Logan. “Not a clue all I know is that he is a military assassin who is high in rank but hasn’t made general yet.” Logan leaned back and stared at the sky. “Well maybe he will surprise you. I hear that he’s not that bad of a person but that he just follows orders.” Daniel did as Logan had. “Maybe your right after all I’m just judging him based on crime scenes and reports.”
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wolfmaster3000 said…
actually I made maric be the highest Ranked out of everyone a Captain-General would have far more superority over a common General
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shadowcon99 said…
well actually in real life a general and a Captain- general are the same thing by the end of napoleonic war that rank had dissapeared and it doesn't exist in FMA.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shadowcon99 said…
and captain general is Commander-and-chief of the army witch if the Fuher so saying you're a captain-general is saying you the Fuher.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wolfmaster3000 said…
also Maric lives in a diffrent house I haven't gotten into it yet but he lives in a Mansion by himself with a butler and maid witch is what this post is going to be explaining

-the next in line for Fuher-

-Maric had exited centeral it was now night he had missed seeing eve but he himself had been busy, he was given all the documents re-garding the state alchemist killing case he was on his way to his houseand was re-veiwing the documents teh fuher himself hadn't contacted him until later on in the afternoon of that night he laughed at the conversation they had rembering back-

-in the fuher's office at mid-afternoon-

-Maric walked in- "hello Fuher presdient sir" -he saluted and Bradly gave a wave of approval- "I called you here Captain regarding a promotion if you can get this right you would be the only one in the military with this rank." Maric looked surpriseingly shocked- "oh what would that be?" king braley smiled- "Captain-Briggder-General" there only has been one other person to earn this rank and i'm talking to you now, if you are to gain this rank you would be directly under me and be in charge of the Eastern and Southern head quarters witch would take alot off of this old man's hands , you'd also be in line to be the next Fuher" -maric's eye's widend- "oh my such responseiblityies, I'll consider it Sir, now about the doucuments regarding the state alchemist murders ?" -King bradly handed them to maric and sighed- "seems you'll be meeting up with the elrics the killer is in the east you'll be boarding the next train early tomrrow wiht your Subornate with you" Maric smiled and nodded "of curse sir, until next time." -he saluted and walked out of the office-

-back to the current time of day-

-Maric sniffed the night air approaching a Rather Large house he smiled- "so glad to be home, I do have an early day leading a mission to capture a state alchemist murder sounds interesting" -Maric walked up to the gate's of the large house the gate's opened up and maric walked up a long drive way that had been decorated with a rather nice water foutain, and neatly cut grass Maric approached the door walking into the house reaviling the large dineing room as well as a large amount of stairs he took off his cloak and shoes hanging up his cloak , he looked around- "Alfraid?" -he said softly as a elder man came out he was in a suit with a cloth folded over his left arm- "yes Master ?" , Maric smiled "please do get Maria to whip up some fresh tea for the three of us and you two can go back to your house's after tea." Alraid bowed spoke softly "yes sir" , Maric sat and a waited the arrivail of the tea while reviewing the rest of the documetns he spread them out- "so the Iron blood alchemist fell victim to him as well as alchemists who have fought in the Ishibal war , so if I were to be going by that Logic , Eve , myself and the flame alchemists are potentail targets, checking on the flame alchemists wouldn't be too much troubble and not to mention haveing extra protection on the elrics would be nice too " he tought some more about this killer "no psychail description, but we do know he has an ability or heavy artliery it would seem the face's of the state alchemists were blown off and there alchmey proved useless, how I wonder being able to stand up to a normal alchemist is one thing but a state alchemist whose fought in the Ishivalian war wouldmake that alchemists doubble the strength of a common street alchemist, peculair indeed" -maric hadn't noticed but it had been hours upon hours of him reviewing his note's and coming up with conclusions his tea had been there but was cold now and his two house keepers had left- "okay I think it's time I wrap this up." -Maric yawned cleaning up and trecking his heavy feet up the stairs in to his room, he got undressed down to his boxers laying down on his bed pulling up his sheets and he yawned once more- "good night world" as he quickly dozed off-

end :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wolfmaster3000 said…
Fuher doesn't just run the Military he Runs the Entire State , as stated why he's known as "presdient"
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shadowcon99 said…
OK so I don't mean to be a critic but first you said before that Maric lived in an apartment in central that's why I posted it and second this is supposed to be a cannon which means you shouldn't be able to make up ranks that weren't in the show or manga.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना shadowcon99 said…
I'm not trying to be mean or ruin it I'm just saying.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wolfmaster3000 said…
..............than leave ...........I could be a critic to , about your alchemey but i'm letting you

soul alchemey wouldn't work because one it would your charcters has been to the trueth and back alot of the time and you'd be out of organs and body parts ,

shadow alchemey- wouldn't work because you can't touch a shadow and make it a pyschail object ,witch is why I switched mine to what ed and al can do and changeing the commpents in things to hardend or soften objects