《Audrey's P.O.V.》

It was morning and the bright sun nearly blinded me. I grunted as I sat up and stretched, before standing up. "I should go to the library..." I started walking, pulling my कोट tighter. I heard metal clanking and identified them as the hollow suit of armor's before I even turned in that direction. I frowned. "Have आप been following me, Alphonse? Edward?" I look at his older but shorter brother. Ed replied to my question, "No, we just headed to the library, for a reason other than your accusations." Al कहा quietly, "Brother..." I turned. "As long as आप don't stalk me." I headed into the library. The woman, the librarian, greeted me and then the boys. "Hello. What kind of पुस्तकें are आप searching for?" I say, "Newspaper clippings from Riveana, Rivean alchemy, and pyschological health. Also, the clippings need to be from 6 years ago, no older, no younger." I inhaled. She nodded, कारमेल colored hair shaking. I mentally cursed her. Ed and Al simply asked for alchemy books. I was brought my requested items and slipped them into my bag. I thanker her. Al looked down at me. "Are आप going back to the Command?" I shake my head. "I am taking a train to Fisens Town." "Where is that? I've never been there." I answered, "It's in the town South of my hometown. I'm going now." I leave the building, zipping my जैकेट as far as I could.

Sorry this was short. I'll try and most likely fail to make the अगला chapter longer.