《Ed's P.O.V.》

Al and I ran out, torwards the train station. The train had already left. I curse under my breath. "Damn it..."

"Brother, we can take another train. Calm down."

"Right. Let's go."

《Audrey's P.O.V 》

I shiver again and flip the book page. "I know all of this. I could recite this in my sleep. Why did he want me to reread it?" I question, going to the अगला paragraph, slightly bored.

Rivean alchemy is very complex, and very few non-locals can perform it. The transmutation circles are composed of two या और other circles and Rivean markings. The laws of Rivean Alchemy differ from Amestrian and Xingese alchemy. Human Alchemy is still a taboo, but with greater consequences than being outcasted. The individual is held in the center of town, restrained, where civilians and authorities alike can do anything to the person. This lasts for two days.

I close the book. Like I needed to be reminded of then.


I hop off of the train with my bag and walk around. Fisens Town. I was meeting up with my teacher and a few other students. I start walking, my head bowed and my hands in my pocket, finding the residence quickly. I knock on the door. After a few moments, a muscled and shirtless male with black hair and eyes opens the door.


"Hello, Teacher." I bow.

"Come on in. Let's practice. The others are here, too."

"What about Damien? Is he here?"

"Yes, Damien is here, too. Go get ready."

"Yes, Teacher..." I nod and go inside, readying myself for the extreme fighting I was about to participate in.

Soooo sorry it was short. T.T